Best Straightening Brush For Black Hair

If you have African American hair you know you are faced with challenges when trying to straighten your hair. Tight curls pose a difficult problem for most straightening brushes. Best “STRAIGHTENING BRUSH For Black Hair”: A top “STRAIGHTENING BRUSH For Black Hair” needs plenty of power. My recommendation for a “STRAIGHTENING BRUSH For Black Hair” … Read more

Can You Use A Denman Brush On Dry Hair?

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What Kind Of Brush Do You Use To Brush Out Curls?

There are many brushes that work well for back curly hair but if you are looking for a great brush specifically for your hair type see the chart below. According to Meesh Switch Contributing Editor and Chief Research and Product Analyst, “Having the best and the right tools for the job becomes a priority. This … Read more

What Can I Do For My Toddlers Curly Hair?

Toddler Hair Brush For Curly Hair Are you looking for the best hair brushes for toddlers and children that have curly hair? As you well know children are known for having very fine, curly and silky hair. Therefore their hair lends itself to tangles and frizzy hair very easily. You want a brush that will … Read more

Should I Comb My Curly Hair In The Shower?

Brushing curly hair in the shower is hard. And it’s especially hard not to end up looking like a frizzed Lion when you are done brushing. But on the other hand not brushing is really not an option because eventually you will get a real knotted mess. The correct way to brush curly hair is … Read more

Does The Wet Brush Work On Dry Hair?

The key to strong and healthy hair and the single most overlooked step in hair care is how you brush your hair. Hair is weakest when it’s wet and can snap it like a rubber band. That’s why you should brush with a tool that gently loosens knots without pulling or breaking hair. The WET … Read more

WET BRUSH For Curly Hair

WET BRUSH For Curly Hair As lovely as it is, curly hair can be difficult to handle and style. Whether you are dealing with crazy curls or tangled waves, with several quick and simple tricks, you can cut your time in front of the mirror on the wall by using the best brush. The One … Read more

Best Hair Brush For Curly Hair

Best hair brush for curly hair features characteristics allowing the brush to be effective at brushing through dense thick curls. The best brushes for curly hair all have similar qualities, but there are a few brushes that stand out and are worth mentioning because they can work through natural curly hair with ease. I assembled … Read more