What If You Didn’t Wash Your Hair for a Year?

Washing our hair regularly is the basic hygiene tip we all know from childhood. Obviously, there aren’t that many people who are willing to test it on themselves but, thankfully, experts already have an idea of how your hair would react to this bold experiment.  Have You Ever Wondered What Would Happen If You Stopped … Read more

How To Tame Frizzy Hair?

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What Does Keratin Do To Your Hair?

What Does Keratin Do To Your Hair?

Keratin is found naturally in hair. Did you know keratin is a major part of your hair, and as you well know, keratin helps condition your hair. What does keratin do to your hair is a common question asked before deciding to get a keratin treatment. What Is Keratin and What Does It Do To … Read more

How To Protect Hair From Damage?

If you have ever had hair damage then you know one big question is how to protect your hair from damage. After all you do not want to have hair damage again, right? In this article I’ll discuss tips to help prevent damaged hair. Prevention is the key on how to protect hair from damage. … Read more

Damaged Hair Men

Damaged Hair Men - Easy Tips For Repairing Men's Damaged Hair

Signs Of Hair Damage So you are a man and you think you have damaged hair. I bet you are searching for solutions on how you can treat and repair damaged hair. Hair damage can occur even in men’s hair. How to treat men’s damaged, dry hair easily by following these simple steps. To treat … Read more

Broken Hair On Top Of Head

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Is It Bad To Comb Your Hair In The Shower?

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Is brushing your hair 100 times good?

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Should You Brush Hair Everyday?

Should You Brush Hair Everyday Brushing your hair is dependent on your hair style. You do not have to brush for health reasons.In addition, your brushing technique also has a direct impact on your hair. You should brush you hair everyday besides brushing your hair every day make you look wonderful. Brushing your hair everyday … Read more

Are Plastic Brushes Bad For Your Hair?

Did you know brushes are great styling tools, but when you use them, you should be careful. Some hairbrushes can give you frizzy hair. But there is more to the story. If you have frizzy hair and want to know how to avoid damage read my article called how to tame frizzy hair. You should … Read more