Split End Treatment

For split hair, it is too late to repair what has already broken. However, that doesn’t mean you can’t help improve the appearance of your hair. Products for split-end repair on the market today improve the appearance of split ends. And every professional stylist would concur with my statement. There is nothing that can permanently … Read more

Split Ends

Do You Have Split Ends?   Can You Actually Repair Split Ends   When a strand of hair “splits,” it’s rarely a clean, even break. To fix Split Ends, you can’t repair the damage that’s already done, but you can temporarily mend the hair strand. The real repair for Split Ends is trimming them off. … Read more

Does Trimming Split Ends Make Them Worse?

So what really happens when you trim split ends? By giving your hair regular trims, you can avoid breakage by eliminating the dead and brittle split ends at regular intervals. When those ends split, they will eventually move up your hair and break off higher, leaving your hair shorter than it was before. This will … Read more

Does The Split Ender Pro Really Work?

The Split Ender Pro leaves your hair smoother and more manageable. The Split Enders Pro trims the ends of your hair. Split ends are cut off by the Split Ender Pro.   What Is The Best Product To Repair Split Ends?   To get rid of split ends for good the best way is to … Read more

Do Split End Trimmers Really Work

I just tried the Split Ender Pro, and it worked fantastically. I felt a slight pull, but only if I put too large of an amount of hair at one time. So smaller sections are key and it’s amazing. My hair instantly felt very silky afterward. Just follow the instructions and you will see split … Read more

Ways To Trim Your Split Ends

The appearance of your hair being damaged and dry can be caused by split ends. The good news is that there are very simple methods for getting rid of those annoying split ends, which will leave your hair looking healthy after you trim it for just a few minutes. Try twisting or sliding your fingers … Read more

Is It OK To Trim Split Ends

Trimming Split Ends is an effective solution How can you get rid of split ends? It’s a fact, the only way you can completely get rid of split ends is to cut them off. Unfortunately, once you have damaged hair, it’s damaged and split. Trimming Split Ends is good furthermore trimming Split Ends are considered … Read more

Coconut Oil

People apply coconut oil to their hair to add shine. And there are many great products on the market that work very well at adding increased shine when applied to hair. However some folks also apply coconut oil to their hair to protect it from damage. I’m not so sure that coconut oil can actually … Read more

Hair Thickening Tips for Men

Hair thickening for men tips outlined in this article. The hair thickening tips are for a man but also good for women too. These tips are a great way to make it appear like you have more hair. Hair thickening techniques range from better ways to style your hair to eating a varied, balanced diet. … Read more

Cruelty Free Shampoo

According to Beauty Without Cruelty hair care and styling products, “provide the perfect combination of botanical herbs, pro-vitamins and natural plant protein for healthy, vibrant hair.” These all-natural formulations are made with pure essential oils from flowers, herbs and spices. After 1963, no animal testing and no animal products have been available. According to Stacey, … Read more