What Do Vegans Eat And What Is Veganism?

Vegan – Image courtesy of pexels.com/photo/appetizer-close-up-cucumber-cuisine-406152/   Over the last few years I have noticed a rise in Veganism. It has steadily becoming more and more popular. So naturally that prompted me to ask the question what exactly is Veganism and why are more and more people moving in this direction? Go Vegan What is … Read more

What does cruelty free really mean

Image courtesy of pexels.com   Most folks care about animals and like me have noticed the term “cruelty free” being used a lot. It’s on packaging and online product descriptions but what does that term really mean? What is cruelty free? According to Stacey, Hair Research Analyst, “Cruelty free really means that the product or … Read more

Do Boars Die To Make A Brush?

Boar Brushes Boars do not die in the making of a hairbrush. Boars live on specially shorn farms. Boar bristles come from special bread of boars in which several times during their life yield their bristles. In fact, many breeders treat boars with the utmost of care. Harvesting boar bristles is very similar to shearing … Read more

Cleaning Aveda Wooden Paddle Brush

Cleaning An Aveda Wooden Paddle Brush Shampoo can be used to clean the bristles of Aveda Wooden Paddle Brush To avoid buildup, it is critical to clean your hair brush bristles on a regular basis. Shampoo is excellent for cleansing the bristles of hair brushes. Shampooing your hairbrush removes product buildup, hair, oil, and dirt. … Read more

How To Use A Boar Bristle Brush

How to use a boar bristle brush the right way When you buy a boar brush or if you just purchased a new hairbrush you want to make sure you get the most out of your brush. You want the biggest bang for your buck, right? Let’s discuss how best to use a boar bristle … Read more

Are The Body Shop Detangling Products Vegan?

The Body Shop Detangling Products I like “THE BODY SHOP” because they are 100 vegan, Fair Trade, and their ingredients are inspired by nature. I have never gotten a bad product from “THE BODY SHOP”. Vegan Analysis “THE BODY SHOP DETANGLING PRODUCTS”: According to “THE BODY SHOP” the ingredients are not tested on animals. “THE … Read more

What Is The Wet Brush Shine Enhancer?

What Is The Wet Brush Shine Enhancer? Wet brushes or detangling brushes are brushes having flexible bristles. Wet brushes glide through hair without pulling. The flexible bristles make your detangling job easier. I recommend you continue reading to see my recommendations for other wet brushes similar to the wet brush shine enhancer brush. More About … Read more

Does The Vent Brush Add Volume?

Did you know a vent brush adds volume and texture to thick hair? How To Get More Volume Using A Vent Brush To get more volume using a vent brush start by sectioning off your hair at a 45 degree angle and use a vent brush or a round brush to curl your hair under. … Read more

What Are The Fendrihan Boar Brush Ingredients?

What Are The Fendrihan Boar Brush Ingredients? Are you a man looking for the perfect boar brush? Or maybe a woman looking for the perfect gift for a man? For grooming one of the best hairbrushes on the market, today is the Fendrihan Boar Brush. What Is The Fendrihan Boar Brush Made Of? The Fendrihan … Read more

What Are Boar Bristle Hair Brush Benefits?

What Are Boar Bristle Hair Brush Benefits? Have you ever tried a boar brush? You’re missing out on all the benefits of boar brushing your hair. Boar Bristle Hair Brush Benefits 1: Shiny Hair This is my biggest benefit, as I love shiny hair, and who doesn’t want shiny hair? Shiny hair is due to … Read more