Are Boar Bristle Brushes Cruelty Free?

Are Boar Bristle Brushes Cruelty Free
Are Boar Bristle Brushes Cruelty Free?

Are you interested in finding out more about cruelty free boar bristles brushes? If you are a man or woman chances are you use a brush. And since you are reading this article I am guessing you are interested in humanely raised animal brushes.

Boar brush and cruelty free? A boar brush is made from boars in which are said to be humanely raised. A brush is made by cutting the boar’s hair in such a way the boar is not harmed. Some manufactures claim not do any cruel testing on animals. But you should do your own research before you buy. Many of these products also come in recyclable environmental friendly packaging. Hair brushes made with boar bristles are very good at efficiently spreading the sebum oils from your scalp throughout your hair when you brush. This has a natural conditioning effect making your hair look shiny and reduces frizz.

According to Ed, “There are people who do not want to support cruelty to animals so these brushes have become more popular.” By purchasing a brush where the boar for example was killed you are essentially supporting that industry. So the thought is not to support harming animals and to buy synthetic or specifically labeled brushes that state “Cruelty Free“.

According to Suzana Rose, at Cruelty-Free Kitty, “Amazon is by far the largest online retailer with the most cruelty-free options, but a word of warning: don’t take “cruelty-free” claims or filters at face value. Not all brands listed as “cruelty-free” are truly cruelty-free.

My #1 Cruelty Free Hairbrush Choice Is The Redecker Tampico

Why? First, there is not a perfect hairbrush that checks all the boxes. All hairbrushes have some fault with cruelty or sustainability. If you want to go all the way and check all the boxes, then use your fingers as a hairbrush or go bald. Second, a Cruelty Free boar brush does not exist, in my opinion. That is why I like the Tampico because it comes close. It uses a plant bristle that is as close to a boar bristle brush as you can get.

Check the price on the Redecker Tampico now

But, beware, the Tampico hairbrush is not perfect. Yea, you are going to have to put up with some dislikes, but hopefully in the long run, you won’t mind.

First off, it’s not boar bristles, so although it’s close, it’s not the same and you should lower your expectations a bit. The bristles will not act the same. Its going to be on the softer side. So if you have really thick curly hair, I suggest you look at another brush.

Second, the bristles smell like vegetables. Yea, it’s a plant, so what do you expect. But there are folks who are just not going to like the smell. And I can relate to that. The good news is that over time, the smell dissipates. The bad news is it could take a while.

So there you go. It’s not perfect, but it’s the closest thing I could come up with that checks a lot of boxes for a Cruelty Free hairbrush.

Advantages of Cruelty Free Brushes

AdvantagesCruelty Free BoarNylonBamboo
Conditions HairY
Helps Hair GrowY
Polishes Hair-shaftY
Creates a Natural ShineY
Less StaticY
Head MassageY
Animal FriendlyYY
Sustainable Product?Uses OilUses Chemicals
Good for Blow-OutsYY
Maximum PenetrationYY
Cruelty FreeYYY

The reason why I listed Nylon as not sustainable: The majority of plastics are made from synthetic polymers, which are ultimately obtained from oil and gas production, as well as chemical additives. As a result, nylon is not widely regarded as a particularly sustainable.

The reason why I say Bambo is not sustainable is because for bamboo to be turned into bamboo viscose, cellulose in which products are made, it is extracted from the plant through the use of harsh chemicals. These chemicals are extremely dangerous to living things and the environment. Chemical use in workplaces has an impact on industrial workers, pollutes the air, and infects surrounding water systems.

Are boar bristle brushes cruelty free? You might be surprised.
Are boar bristle brushes cruelty free? You might be surprised.

What does cruelty free really mean?
Did you know that in some parts of the world testing on animals is the law? It’s required.

Conclusion For Are Boar Bristle Brushes Cruelty Free

Who doesn’t use a comb or brush in their daily routine nowadays? There are of course exceptions for folks like Bruce Willis, Vin Diesel, Jason Statham, Dwayne Johnson, Tyrese Gibson and Patrick Stewart. And the list goes on; I only mentioned a few well know actors who may not need a boar bristle brush for example. When it comes to the brush we use we don’t really think much about where the bristles came from. But should we?

Honesty there is not much out there for cruelty free brushes especially when you want a boar brush, like zero. I was really was surprised there is just not that much out there for cruelty free brushes and sustainability.

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