100% Pure Calcutta Wild Boar Bristle Hair Brush Butterfly Boar Brush

Pure Calcutta Wild Boar Bristle Hair Brush, Butterfly Boar Brush
Wild Boar Bristle Hair Brush

Desert Breeze Distributing provides 2 versions of this brush and you should choose the version which will be the better for your type of hair. There is a variant of PW1 and Calcutta, with a version of Calcutta having much more rigid bristles. The Calcutta also have longer bristles to help penetrate really thick hair.

Which boar bristle brush is best?

Naturally, pure boar bristles condition hair and improves hair texture, and reduces the need for hair care products. Because the structure of boar bristles resembles human hair, they are not anti-static. So when brushing will, you will need to control static conditions and flyaway hair. One of the easiest ways to control static is to use your hand by either smoothing hair with the palm of your hand when brushing, or by using a little water from a spritzer before brushing.

Which boar bristle brush is best?
Thick or Dense Hair Yes
Medium Hair Yes Yes Yes Yes
Thin / Fine Hair Yes Yes Yes Yes
Long Hair Yes
Wet Hair Yes Yes
Boar Bristle Yes Yes Yes

Boar Bristle Hair Brush Description – What you need to know

  1.  Size of brush is 2″ wide (brush area) x 8.75″ (total length).
  2.  The Tibetan plateau is the home of boars in which medium stiff bristles from sourced. Stiff bristles are good for medium to thick hair. The length of the bristle is 5/8 inch.
  3. The PW1-S – Similar to PW1, but with softer, more smooth bristles, for short, thinner hair, or very sensitive skin.
  4. The Calcutta – The stiffest bristles from boar raised in the Indian highlands. Best for medium-thick hair or for those who prefer a stiffer brush.
  5. If you have really thick hair then the best approach is to brush in sections to get the penetration needed to distribute your scalps natural oils through out your hair.
  6. The handles is made of oiled Pear wood. Pear wood is very hard and it’s oiled so you can feel the wood in your hand as opposed to a lacquer finish in which feel like plastic. Plus being oiled is better for the environment.

Wild boar bristle hair brush manufacturing and quality

Wild Boar Bristle Hair Brush Butterfly Boar Brush
Wild boar bristle hair brush
  1. The handles of the brush are made of local wood. The raw wood is perfectly finished, then oiled to protect and preserve.
  2. Using care and with years of experience, only the best boar bristles in the world are selected for Desert Breeze Distributing hair brushes. The boars are raised for meat, and the bristles are saved for use in high quality brushes.
  3. The first cut boar bristles are going to be the most firm. Desert Breeze primarily used only the first cut. It’s important to note the root (follicle) of the bristle is gentle on the scalp and is a sign of a high quality brush. Bristles are bundled, cleaned, cut and then ready and are ready to be made into brushes.
  4. The boar bristles do not come from factory farms, but instead come from wild boars raised on small farms in rugged terrain. Therefore supply is limited and this is also why they are more expensive than those sourced from factory farms.

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