Hot Air Brushes

Hot Air Brushes - What Is a Hair Straightening Brush?
Hot Air Brushes – What Is a Hair Straightening Brush?

What Is a Hair Straightening Brush?

A hair straightening brush is a brush having wide spaced bristles that heat to smooth and straighten hair. Hair straightening brushes include ionic and ceramic technology combined with heat to smooth and straighten in one step. Hair straightening brushes are gentler on your hair because they do not press your hair between two hot plates like a hot iron.

There are several different types of brushes that use hot air and each brush has a specific purpose. The general term is Hot Brush. Let’s take a closer look at hot brush types and what brush type should you use to straighten your hair.

Hot Brush Classification According to the Ed Shears System

Hot Brush Shapes

1. Oval Brush

Oval shaped brush head is shaped in an oval design. The most common hot brush shape is an oval shape.

2. Paddle Brush

Paddle head is shaped in a rectangle with the ability to brush 25% more hair than an oval shaped brush head.

3. Round Brush

A round brush head is a round barrel shape allowing hair to wrap around the brush head.

Hot Brush Purpose

1. Straightening Brush

Main purpose is to straighten hair. Common brush head shapes are oval or paddle. Not good for styling due to the shape of the brush head is too large. Typically called “Hair Straightening Brush”

2. Styling Brush

Main purpose is styling and not straightening. Common brush head is a round shape allowing it to be used closer to the scalp. The round shape allows easier styling of curls and waves. Tension required for styling is applied either by bristles or by a clamping mechanism and no bristles. Typically called “Hot Air Styler” or “Rotating Styler”.

3. Styling And Drying Brush

Dual functioning brush with it’s main purpose varying between styling and drying hair. The brush head is round allowing for easier styling. Typically called “Hot Air Brush” or “Hair Volumizer”.

What Brush To Use For Straightening Hair?

Hot brush is a great way to style your hair when your hair is dry but moist. Many hot air brushes have a circular head which is used to add volume. Did you know volume can easily be added by using a hot brush through the production of waves and curls?

In half the time a regular dryer and straightener would take you, a hot air brush can give you a silky, lustrous blowout. They also have the added advantage of reducing frizziness. That’s because their integrated bristles grab the hair for controlled styling while the heat helps the strands dry quickly and easily.

Because it is incredibly convenient to use, a hot air brush has gained wild popularity. That is why everyone is talking about them. You can twist the ends while drying your hair, straighten your hair and make them look bright and healthy in a short time.

What Is The Best Way To Use A Heated Hair Brush?

Whether you’re a pro or a complete newbie it’s very easy to use a heated brush. To use a heat air brush, simply follow my simple steps:

  1. Use a good rated heat protection before using your hot brush

“Heat protection is not an option; it is a necessity” Ed says. Use a heat protection product intended for your hair type to prep your strands before styling your hair.

  1. Before brushing begin by dampening your hair

Before using your heated brush, make sure your hair is at least 80% dry. This will reduce heat damage and guarantee that your hair is completely dry before styling, resulting in less frizz.

  1. Sectioning is always a great idea before using your hot brush

Divide your hair into 4 to 5 pieces and secure them with clips for the best results. Brushing through the same hair many times is avoided by working in sections.

  1. Start brushing

Now comes the fun part. Plug in your hot brush and let it warm up to the right temperature. Start brushing your hair slowly from roots to tips, working in small areas no wide than the brush length. As you slide the brush along your hair, raise each area or section of hair up and away from your head for added volume.

  1. Add curls

This part is of course optional. Instead of using a hot air paddle brush, use a round hot brush (InStyler Rotating Iron for example) to curl your hair. Wrap the hair around the barrel and roll the brush up towards your roots after brushing through to the ends. Hold the brush in place for 5 to 10 seconds before pressing the “cool” button and waiting a few seconds for the curl to settle down before releasing it.

  1. Finish

The last step is to lock it all in and add a little shine by using a lightweight hairspray or apply serum to your hair ends.

Hot Brush Types

Most of the hot air tools on the market today are non-rotating with the exception of one called the InStyler Rotating brush. It does most of the work for you when curling hair and does it very quickly. Others just blow hot air and do not rotate but they also work very well. The biggest disadvantage of the rotating model is that you may find your hair getting tangled more often due to the rotating head.

Basically hot air tools can be broken down into two major categories, paddle style and round style. The paddle style is primarily for straightening hair and the round type works best for curling. Paddle style has an advantage of the large head covering more hair with each stroke thus cutting your hair straightening time by 25% or more. And the round type is going to excel at creating volume, curls and waves. If you have fine hair a round type can add volume quickly and easily.

Hot Air Brush Cautions

These hot air brushes are designed to take the place of two hot air tools, the round brush and the hair dryer. Instead of having to use both hands, one to hold the round brush and one to hold the hair dryer all you need is one hand to hold the hot air brush thus making it much easier and quicker to style your hair.

But with convenience and ease of use there usually comes a price. They can easily damage your hair if you are not careful. Many professionals and myself do not recommend the daily use, but only for touch ups. Subjecting your hair on a daily basis to high heat can easily damage your hair. For example ones with aluminum barrels can get hot extremely quick.

Aster reading several articles on this site you will quickly realize the more heat setting you have the better you are going to be able to minimize hair damage, especially if you have fine hair.

Can You Dry Your Hair With A Hot Brush?

Dry Your Hair With A Hot Brush Illustration
Dry Your Hair With A Hot Brush Illustration

You can do many thing with a hot brush including drying your hair. Although you can dry your hair using a hot brush it’s not going to be the fastest way or even the best way. Just because you can, does not mean you should. However, I understand if you want to. Just follow my simple steps below to dry your hair using a hot brush.

  1. Start with clean hair before drying

Make sure you hair is washed and nice and clean. If your hair is flat, you should use a volumizing shampoo and conditioner. Don’t be stingy with the conditioner. “Conditioner is an important treatment for sealing moisture in your hair and preventing heat damage, in my opinion”, says Chief Product Analyst, Meech.

  1. Get your hot brush ready

Plus you hot brush in and set the temperature. Make sure it’s ready to go. Also, if you have more than one hot brush pick the one which has the most air flow.

  1. Start with 80% dry hair before drying

After rinsing your hair in the shower, towel-dry it completely with a soft cotton t-shirt or microfiber towel. Allow your hair to air dry to at least 80% if possible.

  1. Protect your hair before drying using a hot brush

Apply a heat-protecting spray or mousse to your hair that is suitable. I think this is a very important step that is easily skipped when in a hurry. so please don’t skip this step you hair will thank you later.

  1. Section hair before using a hot brush

It’s always easier to work in sections. Always make your sections no wider than your hot brush. this way you reduce the chance of tangles and it makes brushing much easier.

  1. Dry and style

Place the brush near to the roots and glide through the hair, lifting the hair up and out for maximum volume. To get straight ends, pull the brush all the way through the hair, or wrap the ends around the barrel of a round brush (if you are using a round brush) to get curls. Repeat with the side portions before drying and styling the top section.

  1. After using you hot brush finish by locking it down

To avoid weighing down your hair, use a light volumizing product. Apply a few drops of Argan oil (my favorite) to your ends if you have thick, extra-dry, or curly hair.

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