Mason and Pearson Child Hairbrush

Mason Pearson Hairbrush
Mason and Pearson Child Hairbrush

Mason and Pearson child hairbrush is unique in its design. The hairbrush is specifically designed for children. If you want the very best for your child, you should consider purchasing a Mason and Pearson child hairbrush.

Hairbrush For Children


Mason and Pearson child hairbrush is specifically designed for children ages three to six years of age. The size of the brush is perfect for children. The bristles on the Mason and Pearson child’s hairbrush are soft and are cut to the same length. This ensures the bristles will not be too hard on your child’s scalp. The uniformly cut bristles make it easier for your child to use. The reason for having all the bristles on the brush cut to the same length is there is no need for deep penetration through the child’s hair. This design is perfect for a child’s brush as not to scratch the scalp. The overall size is six and three-quarter inches long and two inches wide, measured at the head of the brush. This is the perfect size for small hands.

Mason Pearson Hairbrush Size Chart
Overall Length Head Length Width
Large 229 mm : 9 inches 130 mm : 5 1/8 inches 77 mm : 3 inches
Medium 226 mm : 8 7/8 inches 120 mm : 4 5/8 inches 70 mm : 2 3/4 inches
Handy 216 mm : 8 1/2 inches 110 mm : 4 3/8 inches 64 mm : 2 1/2 inches
Pocket 172 mm : 6 3/4 inches 90 mm : 3 1/2 inches 51 mm : 2 inches

According to Stacey, Hair Research Analyst, “When looking for a child’s hairbrush, you want to make sure your child has a pleasant experience while brushing.” This is where the uniformly cut bristles come into play. With the bristles cut to the same length, the danger of your child scratching their scalp is reduced. Children at this age do not have the fine motor skills needed to brush their hair using a brush that has uneven bristles.

According to Meesh, Hair Product Analyst, “It takes a little finesse to use a brush with extended bristles. The purpose of extended bristles is to get deeper penetration of the hair while brushing. This works well for folks who have really thick hair. But for most children, their hair is going to be fine therefore, a lot of children do not need extended bristles.

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Also, the bristles on the Mason and Pearson child’s hairbrush are soft. This helps create a pleasant brushing experience for children. If a child picks up a hairbrush and starts brushing and the first feeling they get is pain, they will not want to brush their hair again. By having a soft bristle brush, you immediately eliminate that unpleasant experience. Now, if your child has really thick curly hair, a soft bristle, the brush may not be the best choice because soft bristles will not be as effective. As your child grows, the brush will become less and less effective depending on your child’s hair type. For example, if your child is developing thick curly hair, soft bristles will not do much. However, if your child has thin hair, you will get a few more years out of the brush. The brush is perfect for thin to medium hair type children.

If you are a parent where your child has thick curly hair, you are going to have to take more time to detangle hair. I would recommend another type of brush. Although this brush is not specifically made for children, I believe it would actually do a better job at detangling and brush than a soft bristle brush world. I recommend The Wet brush for children who have thick curly hair. The Wet brush comes in different fun colors and logos. They can be purchased on Amazon. HairBrushy is an amazon affiliate.

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Where can I buy a Mason and Pearson child hairbrush?

You cannot purchase a Mason Pearson hair brush directly from their website, but you can get them at many popular online retailers and stores like Neiman Marcus and Nordstrom. And my favorite place to shop online is Amazon. HairBrushy is an Amazon affiliate.

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Are there fake Mason Pearson brushes?

According to the real Mason Pearson manufacturer, they state: There are real Mason Pearson brushes on Amazon. There are many similar brushes on the market that look like Mason Pearson and are manufactured by other well known reputable companies. These brushes all have their brand on the brush, so there is no mistake, it’s not a Mason Pearson brush.

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More about Mason Pearson

Among celebrities and beauty bloggers, especially on YouTube, the London-based hairbrush brand has made waves. The hairbrush goes further back than that, however. It goes all the way back to 1885, in fact. Yep, that’s correct. In England, an engineer named Mason Pearson himself invented the now-wildly popular hairbrush, and the Pearson family continues to run the company to this day. With a molded plastic handle and rubber cushion in which they mount bristles, the brush’s appearance is iconic.

Mason hairbrushes claim to distribute the natural oils of your hair from root to tip and detangle. For a massage-like experience, they also claim to stimulate the scalp. For various hair types, each brush type serves a purpose. For example, the “sensitive” brush for fine and or thinning hair. The brush is a mixture of boar and nylon bristles. This brush is great for normal to thick hair. The Pocket brush is the smallest and intended to do what the name implies, carry in your purse. Depending on your needs, Mason and Pearson’s brushes are available in various sizes.

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