Are Shampoo Brushes Good For Your Hair?

Shampoo Brushes

There are some things like a shampoo brush that you may have never known existed. But once you have tried them you may become addicted to using one. It could very well become part of your regular hair care regimen. A handy shampoo brush can make your hair washing much easier. It’s goal is to cut down on your hair washing time and gives your scalp a relaxing massage while thoroughly cleaning.

Are Shampoo Brushes Beneficial?

Shampoo Brushes allows you to shampoo your hair without having to use your fingertips and nails. Shampoo Brushes have flexible but firm bristles to help the shampoo penetrate to your scalp. The use of Shampoo Brushes also provides a gentle massage while shampooing. Shampoo Brushes help exfoliate dead skin on the scalp and eliminate product buildup. Use Shampoo Brushes when you want a deep cleaning.

Shampoo Brushes

1. The Purple Scalpmaster

Price – So cheap I would buy a pack of 4. Plastic ring for finger can break. I am not a big fan of the ring grip. It’s a personal preference.

2. Maxsoft Brush

Exfoliates medium to short hair well. Two piece plastic brush can break. But I love the grip between your fingers using a palm style grip. Excellent!!!

3. S-Heart-S Scalp Brush

Brilliantly crafted. Price could be a Con, but dang, this is good. Feels unbelievable on your scalp. If money is not a factor this is the one to get.

4. Vitagoods Scalp Brush

Battery operated vibration. Can pull hair, bristles are grippy but the automatic massaging is great. It’s well worth the price just to get the head massage.

According to Meesh, Hair Product Analyst, “Shampooing hair using your fingertips and nails is not be ideal. Especially if you have long nails you run the risk of scratching your scalp.” Your fingers and nails often don’t remove all the dirt and debris from the surface of your scalp. A shampoo massage brush replaces your fingertips making shampooing easier and more efficient. According to Stacey, Hair Research Analyst, “Shampoo brushes work the shampoo evenly through your hair and clean your hair and scalp thoroughly while giving a good, satisfying scrub and massage.”

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Shampoo brush

What is a scalp brush used for?

A scalp massage brush or a scalp scrubber is a brush that can be used to apply hair care products and treatments. It’s bristles help stimulate the scalp while brushing and distribute the product evenly to deliver better results. When used in conjunction with shampoo it aids in cleaning by removing hair care product build up while also removing dead skin cells on the surface. The massaging effect of the flexible bristles on the scalp helps increase blood flow to hair follicles which in return can help with hair growth. Shampoo brushes provides a gentle but very effective way to cleanse your hair and scalp while promoting hair growth.

Are shampoo brushes bad for your hair?

Shampoo brushes are not bad for you hair when used correctly. Your hair should not be pulled out by a scalp massaging shampoo brush. The soft rubber bristles are specifically designed to avoid tangling and pulling while the hair is detached and the scalp massaged. A shampoo brush is ideal for people with short hair. Shampoo brushes are a fantastic way to thoroughly cleanse the scalp by removing dead skin cells and hair care product build-up.

Does a shampoo brush help with dandruff?

A shampoo brush or scalp scrubber helps with dandruff by cleaning the scalp and scrubbing the dead skin cells off. Dandruff are skin cells flakes created by dried up scalp skin. Regular deep cleaning with a shampoo brush keeps the scalp free of dandruff flakes. Dry skin is loosened by the shampoo brush and is washed from the scalp. A shampoo brush makes dandruff shampoo more effective.

Why you need a shampoo brush?

A hair shampoo brush works the shampoo into the scalp and evenly distributes it through your hair while increasing the lather. If you have lots of hair, this allows you to get the shampoo all over your hair not just in one spot thus you get a more through cleaning with minimum shampoo.

The comfortable massaging sensation is reason alone to get one. A shampoo brush provides a great scalp massage while shampooing your hair thus you get two benefits at once. Many people enjoy the tingly and stimulating sensation when using it. Once you start you will find it hard to stop washing your hair.

And as mentioned above it cleans thoroughly. A scalp massaging shampoo brush offers a deep wash, cleaning of your scalp. Using one is so much better and faster than your fingers and hands. It can reach deeper into your hair plus it covers a larger surface area of your scalp than using just your hands. I find I only cover a very small area with my fingers as compared to using a shampoo bush. It easily removes dirt, dead skin cells and traces of other buildup, leaving your hair and scalp very clean.

Rubbing stimulates the nerves in the scalp area during a scalp massage, helping to relieve tension and soothe headaches. The shampoo brush leaves the feeling of the scalp refreshed, particularly after using a shampoo that invigorates the scalp.

Do scalp massages help hair growth?

Scalp massages improves blood flow to the scalp, bringing more oxygen and nutrients to the roots of your hair. Professional hairstylists agree scalp massage may stimulate hair follicles and enhance their hair growth ability. According to the American Hair Loss Association, about 40% of Americans with hair loss are women. So you may want to try. You can read more on the treatments and research for hair loss here, “Hair Loss Research“. Also another study says, “Standardized Scalp Massage Results in Increased Hair Thickness“. The objective of this study was to assess the effect of scalp massage on hair in Japanese males and the effect of stretching forces in vitro on human dermal papilla cells. A study in the January 2016 issue shows that just four minutes a day of scalp massage increases activity among genes known to promote hair growth, and dials down the activity of hair loss and inflammation-related genes. Moreover, participants in the study also noted an improvement in hair thickness. Soft scalp massaging can increase blood flow to the hair follicle, the hair root that is the only living part of the hair. You may want to read, “The effect of a scalp massage on stress hormone, blood pressure, and heart rate of healthy female“, for more information.

Clogged scalp pores and blocked follicles can cause hair thinning. A scalp scrub brush helps remove debris, scrub the loose flakes and remove scaly patches from the scalp. This creates a better environment for healthy hair growth through a scalp massage shampoo brush.

In addition there are claims that clogged scalp pores and blocked follicles can cause hair thinning. A scalp scrub brush helps remove debris, scrub the loose flakes and remove scaly patches from the scalp. This creates a better environment for healthy hair growth through a scalp massage shampoo brush.

A shampoo bush can be tricky for long hair

It’s a must-have tool for short-haired people, as it works really good. But for longer hair the tool is very hard to use and in dense or curly hair, as it can get tangled. In long straight hair it works a little better and has less of a tendency to get tangled than when used on long curly hair. A shampoo brush really excels on short coarse hair. It also works perfectly on men’s short hair.

Shampoo brush tips

It is possible to do scalp massage for hair growth while shampooing in the shower. For at least three minutes, you should aim. Some people like aromatherapy to be included. Relaxing shampoo scents like lavender and revitalizing scents like eucalyptus or mint will increase the circulatory boost.

A good shampoo brush has bristles that are firm enough to scrub well, but still soft and flexible to prevent your scalp from hurting. Scalp silicone shampoo scrubbers are good alternatives to rigid plastic scrubbers. Semi-hard brushes on the scalp are softer than plastic brushes and are effective.

How to use a shampoo brush

Gently massage your scalp with the brush for 3-5 minutes after applying shampoo to your wet hair. Be sure to work in small circular movements. Keep massaging to cover every area of your scalp to spread the lather around. Rinse to wash the shampoo thoroughly off your scalp and hair, using the brush again. Don’t push too hard with the brush, especially if your skin is sensitive. It doesn’t take much pressure to get clean hair and a good massage. If you have long hair, then you want to make sure to detangle before showering because this will help minimize tangling and also make it easier for the shampoo brush.


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