How Does The Instyler GLOSSIE Work?

The Glossie Ceramic Styling Brush provides shiny, straight and smooth styles almost immediately. The exclusive Precision Press design applies optimal tension to straighten hair efficiently from root to tip while providing styling versatility.

How Does The InStyler GLOSSIE Work Is A Great Question

The Glossie works by using 65 powerful ceramic hot plates controlled by the digital temperature control to maintain heat throughout the brush’s surface. The adjustable temperature settings range from 300 ° F to 450 ° F in order to ensure optimum performance for all types of hair.

Press your tresses to get the perfectly polished, high-maintenance look without effort. This is the next hot brush that gives you all the tension you need to straighten hair from root to tip.

The InStyler GLOSSIE works by using a styling arm to apply tension.

The GLOSSIE works by using a styling arm to transform hair with each pass giving you sumptuous shiny hair. the styling arm provides tension as you straighten your hair. Warn your kinks and curls they stand no chance against the Instyler Glossie Ceramic Styling Brush.

All InStyler products are the result of tireless innovation, high-tech engineering and true passion. Whether you’re have long hair or perfectly polished hair the InStyler has you covered. Just pinch your way to a smooth, straightforward style full of natural volume, body and brightness.

InStyler GLOSSIE in White Color

Section and straighten simultaneously as you brush through larger hair sections for a faster, easier way to create a glossy frizz-free finish. The exclusive design of Precision Press allows you to add face-framing flips to take your hair beyond straight styles and to add a salon finish to any look.

Most heated brushes lose heat when you brush, which results in inconsistency. The 65 ceramic heated plates from GLOSSIE provide immediate, even temperature throughout the surface. When you brush through the section after the hair section, GLOSSIE always maintains a consistent heat level to provide maximum straightening power for each pass. Superior heat recovery ensures faster, healthier styling and less heat damage exposure.

InStyler GLOSSIE in Black Color

Press your tresses to get the perfectly polished, high-maintenance look. Lay your hair between the open arm and the heated plates, pointing the bristles away, then close the styling arm to press the hair between the bristles. Slowly brush your hair from root to tip while holding your hair and bristles down the styling arm. Leave the styling arm closed and normally brush your hair on the second day.

The revolutionary styling arm Precision PressTM creates tension for more controlled styling and a finished, polished appearance. This evolution in hot brushes allows you to see improved results with one hand easily. You can smooth and straighten or add flips and volume with ultimate styling versatility.

Before And After Brushing With The Glossie Ceramic Styling Brush

Before and After Photo

Use on dry hair only!

Your hair health is important so take precautions. Start by not overdoing it. this means not over styling and not over shampooing. Go easy on your hair, its all you got. According to Dr. Batul Patel the Director of The Bombay Skin Clinic located in South Mumbai & Bandra, “Excessive shampooing can strip the scalp of sebum which is naturally produced by the hair for protection. Minimal shampooing can lead to collection of sweat and dirt which can cause much damage. It is important to use the right amount of hair products with the right frequency to ensure the optimal results.

InStyler GLOSSIE Conclusion

According to Todd E. Schlesinger, MD, FAAD, FASMS Medical Director, Board-Certified Dermatologist, Fellow, American Society for Mohs Surgery at the Dermatology and Laser Center of Charleston, “Heat can be harmful if there is too much of it. Every day, many women expose their hair to an increased amount of directly applied heat through flat irons, hair dryers, curling irons, and hot rollers. If you do this on a regular basis, your hair can become dry and harmed. Reduce the amount of time direct heat is applied to your strands by letting your hair air dry as much as possible.

The InStyler GLOSSIE Ceramic Straightening and Styling Brush has positive reviews. I like the brush and can confidently recommend its purchase. Most people say they loved using the Glossie. And those who came from a regular straightener most likely won’t go back to using a regular straighter again. The longer your hair the more time it’s going to take. Typically for long hair down to the middle of your back or so and medium wavy it’s going to take about 25 to 30 minutes using the InStyler brush.


InStyler GLOSSIE Pros

  1. The InStyler is great when you are pressed for time, especially in the mornings. In the mornings is when you are most likely going to be press for time so the InStyler comes to the rescue and allows for quick straightening.
  2. If your hair has a a small amount of wave using this product should easily give you that sleek hair within 5 minutes or so.
  3. It gets hot very quickly, no waiting around. It best used by first doing a regular brush through and then use the InStyler.
  4. Ordinary hot brushes require you to hold the ends of the hair to create sufficient tension to smooth. You have to let go when the brush reaches the ends, leaving your style unfinished.
  5. The revolutionary Precision Press distributes and secures hair between the plates, creating optimum tension for more controlled styling and a finished, polished style from root to tip.
  6. You can now master one-handed styling effortlessly to create a professional, sleek straight look with a healthy, glossy finish.

InStyler GLOSSIE Cons

  1. The handle seem to be a little clunky due to the press design but we feel this out weighs the benefit of the way it straightens hair.
  2. The Instyler Glossie Ceramic Styling Brush makes it so easy to smooth most any crazy hair without too much hassle.
  3. Also, according to our in-house chief product analyst, Meesh, “Sometimes after heating up there is a smell. It’s does not seem to affect the performance it just smells odd. This may be due to the first time its used and heating up for the first time. I anticipate this going away after it gets broken in by use.