Is brushing your hair 100 times good?

Are your wishing or dreaming for beautiful shiny flowing hair? The kind that glistens in the light and shines like a diamond? Hair so shiny your future looks bright? And I bet you read all those articles on how brushing your hair 100 stokes in the morning and 100 stokes before bed will put the shine back into your tresses, right? But the next question you may have is does it really work or am I wasting my time. Well look no further because this is the article you have been searching for to answer your question.

Is brushing your hair 100 times good
Is Over Brushing Your Hair Good?


You do not need to brush your hair 100 times. The fact is once your hair has reached it’s shiniest state there is no value in continuing to brush your hair. It’s not going to get any shinier. The key is to brush enough to get the benefits but not to over brush. Benefits to brushing includes adding shine and conditioning when styling products are not an option, removing tangles and or knots, styling your hair and to clean when shampooing is not an option.

The quickest way to get that extra shine is to use a special bottle of shine spray like Organic Moroccan Argan Oil 100% Pure Cold Pressed by PURA D’OR. You get that lovely lustrous shine in a matter of a few seconds. It’s rich in vitamin E and essential fatty acids that adds the shine without being overly greasy.

It was once thought that every night before bed, 100 brush strokes gave beautiful hair. But remember when shampoos and conditioners weren’t as popular long ago. Nowadays, this amount of brushing is considered excessive. Brushing remains an important part of grooming and moderation is the key for healthy hair. Over brushing can result in or exacerbate hair loss.

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Benefits of brushing

  1. It brings oil to your hair from your scalp, which is good for the hair. Your natural oil acts as a natural conditioner. Strict brushing will distribute your scalp’s natural oils to add brightness to your hair.
  2. Eliminates the daily accumulated environmental dirt, what ever that might be plus any hair products. It’s good for both the scalp and the hair to clear this buildup.Shampooing does the same thing but much better. So it comes down to time and convenience. Brushing is going to be more convenient and faster than a hair shampoo. So brushing may get you through for another half day or may be even a full day before you have to actually shampoo.
  3. It stimulates the scalp’s blood flow, which helps to grow healthy hair. Or it will stimulate your scalp’s blood flow and increase hair growth.
  4. If you have long thick hair you are going to get a nice 15 minute work out every time you brush. I say this as I am smiling. You are going to develop some upper body strength and conditioning. Which in fact may be a good thing if that’s what you want.

The down side of brushing

If you hair is thick and curly brushing is going to make your hair more frizzy. It’s going to create more static and make your hair look proofed out. In addition, you may even see more hair in your brush. This is because most all hair loss or breakage is due to brushing through tangles and knots. The extra tension you put on your hair causes fatigue, weakening of the hair during the styling and grooming process and then at some point it breaks when the right amount of tension is applied.

When detangling use the right tools. For example use a wide toothed comb or a special Wet Brush. Avoid using a boar brush. Boar brushes are not made to detangle hair. You will just cause damage.

Dry shampoo and brushing

No need to over do it with brushing and shampooing. Sometimes you just don’t have time to shampoo but need a freshening up. May be to get you through the rest of the day or delay a shampoo for a another day. Batiste Dry Shampoo bottle will make your hair feel clean, with a scent that matches any mood. Can be done in 4 easy steps in about 10 minutes. Here is how:

  1. Shake it, honey. Before and between sprays. The better you’re shaking is the key to white residue prevention.
  2. Separate your hair into sections and spray the roots. Use a little or a lot, depending on what you need. And of course don’t forget your back of your head.
  3. Use your fingertips to massage your hair with Batiste. Leave in for a minute while the magic of Batiste works.
  4. Brush, comb, or tease or whatever your style needs.

Feel cleaner hair whenever you want it. Link to go to the Batiste Dry Shampoo official web site.


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