Best Wide Tooth Comb For Detangling

Wide-tooth combs or detangling combs are normally combs having wider-spaced teeth. Wide Teeth Detangling Comb by Conair, Wide Tooth Wooden Comb by PureGLO, Original Wide Teeth Comb by WOW, Kent Wide Tooth Comb, Calista Smoothie Brush, Mason Pearson Detangler Brush, FHI Brush, and the Diane Shampoo Wide Tooth Comb is popular. Wide-tooth combs glide through … Read more

Wide Tooth Comb – Best Men’s Hair Hacks

What is the best wide-tooth comb hair hack for men? You came to this article because you wanted to look your best and learn more about how you can go from a “flat head” to a “volume hero” with just a few simple “mens wide tooth comb” hair hacks. For most men it’s difficult to … Read more

Are Metal Brushes Bad For Your Hair

Are Metal Brushes Bad For Your Hair? Brushes and combs are now made with metal in which has some very distinct advantages. Metal brushes are a great way to have a comb for life. A steel comb is practically indestructible. Plus they are not as static prone like hard plastic. For for a man or … Read more

Are Combs Good For Your Hair?

Best Comb For Women’s Hair Combs are great due to their small size and convenience. But which are the best combs for women’s hair? That’s what this article will explore. The problem with most if not all combs is that they break. Put one in your purse or pocket and sooner or later it will … Read more