How To Add Volume To Hair

Julia Roberts, Stevie Nicks, Heather Locklear, and Janet Jackson come to mind when I see someone with epic volume in their hair. Of course, you have to go back to the 1980s to remember these celebrities’ hairstyles. Great hair has come to be defined by its large volume, yet not everyone is born with thick, full hair or bouncy waves. And naturally, it helps a lot when you have professional stylists on hand to add more volume.

You’ve come to the right place if you want to discover how to add volume to hair. Instantly get rid of your flat hair by following the advice below for obtaining voluminous hair.

My number 1 epic hair volume tips is:

You Should Blow-Dry Your Hair Backward And Upside Down

No, I’m not trying to trick you into doing something humorous. In fact, blow-drying your hair upside-down can give you the best volume!

The steps you take when blow-drying your hair are important, just as much as how you often you wash and condition your hair. Here’s a fast guide on blow drying your hair to add volume:

  1. For optimal results, start with a volumizing styling product.
  2. When your hair is damp, I advise to apply a volume lift product or a generic root lifter to the roots and a generic thickening mousse to your hair shafts. You can spend $30 or more on a brand name product or just look for a generic brand for less than $10. either will do.
  3. Your blow dryer’s nozzle should be removed before you roughly dry your hair upside down. This encourages lift at the roots and general fullness.
  4. Then to finish off your hair, reattach the nozzle and blow-dry using a round brush when it is almost two-thirds dry. Pull the hair up from the root and direct the nozzle upwards from the bottom of your hair. It also matters what kind of round brush you use. To add extra body, detangle, and create shine in your hair, try using a boar bristle brush. Boar bristle brushes work better because they grab toy hair and allow you to pull and style as you dry.
  5. Finally, blow cool air into your hair to help it reach its fullest potential. This is the most important part of the entire process because you are setting the molecules in your hair and it will stay voluminous longer.

Did you know: Due to its fragility and ease of damage, wet hair is prone to frizz and split ends (damaged hair).

Mega Hair Volume

To get volume, avoid using a hair dryer with ion technology. Why? Your hair will be smooth and lay flat thanks to ion technology. You consequently receive little to no volume. According to Meesh Contributing Editor and Chief Product Analyst, “I always use a hair dryer with a switch to turn off the negative ions because of this. I am now in charge and have complete control over the volume of my hair“.

Big Volume Hair Just Got Even Bigger And Lasts All Day Long

Now your hair follicles are ready to rise off your head, right? According to Stacey Hair Research Analyst, “I use a professional hair dryer that I can direct to the exact spot I want to blow cool air with the flip of a switch. Having better tools will result in better hair and fewer hair products being used. Can save you money in the long run“.

Avoid using excessive styling products on thin or receding hair. Although it may seem like the best course of action, you will have greasy hair at the end of the day. Instead try using Full Root Lift at the roots of damp hair and Full Thickening Mousse on the lengths of your hair after that.

My number 2 epic hair volume tip is:

Tease Your Hair

As its name implies, a teasing brush “teases” your hair by gently fluffing it to give it more dimension and volume. The bouffant and the pompadour hairstyles are made with teasing brushes.

Also you can try this alternative which is less damaging to you hair. While back-combing momentarily increases the volume of your hair, it has drawbacks of its own. Use a big paddle brush to gently back-brush your hair at the roots rather than a fine-toothed comb, which can harm your priceless hair and might cause knots.

Roll Your Way to Big Hair Volume

You don’t forget to use hot rollers if you have the time. You can put rollers in your hair while completing other tasks, and you’ll be done in approximately 20 minutes. You’ll be in all the right places with all the volume. Just be careful to wait till the rollers are completely cold before taking them out.

Our mothers and grandmothers frequently used rollers to style their hair, and even though we now have cutting-edge hot tools, this age-old method is still the most effective for producing voluminous curls and lots of root volume. When your hair is nearly dry, set it in large Velcro rollers by raising the crown and rolling the hair down from the ends toward the root. When your hair is completely dry, it will have large, bouncy waves that you can brush out or leave alone. The size of your bounce or wave de3pends on the size of your rollers. The larger the bigger the bounce or wave.

Sleep Your Way To Epic Hair Volume

That is right, all you have to do is sleep. Well, almost. All you need to do is sleep in a bun if you know you want a lot of volume the next day. No need for a hair dryer or heat. Just a little time and preparation. After a shower, when your hair is nearly dry, put your hair into a bun.

Apply a gentle elastic. I suggest using a silk elastic hair tie as not to cause split-ends. A bun causes your hair to be pulled away from your scalp all night. Your hair has been taught to stand up now. When you remove the elastic, volume appears right away.

If you have too much volume, then simply use a high-quality boar bristle brush and smooth it down.

Part Ways With Your Hair For Volume Using No Products

Try separating your hair in the opposite direction from how you usually separate it to add enormous amounts of volume to your hair. Why? What happens is that by dividing your hair in one place for years, you have trained your hair to lay in a particular way. And your hair has neatly responded by flattening and adapting. Now, you may instantly increase volume simply switching your component. Your scalp’s hair will rise up. You can do a deep side part when it’s around 80% dry or just a bit moist to reduce the volume. 

Did you know: Every face shape looks good with hair that hangs between the chin and shoulders?

Receive A Cutting-Edge Cut For Big 80s Volume

Ask your hairstylist for a layered cut the next time you’re in the salon to add extra volume. Your hair will look bigger and have more shape if you add several layers to it.

Hair stylists have the ability to transform lifeless hair into something extraordinary. You enter the salon feeling uninspired by your hair and leave with a fresh, more voluminous style. Here are a few ways that a decent cut can actually change how flat, fine hair looks.

Ask your hairstylist for long layers if your hair is naturally straight so that they can add movement and body without thinning the bottom of your style. Straight or curly thin hair can also benefit greatly from a short hairstyle like a bob cut. Shorter hair tends to be lighter and less dense, which prevents it from resting flat. Even though you might be sentimentally devoted to your long hair, a shortcut can suddenly give lengthier hair that is losing its volume with new energy.

Using This Special Shampoo Can Lift Your Hair To the Moon

Dry shampoo is another of my favorites for giving fine hair more structure. It may also provide a great lift. To add more lift, simply turn your head over down and quickly spray your roots (use a light dusting). An alternative if you do not have dry shampoo on hand is to use a touch of hair spray.

Plus, you get a nice clean dry scent and also remove oils, giving your hair more volume. You now look like you have fuller hair.

Create Waves and Waves Of Volume With This Styling Tool

Adding waves can add lots of volume to your hair. And one of the easiest ways to add waves is to use the InStyler or a regular curling wand.

Your hair should have some waves. A curling wand or the InStyler are excellent tools to employ. To make your hair appear fuller, add waves and soft curls. To achieve your waves, I suggest using the InStyler MAX 1.25″ 2-Way Rotating Tourmaline Ceramic Straightener & Styler.

Shampoo Your Way To Voluminous Hair

Voluminous hair starts in the shower, right? By shampooing more frequently, you can get rid of hair-heavy products. Your hair will become lighter and more voluminous as a result. Just watch out not to go overboard. Aveeno Apple Cider Vinegar Sulfate-Free Shampoo for Balance & High Shine, Redken Detox Hair Cleansing Cream Clarifying Shampoo, and Daily Clarifying & Soothing Scalp Shampoo are two of my favorites. All hair types and textures can benefit from Redken Detox Hair Cleansing Cream, a clarifying shampoo that eliminates product buildup, excess oil, and pollution residue in just one wash!

Go On A Diet To Pump Up The Volume

You can change your diet to greatly improve the quality and volume of your hair. By taking supplements and/or concentrating on eating foods high in vitamins and according to the National Library of Medicine, “minerals have been found to support hair health.

Nutrients like Vitamin D, fatty acids, zinc, and biotin can help.

However, it’s crucial to remember that if you aren’t already vitamin deficient, you shouldn’t take supplements without a doctor’s approval.

On the other hand, eating a balanced diet rich in whole foods is always a good idea. Think about including these meals with fatty acids like found in fish and biotin, which is found in eggs and other protein-rich meals. These are essential for healthy hair.

My Last Unbelievable Hack For More Volume For Your Hair

It is simple but works great. Simply adding highlights will give fine hair a more textured appearance. Your hair will appear to have more texture and complexity when you add different colors to it.

Did you know: Use a volumizing, light conditioner in the shower rather than a heavier one because fine hair is more likely to tangle and get tangled.

Conclusion Adding Epic Volume To You Hair

It’s simple for hair to become flat hair. You can simply lift some of the extra weight off your hair and rejuvenate those limp and lifeless locks with the correct haircut, products (styling aids), and styling techniques.

Hey, I hope your enjoyed this article and go some really good tips. I tried to keep the writing on the lighter side for your reading enjoyment, ha! 

So the moral of the story is instead of reaching for a bunch of products to add volume to your hair, try some of my ideas above and save money and get epic hair volume!

Definitions And Other Related Information

Hair Extensions – Hair extensions are an excellent solution to give thin and fine hair more thickness without harming your own hair or delaying hair growth.

Frizzy Hair – Frizz is hair that does not align with the surrounding hair, but stands up or curls independently, creating a fuzzy or irregular texture. The three main causes of frizz are genetics, hair damage, and humidity. Frizzy hair can be seen as a positive or a negative trait depending on the current fashion and one’s personal preference. Many hair products, such as gels, pomades, and hair waxes, are designed to reduce frizz. More at Wikipedia

Crimping Iron – Use a crimper instead of a curling iron since the crimper’s wave pattern will lead your hair to behave nearly like a shelf for the layer above it. A hot styling tool called a crimping iron is used to give hair tiny, tightly packed waves. It uses heat to modify the appearance of the hair in a similar way to a flat iron or curling iron and is used on dry hair to produce a final style. In the 1980s and early 1990s, crimped hair was in style.

Microfiber Towel – A microfiber towel is a unique type of towel made to feel incredibly soft to the touch. The fiber loops are made much smaller and tighter throughout the microfiber material’s production process, resulting in a smooth surface that will slide over your hair.

Blunt Cut – A Blunt cut refers to your hair being cut the same length all around. A blunt cut is a fantastic technique to add definition and sharpness to fine hair. And the shorter, the better for this particular hair type. This style looks great on pin-straight hair. A blunt cut for fine hair is a casual style that is easy to wear and style because it is traditional but straightforward.