What Does A Teasing Comb Do?

What Does A Teasing Comb Do?

A teasing brush will tease your hair by gently fluffing it up and styling it into the desired position, giving your hair more dimension and that exciting and stylish look. Brushes Used To Produce Volume Are Known As Teasing Brushes According to Stacey our in-house hair care analyst, “Teasing brushes are specifically used to create … Read more

Wide Tooth Comb For Detangling Secrets & Tips

Wide-tooth combs or detangling combs are normally combs having wider-spaced teeth. Wide-tooth combs glide through hair without pulling. Wide-tooth combs make your detangling job easier. A wide tooth comb for detangling is used to easily remove knots and tangles in your hair quickly and pain-free. These combs have wider spacing between each tooth allowing more … Read more

Wide Tooth Comb Best Men’s Hair Hacks

Wide Tooth Comb Best Men's Hair Hacks

A wide tooth comb allows for gentle detangling of men’s thick or curly hair without causing damage or breakage. Some popular hacks for men using wide tooth combs include creating a messy, textured hairstyle, or to tame unruly hair before using styling products. The comb can be used for simple grooming, such as combing out … Read more

Should I Comb My Curly Hair In The Shower?

Brushing curly hair in the shower is hard. And it’s especially hard not to end up looking like a frizzed Lion when you are done brushing. But on the other hand not brushing is really not an option because eventually you will get a real knotted mess. The correct way to brush curly hair is … Read more

What Is A Shampoo Comb?

In this article I’ll talk about shampoo combs. What is a shampoo comb and the benefits of combing shampoo and conditioner while in the shower. Some combs are better than others depending on your purpose and your hair type. So you will want to choose the right comb for your specific needs. If you are … Read more

Are Metal Combs Bad For Hair?

Combs are now made with metal in which has some very distinct advantages. Metal combs are a great way to have a comb for life. A steel comb is practically indestructible. Plus they are not as static prone like hard plastic. For for a man or a women metal combs make a great alternative to … Read more

Which Comb Removes Tangles From Hair?

These are the hottest, most popular and best detangling combs as of this writing. I personally rounded up the best and most popular combs out there for getting the tangles and knots out of your hair while causing as little damage as possible to your hair while untangling knotted hair. Which Comb Removes Tangles From … Read more

Are Combs Good For Your Hair?

Best Comb For Women’s Hair Combs are great due to their small size and convenience. But which are the best combs for women’s hair? That’s what this article will explore. The problem with most if not all combs is that they break. Put one in your purse or pocket and sooner or later it will … Read more