Is It OK To Trim Split Ends

Get rid of split ends by getting a trim
Trimming Split Ends is an effective solution

How can you get rid of split ends? It’s a fact, the only way you can completely get rid of split ends is to cut them off. Unfortunately, once you have damaged hair, it’s damaged and split.

Trimming Split Ends is good furthermore trimming Split Ends are considered the most suitable choice to prevent further damage. Trimming Split Ends is an effective solution preventing damage from traveling up your hair shaft. Most salons recommend cutting Split Ends as the top solution. 

When cutting split ends, you need a tool that is sharper than regular scissors, so you get a clean cut rather than a frayed cut. A frayed cut can lead to more split ends. 

According to our in-house hair care hair analyst, Stacey, says, “It’s important to cut split ends because the more split ends you have, the more the damage can travel up your hair shaft. Split ends can move farther up your hair shaft, and that’s why it’s important to get a trim.” Sometimes split ends remain hidden and are hard to find. So don’t think just because you got one trim you are done. It’s also important that you maintain your hair care routine.

My advice is if you have split ends you should get a trim by a professional stylist. I do not promote the use of a split end trimmer. However, there are some who for whatever reason need to use a cordless split end hair trimmer.

Split Ends Head-To-Head Solutions
ProductRecommended SolutionRating
Split Ender PRO 2This is a cordless split end hair trimmer for both men and women. This model contains a fixed one-quarter-inch trim setting. It’s fast, safe, and easy to use. That is why I like this model. The design allows you to cut the ends. I do not recommend that most folks do this at home, but I understand there are some reasons you would. So for that reason, this is the tool I recommend.Excellent
Fromm Shears 5.75 InchIf you need to cut your hair at home, use precision cutting shears like this one. I like the semi-convex edge and German high-quality steel. Gives a precise, clean cut every time. No frayed ends. Feels great in your hand.Excellent
Barbicide Clippercide Spray DisinfectantSpray on all your shears. Works great. The choice of professionals for years.Excellent
Drybar Buttercup Blow-DryerLove it!!! One of the best on the market. Yea, it cost way more than a cheap one. But I think it’s worth the extra price as I don’t gamble with my hair and heat. Now that being said, they simply do not make a hairdryer up to my standards, but this is as close as I can get. Therefore, I recommend this one.Excellent
Oribe Gold Lust Repair & Restore ShampooI like it because it works at restoring dry, damaged hair by helping to seal in moisture, and protects against future damage.Good
Oribe Gold Lust Repair & Restore ConditionerA great conditioner to go along with the Oribe Gold Lust repair shampoo. Gives a nice clean glossy look to your hair without overdoing it.Good
Briogeo Don’t Despair, Repair Deep Conditioning MaskAfter you shampooing, evenly apply the conditioning mask and leave it on for five minutes before rinsing. Use about once a week. But before you jump in, test on a small patch of your hair first!!!Good

But please note, for most folks my advice is to go to a professional stylist. I do not promote the use of split-end hair trimmers. And now you are most likely going to ask why? And the biggest reason is that it’s very hard to cut your hair. You are just not in a suitable position for starters. Second, you can not see what your stylist can see. They will see your split ends and selectively cut where needed. A split end hair trimmer can’t do this. It operates indiscriminately and cuts what you set it for. It will not do a better job than your stylist. But like I said before, I understand some folks will want to use a split end trimmer and have an excellent reason. So, for that reason, I will not question why and not going to say no.

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What happens when you don’t have a clean cut when trimming split ends?

If you use a dull blade or scissors when cutting split ends you end up make more split ends and doing more harm than good. Wow! Yep, that is right!!!

You thought you were doing great by cutting off your split ends but ended up using a dull pair of scissors or a dull split end trimmer and ended up causing a lot of frays in your hair. As a result, you now have even more split ends. So the lesson here is to make doubly sure you have sharp scissors or split end trimmer. For this reason alone, I would go to a stylist. They know this and are always on top of their cutting tools to make sure they are properly maintained. The question I have for you is, are you going to do this? Most likely not. Matter of fact, speaking for me, I can barely remember to clean my brushes, much less sharpen scissors.

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Let’s say, for example, you color your hair like millions of folks do. And one day you notice you have split ends. Well, naturally after chemical treatments you expected you will eventually get split ends or some sort of damaged hair because of the use of chemical coloring, right? So now you look for split end hair trimmers and you find one. You end up using the trimmer and have success at trimming off most of your split ends. And this going on for some time. But the one day after using the trimmer you notice you still have split ends. Now, I bet you are confused. The split end trimmer you just used should have cut off all or most of the split ends, right? Well, the reason you now have more split ends is that the blades on the trimmer are now dull. Using dull blades will end up stretching your hair to where the trimmer does not get a clean cut. Your hair will snap and this action causes a frayed end. You now have even more split ends. Dull trimmer blades can chew up your hair.

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My advice is to make sure if you use a trimmer to get new blades along with the purchase. When you buy the trimmer, also buy blades. Get a trimmer that you can replace the blades. If I have to pay more for a trimmer so that I can replace the blade myself, it going to be worth the extra cost. I will not buy a trimmer I can’t replace the blades on. Well, there is one case I will, and that’s if the trimmers are so cheap that I can use it once then throw it away once the blades get dull.

How to tell if you have split ends?

You do not need to look at your hair under a microscope to see if you have split ends. All you need to do is to feel your ends with your fingers. You will feel a big change in the texture of your hair. Split ends may be a bit more challenging to find in curly hair. Curly hair often does a superb job at making split ends hard to detect. As you run your fingers through curly hair, you will often find it gets tangled more. this is a straightforward way to tell you to have split ends. The split ends create a knot and get tangles.


Image by kaleido-dp from Pixabay

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