Can You Use A Mason Pearson Brush On Wet Hair?

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Mason Hairbrushes claim to do a lot for your hair. But do you really have to spend that kind of money on a Mason hair brush? Some folks are going to take one look at the price tag and immediately shy away, right? Plus, there are so many copy cats out there that claim to do an outstanding job. So that begged the question: what is so special about Mason Hairbrushes?

Is It Possible To Use Mason Pearson Brushes On Wet Hair? 

I do not advise using a Mason Pearson boar bristle brush on wet hair. The reason is your hair is at its weakest while wet. When using a boar bristle brush, you are putting too much tension on your hair, stretching it to where it can easily snap. This is one way to get split ends really fast. Instead, if you must brush wet hair, a better option would be to use a wide-tooth comb or a hairbrush specifically designed to brush wet hair like the Wet Brush.

Is Mason Pearson brush worth it?

Mason Pearson makes some of the finest quality hairbrushes in the world. They are expensive but will last a lifetime with proper care. Professionals do not mind paying for high quality because they know the brush will not break and lasts a long time.

Mason Pearson invented the automatic brush-boring machine. He also created the pneumatic rubber-cushion hairbrush. Pearson received a Silver Medal at the International Inventions Exhibition in London. The original brush handles were hand-carved wood, which has since been replaced with plastic. You can still purchase a made-to-order, handmade light wood brush. A price quote is available upon request. 

To answer the question is the brush worth it? You have to ask yourself what is your purpose for the brush. If your purpose is to detangle, then I would say no. In my opinion, there are much better detangles brushes available and at a lower cost. If you are going to brush wet hair or even damp hair again, I say no. There are better and lower cost options out there. If you are planning to do heavy styling using a blow dryer, sadly, again, I do not recommend a Mason brush because there are lower cost better options out there. But, if you are planning to use the brush for light styling, and employ a routine of brushing maintenance. Or use the Mason hairbrush to help control frizzy hair with the use of a spritzer. Then I say yes. Also, if you are looking for a top-quality hairbrush that will not snag or rip your hair then I say yes, purchase a Mason hairbrush.

Why Are Mason Hairbrushes Great?

The London-based hairbrush brand has made waves among celebrities and beauty bloggers, especially on YouTube. However, the hairbrush goes further back than that. In fact, it goes all the way back to 1885. Yep, that is right. Mason Hairbrush was invented in England by an engineer named Mason Pearson and the Pearson family continues to run the company to this day. The brush’s appearance is iconic, with a molded plastic handle and rubber cushion in which they mount bristles. The iconic brush has an oval brush head shape in which is perfect for everyday hair brushing.

Mason Hairbrushes claim to distribute your hair’s natural oils from root to tip and detangle as well. Mason also claims to stimulate the scalp for a massage-like experience. Each Mason Brush type serves a purpose for different hair types. Mason Pearson recommends the “sensitive” brush for fine and thinning hair and their mixture of boar and nylon bristle brush for normal to thick hair. These brushes are also available in different sizes depending on your needs.

Boar bristles differ from nylon bristles. They are going to have a different feel to them when brushing your hair. You may not like it if you are accustomed to using a nylon brush. When using a boar brush, you get a scratchy feel because they do not round the bristles off like most nylon brushes. So because of that, you get a distinct sensation when using boar as opposed to nylon bristles. If this bothers you, then you might use a boar and nylon combination or all nylon brush.

Things not to do with Mason hairbrushes

Do not leave your Mason hairbrush out in direct sunlight for long periods of time. Do not use your Mason hairbrush with a blow dryer or high heat styling tools. Do not place your Mason hairbrush where the bristles will be bent for long periods of time because the bristles will be bent.

Where can I buy a Mason Pearson hair brush?

You cannot purchase a Mason Pearson hair brush directly from their website, but you can get them at many popular online retailers and stores like Neiman Marcus and Nordstrom. And my favorite place to shop online is Amazon.

Which Mason Pearson brush should I get?

There are several brushes in the Mason Pearson collection in which have different bristle configurations. Each brush has a specific purpose for which it’s intended for. For example, the Pocket is the smallest and intended to do what the name implies, carry in your purse.

Which Mason Pearson Brush Should I Purchase?
Brush TypesDescription
MilitaryDesigned for men and short hair. This brush has no handle and fits into the palm of your hand. Makes a great travel brush because of its size.
LargeThis brush is the largest with a 5.12-by-3-inch brush head and comes in either all-nylon bristles or a mixture of nylon and boar bristles.
MediumThis is hairbrush is smaller than the large, coming in at 4.62-by-2.75-inch and comes in nylon bristles, extra-stiff boar bristles, or a combo of nylon and boar bristles. Handy: This brush has a 4.37-by-2.5-inch brush head and comes in nylon, stiff boar, fine boar, or a nylon-and-boar combo bristle configuration.
PocketThe smallest of the brushes, this has a 3.5-by-2-inch brush head and comes in boar bristle, fine boar, nylon, fine boar-and-nylon combo, and a “child” version for ages three to six that has fine boar bristles all cut to the same length.

My favorite Mason hairbrush is the “Mason Pearson Handy Bristle Hair Brush” because it works well for medium length, fine to normal hair and is top quality. you can condition your hair daily with the use of this brush by using you own natural oils to help make you hair look beautiful and shinny. for the cost of one trip to the salon you can own this brush and have it for a lifetime with proper care. 

Fine hair needs soft bristles, so it is not rough on the scalp. Firm bristle hairbrushes will have too much penetration on thin hair. Using a soft bristle brush, you get the benefits of stimulating your scalp boosting blood circulation. Look for an everyday brush that specifically states it has soft bristles or declares it is for sensitive scalps. First-cut boar bristles will be the stiffest and very firm. Second-cut bristles are not as stiff and will be gentler on your scalp.

According to Meesh, Hair Product Analyst, “Boar bristle brushes are regarded as a prerequisite for fine hair.” Did you know damaged, thin hair can benefit from an extra-soft boar bristle brush? Boar bristle brushes are known to help stimulate the scalp and boost circulation to hair follicles. 

According to Stacey, Hair Research Analyst, “Boar bristle brushes and combination boar and nylon can also stimulate the scalp and provide other benefits like detangling, all with one brush stroke.” These brushes are excellent for blow-drying and detangling while being easy on your hair. The best thing you can do if you have thin hair is to be gentle while brushing and make sure you get the right hairbrush for fine hair.

Mason hairbrushes for detangling

My favorite hairbrush for thin hair is the Wet Brush Original, sadly not any of the Mason hairbrushes. This is the best you can get for detangling thin hair as the brush glides through your hair pain-free as it gently detangles. The Wet brush uses its “intelliflex” bristles in which detangles your hair with every brush stroke. For normal to thick hair, my favorite is the Denman 9 row brush. by using the Denman, you can finish detangling a little quicker than opposed to using the Wet Brush. But remember, I recommend the Denman 9 row only for normal to thick hair types. Thin hair folks should stick with the Wet Brush. 

Mason hairbrushes for styling hair

My favorite brush is the Oliva Garden round brush again, sadly not any of the Mason hairbrushes. The brush comes in an assortment of sizes and is fantastic when used in combination with a blow dryer. Pick the size you think you will use the most or just buy several brushes in different sizes. This way you will have the right size brush handy when ready to go to a different size wave or curl.


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