Hair Brush Straighteners With Auto Shut Off

Be sure to read my article called Best Hair Straightening Brush after reading this one! I analyzed and reviewed the top brands and documented my findings. I’m sure you will want read before making your purchase.

Many women are not able to make a flat iron their styling tool of choice due to the high temperatures of a flat iron turn their thin and sensitive hair to split ends quickly. This is one reason new hair brush straighteners “The Hot Brush” has become a sensation practically overnight for straightening hair. You should definitely buy a hot brush straightener with an auto shut-off to avoid unnecessary risks of forgetting to turn off your brush. In this article I rounded up my absolute favorite straightening brushes that have an shut off.

Hair Straighteners with an auto shut off safety feature

Hair Brush Straighteners With Auto Shut Off

These are my top hair straighteners starting with budget models and going all the way up to my top pick for the absolute best styling experience.

What Are The Top Straightening Brushes
Straighter Brush Recommendation Rating
Ricank Professional Hair Straightener Budget model, does not handle 4c hair very well, but the price is very good. Good
MiroPure 2-in-1 Ionic Hair Straightener Brush (Pink) – Read my article for more info Great all-around straightener brush. No Cons from me on this one. Very good! Good
MiroPure 2-in-1 Ionic Hair Straightener Brush (Black) Another near perfect budget model hair straightener. Has a lot of features for the price. Good
Rifny Hair Straightening Comb Great brush for the price, not recommended for short hair. Has 3 heat setting and is not overly priced. Good
Glamfields Straightening Brush 2.0 Probably the perfect budget model straightening brush. The back of the brush head does get hot like most all budget models. Good
Revlon One-Step Hair Dryer & Styler Good budget model. Price is right. I am not a fan of the large handle and no temperature display but I can’t complain too much at this price. Good
Abox Ionic Straightening Brush I like the auto shut off at 30 minutes and the digital temperature display. Very good features at this price. Also lock temperature which is good, can save you from burning your hair. Good budget model hair straightener. Good
Infinitipro By Conair Wet/Dry Hot Air Brush Styler I like the tourmaline ceramic technology, but not suitable for thick hair. Good
InStyler Straight Up Ceramic Straightening Brush Very good. What I like is the quick heat-up at 30 seconds. 7 heat setting which is good. Good
Tymo iONIC Hair Straightener Brush Very good, has a lot of controls and features for a hot brush in this price range. Will give you a silky & natural lustrous hair. Good
Drybar The Baby Brush Crush Same as the larger Drybar The Brush Crush but in a travel friendly size. Top quality. Good
Aquage Ionic Thermal Paddle Brush Works great at straightening hair. Features ion and titanium technology. Solid value. Good
CHI Tourmaline Ceramic Heated Paddle Brush Has tourmaline ceramic bristles for a better grip in which is very important for straightening hair. I like the LED digital temperature control and the automatic locking temperature setting so you won’t burn you hair by accidentally increasing the temperature while you are straightening your hair. Solid value! Good
Lena Hair Dryer Brush And Volumizer I love because of the powerful negative ion care & far infrared technology. Very good for straightening, volumzing, smoothing and flipping. Good
Sultra The Bombshell VoluStyle Heated Brush I like the infrared and ionic technology and great quality. Also has an auto shut off which is great. Has an LED temperature setting with 3 settings for 300 degrees Fahrenheit for fine hair, 360 for normal hair and 430 degrees Fahrenheit for thick hair. These setting makes things really simple. Good
Drybar The Brush Crush – Very Good! I love this brush because the back of the head does not get really hot like other cheaper brushes do. Top quality with many great features. Very Good
ghd Glide Hot Brush, Professional Hot Brush- My Top Pick I love because this is the simplest hot hush to use period! Fantastic to tame and smooth dry hair for quick and effortless styling. High quality. Excellent

At the time of this writing the auto shut off times listed above was listed per the manufacture’s manual. Please do not rely on this website but make sure to read your product manual and follow the manufactures instructions. There are many other very good models with an auto shut off the ones I listed are my top ones. Which one you end up choosing is up to you.

Hair straighteners come in two basic types the “Flat/Paddle” and “Barrel Brush” style. They perform similar and both have ceramic or tourmaline plates containing bristles. Heat is generated by the plate and as the hair passes through the bristles negative ions are released the make your hair smoother and shiner. The barrel brush can have a fixed or rotating head. The head also straightens and adds shine to your hair. The way it works is that hot air is directed into the barrel and as it rotates it adds volume and shine to thin air. The biggest difference between the “Flat/Paddle” and the “Barrel” straightener is the barrel version can also curl hair as well as straighten.

Hair Brush Straighteners Important Characteristics

According to Meesh, Hair Product Analyst, “One of the most important feature of any styling tool is safety and having an auto shutoff.” Everything else is secondary. Safety is the primary concern. You do not want a product that is not well made and has your safety in mind.

  1. Brush Control: Now that being said some other very important features is control. You must be able to control the brush comfortable with one hand. You do not want a brush that is too heavy.
  2. Heat Settings: After that is heat settings. You want to be able to control the amount of heat being applied to your hair. Especially to keep from damaging your hair or if you already have damaged hair to keep it from getting even more damaged. Hair straighteners now days have precise temperature controls you can set to your hair type. For example for medium thick hair a temperature of 365 degrees is usually considered optimal. For thin hair you would most likely use a lower temperature of 300 degrees. And for real thick and curly hair a higher temperature is needed, usually 450 degrees.
  3. Brush Bristles: What is the best. Well that depends on your hair type. Nylon is best for sensitive scalps or hair that is not too thin. Some straighteners have bristles tipped with silicone balls or other materials. They can be more comfortable to your scalp.
  4. Ceramic or Titanium: Although a few use titanium, most straighteners will come with ceramic or tourmaline plates. Ceramic is going to be the best choice for delicate, fine or even color-treated hair. The ceramic heats very evenly and more slowly than tourmaline or titanium without any hot spots. In contrast, tourmaline and titanium heat up very quickly and can easily damage thin or sensitive hair. For thick hair, you can to use tourmaline or titanium. Tourmaline has the extra added advantage of producing 20 times more negative ions, making your hair moist, silky and reducing the frizz.

Glamfields Heated MCH Hair Straightening Brush with 30 minute auto shut off

I love the 12 different heat settings on the Glamfields straightening brush. This gives you a wide range of options for your hair. In addition it has a 30 minute auto shut off which in my opinion is good. Nice big head works through hair fast. Heats up very fast. And lastly a 12 month warranty.

Hair Brush Straightener
Glamfields Heated MCH Hair Straightening Brush With 30 Minute Auto Shut Off


  • Heat settings: 12, from 250° to 450°, 40 seconds to 450°
  • Auto heat lock, 30 minute auto shutoff
  • LED temperature display, dual voltage (110V/220V)
  • Metal ceramic heater, negative-ion function
  • Features – Wide head, anti-scald tip, LED and swivel cord
  • Warranty: 12 months

Professional ceramic comb heats quickly, saves energy, is more durable, and longer lasting. Has Advanced MCH technology that can heat up within 30 to 40 seconds. Contains a wider and denser comb tooth head that dramatically decrease your straightening, styling and brush time. The wider and larger head is really a huge advantage for those who have long hair. With a larger head you are able to cut your styling time down by as much as 25% in some cases.

According to Stacey, Hair Research Analyst, “Negative ions are a big plus. The rich negative ions created by the electric hair brush can eliminate frizz, split ends, knot and add shine.” In addition, helps with the looks and hair quality of damaged hair. Makes it a smoother and give it a much healthier natural look and feel. This is a fantastic feature to have on a straightener however I wish they would have made an on off button. There are some time when negative ions are just not needed. In that case if this product had an off button you could just simply turn it off. Adding this would put the Glamfields Heated MCH straightener over the top. It’s already a great tool so this would just add icing to the cake, right?

Two big safety features I like are the Temperature lock function and the Auto Shut-off. The temperature lock function can prevent temperature changes from occurring unintentionally. And if no motions are detected, to ensure safety, auto shutdown occurs after 30mins. The reason why I like the temperature lock is is you have thin hair for example and you are using a lower heat setting then there is now way to accidentally hit the temperature button and go to a higher heat setting. This dramatically reduces the risk of you burning your hair. The other safety feature is the auto shut-off. If you forget to turn it off you have the piece of mind that it will turn off automatically. A very handy feature to have.

If you do not know what temperature to start with I suggest you start at the lowest temperature and work upward. Do not start at a random temperature! Most likely if you have fine, thin hair you are going to want to start at the lowest temperature setting. Try practicing. To make things easier I suggest starting with clean dry hair. Then once you get the hang of it and your are familiar with the brush your styling times will decrease.

The reason you should star with dry hair is because it will take much longer if your hair is damp. If you find you are losing your style after a few hours the try increasing the heat on your next style. Keep practicing till you have the right look. You will find out by practicing you will find the right temperature and the right speed at which you should move the brush through your hair to get the perfect results.

Another helpful tip is to always brush through your hair first before using a hot air brush. You want to make sure your hair is not tangled. And it has been combed or brushed thoroughly. This makes it much easier when working with the hot air brush. The last thing you want to do is to try to detangle your hair using the hot brush.

Also make sure your hands are clean and dry. You do not want to drop your hot air brush on the floor. This will totally destroy your brush. It can break the electronics inside. You may thing it’s OK after a drop but you may never know until something happens. If you have just applied a heat protector to your hair and your hands are not perfectly clean and dry take the time to wash and dry your hands before styling. If you get into this habit you will be so glad you did later.

About Glamfields

Glamfields was officially founded in 2016, concentrating on the goal of making your life easier. Shop at Glamfields to customize lifestyle products at the best price.

They offer realistic and affordable beauty and home products. Their current business specializes in hair straightening brush, wardrobe steamer, facial brush, solar lights, soap dispensers, They have constantly upgraded their products to customer needs.

MiroPure 2-in-1 Ionic Hair Straightener Brush with a 30 minute auto shut off

I fell over over the incredible 16 different heat settings on the MiroPure straightener. Can go as low as 170 degrees. This gives you a wide range of options for your hair. It has a 60 minute auto shut off which in my opinion is good but would have liked to seen a 30 minute shut off. Nice big head works through your hair quickly. Does not heat up as fast as the MCH, but is quick. And lastly a nice 12 month warranty.

Hair Brush Straightener
Miropure 2-in-1 Ionic Hair Straightener Brush With A 30 Minute Auto Shut Off


  • Heat settings: 16, from 170° to 450°, 60 seconds to 450°
  • Auto heat lock, 30 minute auto shutoff
  • LED temperature display, dual voltage (110V/220V)
  • Metal ceramic heater, “double” negative-ion function
  •  Features – Wide head, anti-scald tip, LED and swivel cord
  • Warranty: 12 months

Nano comb brush high density, suitable for all hair types, such as wavy or fine hair. MiroPure gives you more control over your style, while reducing static and flyaways.

Different Temperature Settings with salon high heat resulting in professional results with digital controls fast from 16 Temperature settings. This one feature alone is suburb, allowing you to dial in the perfect heat setting. I would recommend this hot brush for this one feature alone.

And not to be outdone by the other hot brushes it also has  a temperature lock and auto shut-off. Thus saves you the trouble pressing buttons accidentally, after-all you want to focus on styling, right? Auto shutdown in 60-minutes gives you added peace of mind with every use. I would have like to seen a 30 minute auto-shut off of inactivity but 60 is good.

The Metal ceramic heater (MCH) technology provides an optimum temperature and a consistent temperature. This allows the brush to start up and be ready in no time flat.

Operation Instructions – Please visit the manufacture web site for the latest information:

Please use on dry hair.

  • Step 1: Insert power plug into a wall socket. Press the power button the led light will on and the heater begins to warm up. Press + – button to adjusting temperature according to your fair types.
  • Step 2: Press + – button to choose different temperature settings according to different fair types. The sixteen different temperature settings available are: 170°F~450°F or 80 C -230 C. To lock the temperature please old down two temperature adjusting button + – at the same time for three seconds.
  • Step 3: When the brush is heating up, the temperature setting I Ed light will keep flashing until the set temperature is reached. Once the temperature setting LED light stays on, the brush is ready to use for hair straightening Please hold the brush handle and keep a safe distance from exposed skin and eyes.
  • Step 4: For felting curly hair or other hard to straighten hair, set the temperature to 230 C (450°F), For tinted & permed hair or fine blond hair, set to150 C170 C (300°F~340°F), other ordinary hair, set to170 C -190 C (340°F~380°F).
  • Step 5: Hold certain parts of your hair with clips(thickness less than 100MM)from top, middle, back, front and sides in order to make hair styling operation easier.
  • Step 6: First straightening the lower layers of your hair and then pass to upper layers Take a small part of our hair, disperse it in the middle of the brush and pull tight. Hold the hair straightener in one of your hands and comb your hair starting from the root to the ends in 15 seconds with no stopping. Do not stop for 10 seconds at the same place. Make sure that you are holding the hair straightener from its holder and cold holding places. Repeat this operation until your hair is straightened as much as you want.
  • Step 7: Once the hair straightening is complete, Press power button and holds it for seconds to power off,unplug it and cool it down before storage. Note: Please do not comb the hair before it gets cold or the hairstyle can be affected.

My advise is when first using this product do not use the default temperature setting. I would start at a lower setting until you are confortable with it’s use and had some time to pratice. This way you do not risk buring you hair. You can always turn the temperature later after you are familar with the product.

Temperature settings

The default operating temperature setting is 350°F{180 C). You can short press the temperature adjusting button to adjust the operating temperature, once the temperature is set. the temperature led setting light will start flashing. It will stop flashing and stay on when the set temperature is reached To Lock the emperature, please hold down two temperature adjusting button + – at the same time for three seconds.

Working Temperature Settings:

  • Level 1, around 150C (300°F), suitable for first time user or user with thin and fine hair, or bleached hair.
  • Level 2, around 170 C(340°F), suitable for dyed or dark color hair.
  • Level 3 & Level 4, around 190 C (380°F)to 210 C (410°F), suitable for normal or slightly curled hair.
  • Level 5, around 230 C (450°F), suitable for thick and very curly hair, or difficult to style hair.

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