How Big Of A Round Brush Should I Use?

The size of the round brush you should use for your hair is determined by its length and thickness, as well as the style you want to achieve. Here are some general guidelines to keep in mind:

  1. A small or medium round brush is appropriate for short hair (shoulder length or shorter). These brushes will make it simple to add volume and curls to your hair.
  2. A medium or large round brush is appropriate for medium-length hair (chin to shoulder length). These brushes will give you more control over your style and will allow you to achieve a variety of looks, such as straight, wavy, and curly hair.
  3. A large or extra large round brush can be used on long hair (beyond shoulder length). These brushes provide the most control and can assist you in creating smooth, sleek styles or voluminous curls.

It’s also worth noting that the size of the round brush you use will be determined by the type of hair you have. If you have very thick hair, for example, you may need to use a larger round brush to fully style all of your hair. If you have thin or fine hair, on the other hand, you may find that a smaller round brush works best for you.

Finally, the best round brush for you will be determined by your hair type, length, and the style you want to achieve. It may be beneficial to try on a few different sizes to determine which one works best for you.

Is A Bigger Round Brush Better?

The size of the round brush you use can influence your hairstyle and finish. When used to lift and roll your hair while blow-drying, a larger round brush can help create more volume and body in your hair. When used in conjunction with a flat iron, it can also help smooth and straighten hair.

A smaller round brush, on the other hand, can be more precise and provide more control when styling. It is particularly useful for creating curls and waves and styling shorter hair.

Finally, the best round brush size for you will be determined by your personal styling goals as well as the length and thickness of your hair. It may be beneficial to try on a few different sizes to determine which one works best for you.

How Do I Choose The Right Round Brush?

There are a few factors to consider when selecting a round brush:

  1. Size: As previously stated, the size of the brush can have an impact on the style and finish of your hair. When choosing the size of your brush, consider the length and thickness of your hair as well as the style you want to achieve.
  2. Bristle material: Round brushes can be made with a variety of bristle materials, such as natural boar hair, nylon, or a combination of the two. Natural boar hair bristles are gentle on hair and can help smooth and add shine, but they may not be as effective as nylon bristles in creating volume. Although nylon bristles are firmer and more effective at creating volume, they may be more damaging to the hair. Brushes with mixed bristles can provide the advantages of both types of bristles.
  3. Handle material: Round brushes can have plastic, wood, or metal handles. Plastic handles are lighter and easier to grasp, whereas wood or metal handles are more durable.
  4. Some round brushes are oval or cylindrical in shape, while others are flattened or have a pointed tip. The brush’s shape can influence how easily it can reach and style different areas of the hair.
  5. Price: Round brushes range in price from reasonably priced to more expensive options. When deciding on a price point, consider your budget as well as how frequently you intend to use the brush.

It may be beneficial to experiment with a few different options to determine which one works best for you and your hair.

Can A Round Brush Damage Your Hair?

A round brush can harm your hair, especially if used incorrectly or if the brush itself is of poor quality. Here are my top pointers to help you avoid damaging your hair when using a round brush:

  1. Use a heat protectant: Apply a heat protectant product to your hair before using a round brush with heat to help prevent heat damage.
  2. Use the proper temperature: Make sure your blow dryer is set to the correct temperature for your hair type. Using a high heat setting on damaged hair can cause further damage.
  3. Use a ceramic or ionic round brush: These brushes can help reduce frizz and static and are less damaging to the hair than other types of brushes.
  4. Be gentle: When using a round brush, avoid pulling or tugging on your hair, as this can cause breakage. Instead, style your hair with a gentle, sweeping motion.

Avoid using a round brush on wet hair: A round brush is best used on mostly dry hair. When using a round brush on wet hair, it may be more prone to breakage.

Round Brush Size And Thick Hair

Thick hair is amazingly wonderful to have, and many benefits quickly come to mind. For example, styles hold longer and you always have plenty of volume. But your hair is also prone to have tangles, and it takes a lot longer to dry. There are many round brushes on the market but not all of them are best suited for thick hair.

The best ROUND BRUSH will help detangle hair and either eliminate or reduce static and fly-a-ways. Best ROUND BRUSHES also help speed up the drying process. The OLIVIA GARDEN ROUND BRUSH is the best ROUND BRUSH for blowouts for long, thick hair. The OLIVIA GARDEN ROUND BRUSH also comes in an XL long round barrel version.

There are other brushes on the market that are also great for thick hair. But these are the ROUND brushes for thick hair. And that makes a big difference. The goal of this article is to help you save time and money searching for a round brush for thick hair. Otherwise you will most likely buy several before you find the one that can do the job. And the rest will be thrown in the trash or given away to a good home.

According to According to Vanessa Giani Head of training in Paris, “A wooden brush with wild boar bristles is the perfect solution for very frizzy hair as the even spacing of natural bristles helps to properly separate the hair, achieving a straighter finish. In terms of the spacing of the bristles there’s no general rule.

The type of tool you use for thick hair is very important because you want to select the right one, right? Otherwise you will be struggling with your style.

“The important thing to remember is that you want a brush that is going to be able to penetrate thick hair and not every brush can do that.” says Stacey our in-house hair analyst.

Most of the ones that can are going to have nylon bristles due to they are stiffer than boar. And there are ones on the market that have a combination of nylon and boar. These are great options because you get the penetration of nylon and the shine and smoothness of boar. So with boar bristles you get a little more tension or griping power and more polish.

If you have very thick hair and you want to work it out and get that smooth look then you are going to want more tension so you can stretch the hair while applying heat. This is where the grippness of the boar bristles come in to play.

According to Meesh, our in-house hair care product analyst, “If you have medium texture hair then you can get away with using either a porcupine or regular ceramic thermal brush.”

Another feature to look for is the bristle spacing. You want a wider bristle spacing because it’s going to have better penetration. Most of the well known bushes for thick hair are going to have “porcupine” mentioned in their name. This is a clue you can look for while searching for the perfect brush.

If you have medium texture hair then you can get away with using either a porcupine or regular ceramic thermal brush. You have a choice. Lucky you! Wen using the regular ceramic thermal brush with NO boar bristles you will notice that it slips through your hair more easily. It’s not as grippy as the porcupine with boar bristles.

“You will get less texture and less bounce using a boar and more texture more bounce using a ceramic thermal brush. You will be able to visually see the difference. The ceramic thermal will be able to add so much more bounce. But the boar bristles round brush will add more, a lot more, polish and shine. So having a thermal ceramic boar and nylon bush is a good thing and now you know why. “, according to Ed.

Although these brushes may be able to detangle, that is not their primary purpose and they should not be used as such. Also, some of these brushes have boar bristles and boar bristles are to be used on dry hair. Do not use boar on wet hair. By doing so you will most likely cause damage to your hair. If you need to be able to comb thru wet hair or detangle wet hair you should consider purchasing another brush. You need a detangling brush.

What better way to capture a modern classic hairstyle than with a round brush. According to Nicole Contrastano At Pierre Michel Salon, “modernized classic captures every individual’s features, hair, texture and lifestyle.

And lastly, if you use a ceramic brush be careful with the heat settings on your dryer. Thermal brush will retain more heat. These brushes can get extremely hot, so hot they can easily damage your hair and even melt nylon bristles. If it’s hot enough to melt nylon just imagine the damage it can do to your hair. The good thing is that if you have thick hair and it is less susceptible to damage than thin hair. Thick hair can take more heat.

According to Jayne Littler, Hair Stylist at Mason Pearson, “One of the most important things is making sure the heat from the blow dryer is not touching your brush“.

Revlon Maximum Shine Porcupine Round Brush 1 inch


  1. Ion plus ceramic
  2. Boar mix bristles
  3. Rubberized handle
  4. Dries hair fast
  5. Frizz reduction
  6. Curls & Flips

Get amazing body and volume when styling short hair. The nylon pins will help separate hair while the bristles of the boar mix will make your hair smooth and shiny. With ion plus ceramic for even heat distribution and faster drying times. Best results for short to medium hair. The plastic handle is the biggest con on this brush. But you are only spending only $8.00 so I can’t complain a whole lot, right?

Revlon Long-Lasting Styles Round Porcupine Hair Brush 2 inch


  1. Ionic technology for moisture lock-in
  2. Ribbed handle for easy
  3. Frizz reduction
  4. Voluminous Hair

The large round porcupine brush creates amazing sleek and voluminous styles. The nylon pins will help separate hair while the bristles of the boar mix will make your hair smooth and shiny. It comes complete with ionic technology for moisture lock-in, thus leaving radiant and smooth. Hair could get trapped between the brush part and the handle. Would have liked to seen a better handle for this price. The top cap is prone to come off. Would like to see better construction.

GranNaturals Boar Bristle Round Styling Hairbrush


  1. Boar bristle: Improves hair health and shine by preventing oil buildup and hair frizz.
  2. Styler: Nylon bristles mixed with boar bristles to help the hair style, curl and blow-dry.
  3. Improves volume: Circular shape helps create a voluminous curl with a blow dryer.
  4. Professional ergonomic design: Wood handle made with groove for easy holding.
  5. 1.75 diameter: This is a small size brush that is great for traveling and will fit in your purse.
One piece handle does not snag hair

Use only on dry hair. This brush feels very lightweight in the hand. It has mixed boar and nylon  bristles and is less than $10.00 at the time of this writing. The majority of people who make a purchase are going to like this brush. Keep in mind this brush is not for fine hair. I can’t really complain too much due to it’s price. You really can’t go wrong purchasing this one.

Nylon and boar bristles great for thick hair penetration

GranNaturals is a brand created by Gran Goods that produces ECO friendly hair and body brushes derived from natural materials. GranNaturals was founded in 2014 with the mission of creating all natural products for the skin, hair and body that are of high quality and at affordable prices.

According to Mark at GranNaturals, “Our mission is to create all natural products for the skin, hair, and body that are of high quality and at affordable prices.

CHI Turbo Ceramic Round Boar Medium Brush


  1. 100 percent natural boar bristles
  2. Ergonomic design with non – slip handle for better control
  3. CHI ceramic maintains constant, even heat
  4. Infrarot / Negative ions for shinier hair, reducing frost and static
  5. Leaves hair smooth with natural shine Creates soft waves, flips and adds volume
  6. Provides up to 50 percent faster drying time
  7. Boar bristles redistributes natural oils

There are no hot or cold spots: the heat reflects back to the hair, reducing the drying time. The ceramic plates give even temperature and emit Far Infra Red / Negative Ions for a silky, smooth brushing finish. Even cut 100 percent natural pure boar stands up to many years of daily use. Suitable for fine, normal and coarse hair of any length or texture. Bristles help eliminate all fly-away hair. Boar gives full control of the hair from the roots to the ends.

The biggest drawback of this one is the construction. The top cap comes off too easily. The second con or drawback is hair can get wrapped around the grippy handle, especially if you have long hair. For $21.00 I would expect the construction to be much better and also incorporate a non-grippy handle.

Dr. Farouk Shami, founder of CHI says, “We want everyone to have smooth, shiny silky hair.

Conair Thick-to-Smooth Medium Vented Porcupine Round Brush


  1. Extra – long, strong bristles reach deep to brush easily through thick hair
  2. Tourmaline – ionic technology helps to add brightness and reduce frizz
  3. Thicker ball tips provide comfortable brushing
  4. Combination of nylon and boar bristles distributes the scalp’s own oils for silky, shiny hair.

For a deeper reach, this brush has a thick-to-smooth vented porcupine bristles which are up to 35% longer. Bristles have thicker ball tips for comfort and ease of use, and brilliant shine is added by tourmaline-ionic technology. This vented porcupine round brush distributes natural oils from scalp for silky, smooth hair and features a quick-drying vented design. Nicely done, handle does not allow hair to get tangled easily. Very good choice.

Olivia Garden Vented Ionic Boar Combo Thermal Round Brush


  1. A truly unique bristle bristle + ionic nylon bristles easier & better styling with total control of hair tension
  2. Total customer scalp comfort 100% natural boar bristles shinier & healthier hair Control fly-a-ways
  3. Ergonomic handle relaxed and comfortable hand & wrist extremely light and well balanced brush
  4. Scalp-Hugging barrel curved approaches the scalp and creates a longer lasting, stronger, dynamic hair style
  5. Patented fully ventilated thermal brush head unrestricted airflow allows for the simultaneous shaping of both sides of a hair strand
  6. Retractable sectioning pick

Rubber handle can catch hair. So if you have long hair this might be a concern. For $24.75 at the time of this writing I would expect to have a better handle. One that does not catch hair.

Option if you have medium hair and cash:

If you have medium textured hair and want a round boar brush and want the best, or one of the best. You can always purchase an Oribe. The collection of the Oribe signature brushes are made from European beech wood and combines craftsmanship with ergonomic handles for perfect grip and balance weight. All brushes are manually varnished. To add maximum volume and shine, the medium round brush features high-quality boar bristles. At the end of the styling, a sectioning pin is hidden to separate hair. Fabricated in Italy. It’s priced at $170.00 at the time of this writing. Now, keep in mind you get a good solid brush but boy it’s not cheap.

Sam Villa Artist Series Spiral Thermal Brush

Round Brush comes in different sizes

Perfect nylon and boar combination to create maximum volume and shine!


  1. Thermal core curls add brightness while boar curls.
  2. Perfectly balanced tension with a smooth, polished finish and maximum lifting.
  3. Unique double-Helix bristle design. Guides the hair through the brush freely and easily.
  4. Extra long ball-tip nylon bristles. Easily gathers and picks up hair while gentle on scalp.
  5. Soft-Touch ergonomic handle
Great handle design – grippy where you need it

This brush comes in different sizes and you should choose the right size for your length of hair.

  • Small: Small or maximal curl for short hair.
  • Medium: To create looser curl or fullness at the base for medium hair.
  • Large: Long, loose wave, or body straight looks.
Nicely constructed

Nicely done, good brush, gets high marks. The handle is grippy were is needs to be so, where hair might get grabbed it does not due to it’s not grippy in those spots. Nice wood handle. You can tell a professional stylist influenced its design. Excellent round brush!

According Sam Villa, “It’s important to keep curly hair hydrated to minimize expansion, so always apply a leave-in conditioner.

Conair Diamond Ceramic Large Porcupine Vented Round Brush


  1. Diamond – infused ceramic technology for salon finish
  2. Heat from blow – dryer activates the brush’s diamond – infused ceramic winds allowing more air to reach hair for quick styling
  3. Achieve luxurious and smooth, healthy – looking hair
  4. Boar and nylon bristles distribute their own scalp oils to leave hair silky and shiny Smooth and straighten or curl and wave

The diamond-infused ceramic technology provides a perfect salon finish, with blow-dryer heat activating the ceramic technology of the brush. It leaves hair that looks luxuriously smooth, bright, and healthy. It also adds volume and shine. The vents in the large porcupine vented round brush allows hot air from the blow-dryer to reach hair quickly. For this price point would expect a handle design not so grippy in places where hair might get caught.

Round Brush Conclusion

  1. It seems most all the plastic brushes are cheaply constructed and parts tend to come off with normal use.
  2. Also handle construction is a concern. With thick hair you are definitely going to be putting more tension on the handle. Handle construction then becomes very important. Too bad you have to spend a lot more to get a good solid one piece handle that does not grab your hair.
  3. Also, all brushes or at least 90% of them that have ball tips all come off. On all these brushes the ball tips come off.
  4. Also, many brushes seem to have a join or a seem where the handle meets the brush part. And as a result, this can catch longer hair. You could end up ripping out your hair. I consider this a bad design and would rather opt for a one piece handle.
  5. And lastly, most handles are grippy where you do not want them. This causes your hair to be pulled. Hair tends to be caught by the handle since it’s so grippy. This of course would be a major concern for longer hair.

Go easy on your hair. At the end of the day that is all you got so take care of it. You hair will thank you later!!!

While genetics may play a key role in hair loss among black women, styling practices such as braiding, weaves and chemical relaxing may also increase their risk of hair loss“, said dermatologist Dr. Yolanda Lenzy, a clinical associate professor at the University of Connecticut in Farmington.

Please make a comment on what round brush your are using and what type of hair you have. Would like to know and share with others what is working for you.


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