Extra Wide Detangling Comb

Diane Extra Wide Detangling Comb

Look for a professional design providing salon-quality performance when shopping for an extra wide detangling comb.

An “Extra Wide Detangling Comb” effortlessly detangles wet or dry hair. And an”Extra Wide Detangling Comb” is fantastic at distributing styling products through your hair. A high-quality “Extra Wide Detangling Comb” is gentle, sturdy, and works well to detangle super matted hair. I love the effectiveness at taming static that comes from using a “Extra Wide Detangling Comb”.

According to Meesh, Hair Product Analyst, “An extra wide detangling comb is super for applying conditioner and even works on wavy or curly medium-to-long hair.” Some combs even come in a convenient reduced size that is perfect for tossing in a purse or toiletry bag for detangling on the go. Here is my shopping list for the best extra wide detangling comb.

Best “Extra Wide Detangling Comb”
Extra wide Tooth Comb Recommendation Rating
Extra wide detangling comb from OneDor, Natural Handmade in Green Sandalwood Excellent wooden comb with smooth edges. Plus wood is better on helping with anti-static conditions. I highly recommend!!! Good
Extra wide tooth comb by PureGLO, Detangling Wooden Comb Another excellent comb with a little flair! Made with buffalo horn, some may not like the smell, like a burning smell. Very well made and smooth with no sharp edges. This is what you want to see in a high quality comb. Good
WOW COMB the Original Extra Wide Detangling Comb I like this comb because the red insert rolls and has little nubs on it that help distribute product evenly. I would stick with the original WOW brand. Cost more but in my opinion it better, finished nicely with no edges to snag hair. Good
Swissco Tortoise Wet Extra Wide Tooth comb I love the beautiful tortoise color. Has a nice smooth finish. Good
Cricket Ultra Smooth Hair Conditioning Extra Wide Rake Comb infused with Argan Oil I love the comb because it’s infused with Argan Oil. Other than that its a basic large tooth comb at a good price. Good
Wetbrush Detangling Comb This is the perfect comb to use in the shower if you have long hair. To beat the tangles, use good shampoo, conditioner, and The Wet Comb.I’ve not found another comb with the wave teeth that can do the job like the wet comb. However it make of plastic and has a hole in the handle so it could break if too much force is used. So you have to take it easy while brushing. But it priced right! Good
Diane Extra Wide Shampoo Comb My #1 Choice. Its a large extra wide tooth comb with a handle made of plastic for a very low price. Does the job, nothing spectacular to say. Excellent
Kent Handmade Large Handle Rake Wide Tooth Comb Very nice beautiful tortoiseshell color comb with a handle. Teeth are not so wide. Have to teak it easy using this comb due to it will break if too much pressure is applied or you drop it on a hard surface. Good
Ultra Smooth Detangler Extra Wide Comb I like the comb because it has a handle and it’s infused with keratin oil. The keratin oil will last a while but slowly evaporates. I think it helps but you can’t really go wrong for the price. Good

According to Stacey, our Hair Research Analyst, “Detangling knotted hair will feel like a long time in torment. Detangling in the shower will help to soften the strands and make knot removal easier. To stop tugging and harming your hair, invest in the right equipment and take the time to carefully tackle knots.

Benefits of using a wide tooth comb:

  1. Can be used on all hair types
  2. Can detangle hair
  3. Can be used on wet or dry hair
  4. Can be used with styling products and detangling spray