Should I Comb My Hair After Washing It?

If your hair is tangled you have several options. You can always detangle your hair before getting into the shower. Detangle your hair while in the shower or do it when you get out of the shower after washing. Generally the best approach is to untangle your hair before you wash and select the best … Read more

What type of brush is best for your hair

At the top of your list for beauty products I bet it’s brushes. And the reason I know that is because you are reading this article. Otherwise you would be reading something else pertaining to beauty and not be interested in finding the best brush for your hair. What type of brush is best for … Read more

Hair Straightener Brush Disadvantages

There are many different brands of hair straightener brushes on the market today At the time of this writing one of the most popular types is the paddle shaped straightener bush. It’s one device that does it all. Or close to it. It’s not perfect. It’s a straightener brush, a hair brush styler (sort of), … Read more

Is Hot Air Brush Bad For Hair

Styling with a Jinri hot air brush This is a common question because hot air tools use heat to straighten or curl your hair. Hot air brushes are combined with technology like double ionic generators, automatic temperature locking and ceramic heaters that do the job without causing damage to your hair. You want the best … Read more

Hair Brush to Prevent Breakage

Hair brushes to prevent breakage use nylon bristles. The reason why is because nylon is gentler on hair strands than boar bristles. Boar bristles can grab weak or thin hair easily and can cause breakage. An alternative is to use a soft boar bristle bush or nylon for fine or weak hair. See my comparison … Read more

Best Brush for Thinning Hair

Have you thin hair or thinning hair and looking for the best brush? thinning hair and hair loss is a lot more common than most people realize. For example 40% are women who loose their hair. Choosing the right brush for thin hair is important not cause damage to your hair or scalp. The best … Read more

Do Boar Bristle Brushes Damage Hair?

There are several different types of hair and depending on your hair type you should choose the best brush to avoid split ends that is best for you. A boar brush my not be the best choice depending on your hair and purpose. Can You Damage Your Hair Using A Bristle Brush? Boar brushes do … Read more