What Is An Instyler?

By now everyone surly has heard of most all the hair tools on the market today. Or at least know of most of the major brands and what they have available. These are all great tools that allow you to style your hair providing you with the style to fit your occasion. Just like makeup … Read more

Does the InStyler Burn Your Hair?

The Instyler is a very popular hair styling tool. And the Max 2-way is the most advanced brush the company sells. There are thousands sold online and in stores and the majority of them have good reviews. But with every product there are Pros and Cons. I have yet to find a perfect product. So … Read more

How to Use An Instyler

Using the Instyler 2-way rotating iron hair brush is very easy. This step-by-step instructional guide helps anyone get stylish and great looking curls as if they were made by a salon professional. The Instyler is a very good hair styling tool for straightening, polishing and styling hair. The main difference between the In Styler and … Read more

Hair Straightening Brush Tips (What I Discovered)

According to Stacey, Hair Research Analyst, “The straightening brush is small but super powerful, which is consistently receiving great reviews. The brush can quickly and easily straighten and smooth large sections of hair at the same time thanks to its design with ceramic plates (heating parts). Its adjustable temperature, also ensures that you can select … Read more

What Is A Negative Ion Straightener Brush?

The negative ion straightener brush has been in vogue since about 2008. That’s when the ion technology really started to hit the market big time. They claim ion brushes to be healthy for your hair by making you hair chemically in balance. So what is this technology why is it so special? Negative Ion Straightener … Read more

InStyler Heat Settings

Have you heard about the InStyler hair styling tool? Hot air brushes are a great tool to style your hair and give you the style to fit your occasion. Your hair style is a vital part of your image, just like makeup. You always want to look your best and any styling tool that makes … Read more