Calcutta Wild Boar Bristle

Calcutta Wild Boar Bristle

Calcutta Wild Boar Bristle Boar brush is good for your hair. And the reason why is because like your own hair boar bristles are also hair that has tiny scales that are important for distributing natural oils down the hair shaft. According to Stacey, Hair Research Analyst, “Natural oils are produced by your scalp and by most hairstyle professional are considered to be your own natural conditioner.” Synthetic or nylon bristles do not have the same tiny scales therefore are not as effective as boar bristle at distributing natural oils.

Close Up View Of Bristles On The Calcutta Wild Boar Brush And Features

PW1 Boar Brush Compared To The Calcutta

Calcutta Wild Boar Bristle Is Made in Germany

Made in Germany

Why Are Boar Bristles Good?

Some of you may have heard of using a boar comb, or you might even have one, but why are they good? But the real question is, do you know why boar bristles are good for your body, and why does the right type of boar bristle make a difference? According to Meesh, Hair Product Analyst, “Boar brushes are designed to help smooth down the cuticle of the scalp. This is vital because when the cuticle is lifted, it can create tangles.” And tangles can contribute to hair breakage. Along with this, when the cuticle is extended, the hair-shaft has less shine. Not all boar bristles are created equal.