InStyler Original Demo How To Style Hair

InStyler Original Demo How To Style Hair

The InStyler rotating, straightening, and curling brush is widely used. And I might add it’s my number one choice for adding curls and waves to otherwise straight hair. It’s the go-to hair styling tool to add a little curl and volume to your hair.

The InStyler has a brush on top and a rotating barrel that gets hot in 30 seconds. The way it works is as your clamp is closed, the barrel spins.

How To Style Your Hair Example

InStyler recommends you do not put any product on your hair before using. But some folks I know put on a heat protectant. But they are not putting on the heat protectant and then immediately using the InStyler rotating brush. They then blow-dry their hair and then use the InStyler.

When using, you will need to experiment to see which heat setting works best for you. If you have thin hair, you can most likely get away with using a lower temperature. If you have thick hair, you are most likely going to want to use a higher temperature. You can tell which temperature works best by how long your waves or curls last. If they last all day, then you got the right temperature. If your curls or waves fall out soon like in a few hours, then you can try using the next higher temperature. I recommend always starting out using the lower temperature first and working your way up in temperature. The goal is to use the lowest temperature possible and get your style to last all day.

When using the InStyler rotating brush, make sure the rotating head is spinning in the direction you are brushing. If not, then the brush will kick your hair out and you may even get some tangles and knots. That is why I prefer the 2-way rotating head. With a push of a button, you can change the direction of rotation without having to change your grip on the brush. This is an enormous benefit.

It’s a good idea to always brush your hair before you use the InStyler. I always recommend starting with dry, clean, and tangle-free hair. However, if you are using the InStyler Wet To Dry then your hair can be towel dry. Also, if you have long hair, you can section your hair off and work in sections. Sometimes this is easier.

My 1# Choice is the InStyler Wet To Dry because like I mentioned above you can use it on toweled dry hair plus it has ionic bristles to help tame static and frizz even more!! Allows you to skip the drying process which can same sometimes.

Also, it’s important to mention InStyler makes a three-fourths of an inch diameter barrel for shorter hair or tighter curls and waves. I recommend the MAX .75 inch rotating brush for tighter curls and waves or for short hair. The barrel diameter is .75 inches as compared to 1.25 inches as in the other brushes.

The InStyler Max Prime is a 2-way rotating straightening and curling brush. I would get the 2-way rotating head. Like I mentioned above the InStyler Max Prime 2-Way styler has a rotating cylinder that can turn in 2 directions depending on which side you are bushing. Press the button to rotate either right or left. Add shine, curls, or straighten using the InStyler Max Prime 2-way styler.