What Is A Mason Pearson C2?

What is the MASON PEARSON C2 detangling comb? Chances are you know all about MASON PEARSON and their strict quality control and are willing to pay more to get a better comb. MASON PEARSON C2: The MASON PEARSON C2 is a wide-toothed comb. Thicker hair will do better with the MASON PEARSON C2. The MASON … Read more


MASON PEARSON RAKE C7 What is a Mason Pearson Rake C7 detangling comb? If you are, you are probably familiar with MASON PEARSON and their tight quality control. And I bet you are searching for for a comb like the MASON PEARSON RAKE C7. MASON PEARSON RAKE C7: The MASON PEARSON RAKE C7 is a … Read more

Extra Wide Detangling Comb

Diane Extra Wide Detangling Comb Look for a professional design providing salon-quality performance when shopping for an extra wide detangling comb. An “Extra Wide Detangling Comb” effortlessly detangles wet or dry hair. And an”Extra Wide Detangling Comb” is fantastic at distributing styling products through your hair. A high-quality “Extra Wide Detangling Comb” is gentle, sturdy, … Read more