Cricket Static Free Fast Flo

Cricket Static Free Fast Flo Vent Brush
Cricket Static Free Fast Flo Vent Brush

The Cricket Static Free Flo is a vented style hairbrush. The bristles are far apart and made of nylon. Because of the wider spacing of the bristles, the vent brush causes less static. Normal hairbrushes with densely packed bristles grab more hair and as you brush causes friction. Because the Cricket Static Free Flo has less dense bristles and they are farther apart as you brush less it generates static. That’s why they named the brush the Cricket Static Free Flo.


Cricket Static Free Flo Flexible Head Design


Cricket Vent Brush
Cricket Vent Brush With Flex Brush Head

The Cricket Static Free Flo vent brush has a unique brush head design. Most Vent brushes are fixed, thus the head does not move. However, the Cricket Static Free Flo brush head is flexible. The biggest benefit is for folks who have sensitive scalps. Since the brush head can flex a little, it will feel better on your scalp than a fixed head vent brush.


I like the flexible design because it not only will the brush flex from side to side but also back and forth. This truly makes for a better brushing experience for folk who have more of a sensitive scalp.


Flo Through Head


Another benefit of the Cricket Static Free Flo vent brush is the flow-through head design. They have cut the brush head, allowing more air to pass through the brush and to your hair. This is an enormous benefit because it speeds up hair drying.


Cricket Static Free Flo Handle


The brush has a wonderful balance and feels while in your hand. The handle is comfortable, and the brush is easily controlled. Sometimes when a brush handle is too skinny, it hard to hold. It can become like a wet bar of soap. This is not the case with the Cricket Static Free Flo vent brush. The handle is very secure.


Cricket Static Free Flo What I Don’t Like


Not all hairbrushes perfect, and so the Cricket Static Free Flo vent brush has some weaknesses. However, I consider these to be negligible for vent brushes. As with most all vent brushes, the ball-tips come off. Of all the vent brushes I own, not one of them has kept all their ball-tips. In case you do not know what I am referring to at the end of each bristle, there is a tiny round red ball tip that is glued over the nylon bristle. Without the ball tip, it is inconceivable to brush your hair because as soon as the bristle comes in contact with your scalp it will be uncomfortable.


However, the solution is fairly straightforward. According to Meesh, Hair Product Analyst, “When the nylon bristle ball tip comes off, simply take a fingernail clipper or sharp scissor and cut the entire bristle. Now you are good for a time. Eventually, you will have no more bristles left and will be forced to buy another vent brush.” Most vent brushes last about one year or a little longer under heavy usage. So in my opinion that is not bad. You get your value from the brush before you have to buy another one. And that is under heavy use. If you use your vent brush under ideal conditions, then it’s going to last much longer. I have had some last five years and more. 

I need to mention, since the brush head has cutouts you should not put a lot of pressure on the brush head while brushing. It can break. It’s only plastic and most of the head has been removed for flexibility and fast drying times. so my advice is to take it easy. Short hair folks should have no problem. But for those of you that have long hair and need a lot of tension I recommend another vent brush that does not have a flexible head design.


How To Make The Cricket Static Free Flo Last Longer


The last thing and this is a tip on how to make your vent brush last longer. When drying your hair with a blow dryer, focus the air on your hair directly behind the vent brush and on actually on the vent brush. I see this a lot where hot is pointed directly at the nylon brush bristles. This will cause the bristles to melt, eventually. The result is your brush is slowly being destroyed. The best way to prevent this from happening is not to point the hot air directly at the brush head but behind the brush head on your hair and as you brush slowly move the hairdryer. The hairdryer then follows directly behind your vent brush.


According to Stacey, Hair Research Analyst, “Make sure you invest in a high-quality hairdryer in which you can control the temperature and airflow. Sometimes you have to pay a little more to get a high-quality tool.” If it comes down to burning my hair and having some money, I’ll pay a little more and invest in a better hairdryer.




Overall, it is of great value and a good brush. I can’t imagine it would dissatisfy you. The brush head is well designed and works as it’s intended. It has some faults just like other vent brushes, but they are easily fixed. The one thing about vent brushes is that they are great all-around brushes. You can use a vent brush to quickly brush through your hair and also to style while drying your hair. The vent brush is probably the most versatile out there. In most cases, all you need is a superb vent brush. I recommend the Cricket Static Free Flo vent brush.