What do Vegans eat and what is Veganism

Vegan – Image courtesy of pexels.com/photo/appetizer-close-up-cucumber-cuisine-406152/   Over the last few years I have noticed a rise in Veganism. It has steadily becoming more and more popular. So naturally that prompted me to ask the question what exactly is Veganism and why are more and more people moving in this direction? Go Vegan What is … Read more

Is The Vegan Tampico Fiber Hair Brush By Redecker Vegan?

Is The Vegan Tampico Fiber Hair Brush By Redecker Vegan?   The “TAMPICO FIBER HAIRBRUSH” is not a boar brush. Why I like the vegan “TAMPICO FIBER HAIRBRUSH”: The “TAMPICO FIBER HAIRBRUSH” with Oiled Beechwood Handle offers an all-natural solution to hair care. Made from tampico fiber, plant-based bristles condition the scalp while smoothing and … Read more

Boar brush alternative

In addition to nylon and plastic have you considered using a wooden hair brush as a boar brush alternative? According to Stacey, Hair Research Analyst, “If you are a vegan and or living a way of life that seeks to exclude all forms of animal exploitation and cruelty, whether from food, clothing or any other … Read more

What Is A Spornette Masquerade Cushion Brush?

Spornette Masquerade cushion brush   I like Spornette because they are always coming up with new and creative ways to help make beautiful hair. And the Masquerade brush is no exception. What Exactly Is A Spornette Masquerade Cushion Hair Brush? This is a relatively new brush that is a vegetarian and environmentally friendly alternative to … Read more