How Do You Use The Dyson Volumizing Round Brush?

How Do You Use The Dyson Volumizing Round Brush?

How To Get Results With The Dyson Volumizing Round Brush

How to use the volumizing brush on the Dyson Airwrap. The Dyson Airwrap round brush is expensive but can give you tons of volume at your roots and a fantastic body at your hair ends. The biggest advantage of the Dyson Airwrap over other hot brushes is the Dyson can get to your roots much better because of the smaller size brush head. The handle and brush head are a lot smaller than other comparable hot brushes. This feature allows you to maneuver the Dyson Airwrap round brush into place exactly where you want it.

1. Can you use Dyson brush on dry hair?

I like to start with hair that is about 70% to 80% dry. You want your hair to be a little wet, but not too wet. This way, you set your hair molecules by using heat and then giving a cold shot (cool shot). Damp hair is much easier to work with and works best with the Dyson. Use a spray bottle and a little water to give your hair a fine mist or spritz. Then make sure there are no tangles in your hair. You can use a vent brush to do a quick comb through on your damp hair and then you are ready to go.

You can also add your favorite hair product to help create and hold your body and curls.

If you are starting with wet hair, then you will need to dry your hair to about 80% using the pre-styler dryer attachment (Part No. 969759-01). As you are using the Dyson Airwrap work in sections. Use the full-speed hot setting to style and then use the cold setting to lock in your style. The heat creates your curl or body and the cold air locks it in place by setting the molecules in your hair. That way you get that all-day style and your curls do not drop out later. When done, do a quick comb-out.

If you start out with too wet hair, then it will take longer during styling and make styling a lot harder.

2. Section your hair

Section your hair

I like to work in sections especially if you have long hair. Shoulder-length hair and longer. It’s just so much easier to work within small sections and with the Dyson you can use one hand. When sectioning your hair, work with hair sections no longer than the brush length of the Dyson. For mega volume section top of hair from the bottom. You will work the bottom section first, then move up to the top. Your crown or top will be done last.

3. Attach the round volumizing brush

Hold the top of the brush with your fingers and press the brush on the handle.

4. Work from bottom to top

Work from bottom to top

Start with the bottom section of your hair, and brush upwards from underneath. The brush should be placed underneath a long section of hair. The section of hair will be placed over the brush and as you move the brush outward also move upward. As you move upward, I found it helpful to slightly rotate your wrist. This allows the bristles to get more tension on your hair as you slowly move the brush up and out.

5. Brush down to the tips

Do each section of hair all the way down to the tips of each section of hair.

6. Flair hair ends for volume

Flair hair ends for volume

When each section is nearly dry, roll hair around the brush.

7. Set hair in place

Hold until dry and set with a cold shot for 5 to 10 seconds.

8. Repeat all hair sections for mega volume

Repeat the process throughout your hair. Do each section of the hair as you move around your head.

9. Create volume at the crown

Create volume at the crown

Round brushes are fantastic for creating more volume at the top of your head. Release top sections and lift at the crown for the root volume.

Create more volume up front using the Dyson

10. Lift hair for more volume at the crown

Lift hair along the parting to the front and brush your hair upward. This technique creates more lift and volume up front and on top of your head.

11. Create more volume to the side

Shape and lift side sections up and outwards as you slowly move the brush upwards and outwards.

12. Create more volume for tips

Create more volume at tips of hair

To give your hair more flair and shape to the tips outward. Roll the tips of your hair around the brush and hold for a few seconds.

13. Set tips of hair for more volume

Set with cold short for 5 to 10 seconds. Curl hair around the brush and hold to set with cold air. More volume up front by wrapping around the Dyson round brush. Wrap the front section of hair around the brush and hold it for a few seconds for more volume.

14. Set hair in place with cold air

Set hair up front with a cold shot for 5 to 10 seconds.

15. Add more texture and volume by using your fingers

Add more texture and volume by using your fingers

Use your fingers and loosen hair to add more texture and volume.

Does Dyson Airwrap damage your hair?

Because the Dyson Airwrap protects your hair from the damaging effects of excessive heat. The Dyson Airwrap styler offers clever (intelligent heat control) heat control that keeps the temperature below 150°C. 

Don’t Have The Dyson Airwrap Volumizing Round Brush Yet?

This is my top choice for a volumizing round hairbrush. Why? Because of its ability to switch brush heads. So for the price, you get multiple brushes. This might the time to replace all your hot tools with just one, the Dyson, right? Just simply switch brush heads and you can go from straightening to styling. Another enormous advantage I am seeing the Dyson has over other brushes is the precise control of the airflow. You can direct hot air exactly where you need it.

With the complete version of the Airwrap, you’ll get two smoothing brushes: a delicate smoothing brush that’s gentle on the scalp and a firm smoothing brush that’s great for thicker, frizz-prone hair.

How to use the Airwrap with frizzy hair. Use the round brush attachment to smooth the hair shaft down before you use the curling attachments. After you’re done drying, add extra smoothing cream as you brush out and finish with an anti-frizz hairspray. If you really deal with frizz, the Dyson Corrale straightener is another wonderful addition to your hair tool repertoire. I recommends starting with the flat brush attachment on the Airwrap to flatten any frizz will adding volume and then finishing with the Corrale for a straight and defined finish.

The biggest con with Dyson is the price. But hey what did you expect? Dyson is not known for making cheap budget products. I know them for high quality products and you pay for the quality.

Is the Dyson Airwrap good for straightening hair?

The enormous advantage of the Dyson Airwrap is the ability to switch brush heads. You can go from a smoothing or curling brush to a straightening brush by using the right attachment. This makes the Dyson Airwrap very adaptable to any situation and great at straightening hair.

However, in my opinion, still not as good as a round firm brush and a high-quality hairdryer. But much better than other hot brushes with fixed brush heads. Dyson now makes a paddle brush and detangling comb in addition to the Airwrap. It’s called the “Dyson Supersonic Detangling Comb and paddle brush” for the Dyson Supersonic Hair Dryer. Too bad the Airwrap does not come with it for the price, right!

The next advantage of the Dyson Airwrap is the brush head directs the hot air directly onto your hair exactly where you need it. In other hot brushes, the airflow is all over the place. Air comes out on the back, front, and all sides. The result is sometimes you have more hot air on your neck than you do on your hair.

As for drying time, the Dyson Airwrap will dry your hair much faster than most other hot brushes because the hot air can be focused directly on your hair. And with the pre-styler dryer attachment (Part No. 969759-01) makes your hair drying much quicker.

The biggest disadvantage of the Dyson Airwrap is the location of the settings. Most folks will hold the Airwrap close to the brush head and unfittingly, this is where the controls are located. So guess what? Yup, you guessed it. While styling, you are going to accidentally press the controls and most likely turn off the brush.

So the bottom line is you have the money, then the Dyson Airwrap is well worth it. You get a lot with the Dyson and it’s a quality product. If you are on a budget, then there is no way you are going to pay that much and there are plenty of budget models that can come close to doing what you want to do. For the professional, most all hot airbrushes are a joke and there is no way to beat a round brush and a hairdryer.

How Do You Use The Dyson Airwrap Volumizing Round Brush?

When curling hair, it is preferable to curls wrap away from your face giving a more youthful appearance. If you’re using a traditional curling iron you typically hold it right side up on one side and upside down on the other. You can do the same with the Dyson but you need to change barrels. The Dyson barrels come in sets (two curling barrels), one for each direction so you don’t need to switch the gadget mid-styling however but you will need to swap the attachment. For the price I kind of find this frustrating because the Instyler lets you switch rotations with the click of a button. Read my Instyler article. Each Dyson barrel includes arrows indicating which way the hair wraps around.

You asked how to use the volume brush on the Dyson Airwrap styler. Dyson stylist answers you questions. Dyson’s Airwrap Small Round Volumizing Brush is engineered to volumize and shape shorter, fine and flat hair. It’s designed to direct air into the strands of hair. The Round volumizing brush is engineered to give body and create tension to shape hair as it dries. Hot air brushes can simultaneously blow-dry, straighten, and curl hair. Did I discover the best… Dyson’s Airwrap Styler could be the last hair tool you’ll ever need?