Round Brush That Won’t Melt

Round Brush That Won't Melt
Thermal round brushes that will not melt under normal use

Are you looking for a round brush that won’t melt? Fabulous looking hair starts with the right tools so your hair brush should be top quality. Unfortunately, not all hair brushes are created equal and you definitely don’t want one that you can use to start a fire with. A melting hair brush can lead to some really bad hair days. At the time of this writing I do not know of any popular styles which include melted plastic.

To avoid melting your hairbrush you should always keep the hair dryer pointed at your hair and not the brush bristles. As you move the brush through your hair move the blow-dryer tip with the brush but keep it pointed at your hair. The tip of the blow-dryer should be pointed at your hair directly behind your hairbrush. Make sure you adjust the temperature of your blow-dryer so that it’s not too hot.

It is common mistake. By pointing the hairdryer tip at your hairbrush you are focusing all the heat from the hairdryer in one spot, on your hairbrush. This action will cause your hairbrush to melt or prematurely wear out very quickly.

Check out my article on different sizes of round brushes, called round brush size chart. It’s important to know which size works best with your style. In this article, I’ll share two of my favorite round brushes that can create virtually any style perfectly.

Round brush that won’t melt quick review

Brushes are listed in no particular order.

Round Brushes That Won’t Melt Quick Review
Round BrushRecommendation
Denman round brushI love the wood handle but the looks could be improved. Let’s face it it’s not the best looking brush of the bunch but it’s made from FSC certified sustainably sourced beech wood and natural bristle which I really like as well as many professionals.
Conair gel grips thermal round brushHas a nice gel grip but the handle can catch your hair. The soft gel handle that conforms to the shape of your hand for more control.
Harry Josh pro tools round brushI like this brush for short hair. The brush has a boar and nylon combination bristle mixture and a very nice wooden handle. Leaves hair shinny and smooth. With proper care the brush should last a lifetime.
Olivia Garden thermal collectionThe Olivia Garden brush also has bristles on the short side. I recommend this brush for shorter hair. I like the ceramic and ion technology. Overall a very good round brush. MY TOP PICK!!!
Spornette Ion FusionI love this brush. Comes in 3 sizes so get the right size for you. I like the ceramic vented thermal barrel in which allows heated air from your blow dryer to dry and style your hair faster. Ans I love the Ion charged, anti-static bristles feel great on the scalp, while smoothing dry or frizzy hair. The handle is lightweight and has a ribbed design that feels good in your hand. This is my top pick!!!

According to Meesh, Hair Product Analyst, “The beauty market is filled with high-tech wonders that will meet all your styling needs, from metal, ceramic and wooden brushes to give you beach waves or that blowout bombshell style.

High Tech Brushes That Can Take the Heat

According to Stacey, Hair Research Analyst, “Some high-tech brushes even have features like carbon bristles that will not melt and ion-generators that claim to speed up the drying process.” Sorry, but that’s not covered in this article.

There is even a laser option at the time of this writing to help with thinning hair. “Beem me up Scotty”, please!

“Beam me up, Scotty” as you might remember is a catchphrase from the science fiction television series Star Trek that made its way into popular culture.

It comes from the command given by Captain Kirk to his chief engineer, Montgomery “Scotty” Scott, when he needs to be transported back to the Starship Enterprise.

Here are my top 5 hair brushes that won’t melt while styling your hair. The brushes are reviewed in no particular order. So just because Denman is number one on the list does not mean that’s the top pick. However if I had to pick one brush that does it all and I have no idea of your hair type or length I would most likely pick the Denman. All of them have their pros and cons and I go into more details for each below.

Denman beech wood and natural bristle

Denman beech wood and natural bristle

If your Denman brush melts then you have a bigger problem. Most likely your will also have no hair left. This is their biggest and bounciest brush. It has a 30mm diameter and is perfect for creating big curls and waves. It’s made from FSC certified sustainably sourced beech wood and natural bristle which I really like as well as many professionals.

It’s going to be perfect for adding shine, curling & creating larger curls, creating waves, smoothing, straightening, blow-styling, generating shine and gloss and of course volume and body. The boar bristles and the wooden handle should last a life time or at least a really long time. 

In general, wooden handles are going to be stronger than plastic handles. Many plastic handles have broken where the base meets the handle. This is especially true for two piece plastic handles. 

With tension applied to the handle while brushing long hair some of these two piece handles eventually break. Since the Denman brush construction is a solid beach wood handle it should hold up well and last a long time. Generally, speaking I don’t mind paying more for higher quality brush, something that is going to last a long time.

The biggest negative about this brush is it’s looks. Too bad it does not come in a cool color like the Harry Josh brush.

Conair gel grips thermal round brush

Conair gel grips thermal round brush

Conair gel grips is an extra large thermal round brush which has a soft gel handle that conforms to your hand shape for more control. The vented inner core distributes heat evenly without over-drying and frizz for faster drying. It also has a large round barrel for straightening coarse wavy hair or adding soft curls and volume. It is able to achieve waves of roller style without the hassle of setting your hair.

This is a 3 inch round brush. The handle although very comfortable in the hand has some drawbacks due to the material it’s made of. While blow drying longer hair your hair can actually get grabbed by the handle. Since the handle material is grabby which is good for your hand it also can grab and pull on your hair.

Now the good news is that Conair makes tons of brushes so if you want a better handle that has less grip they have other models to choose from. For example the Conair anti-static thermal round brush like the one pictured below:

Conair anti-static thermal round brush
Conair anti-static thermal round brush

Harry Josh pro tools round brush

Harry Josh pro tools round brush

This is a 2.25 inch round brush that helps you to shape your hair. It features a mixture of both boar and nylon bristles in an innovative concave pattern. This unique pattern allows better control and more hair pick-up.

I like the brush because of it’s sturdy wooden handle with an easy grip. The handle allows you full control to tackle even the toughest tangles thus leaving your hair strands smooth and shiny. Plus the color is just cool.

The only negative thing I can find about the brush is that it may not be suitable for everyone due the bristles are on the shorter side. Look at the photo of the Denman brush above and then compare it to the photo of the Harry Josh round brush.

As you can see the bristles are shorter on the Harry Josh brush. I find it odd that they do not make a larger bush. Anyway, you can always work in sections depending on your hair type. It’s just more work due to short bristles will not penetrate as deep. But for shorter thinner hair this brush will be perfect.

Olivia Garden thermal collection

Olivia Garden thermal collection

The brush pictured above is not the largest brush size. Olivia Garden makes several sizes in this model. The smallest is a one half inch and the largest is a gigantic four and one quarter inch!

Olivia Garden round thermal brush size chart

The brush has a ceramic coated barrel that heats up faster and keeps the heat in longer. The large holes in the brush maximizes airflow making drying faster and making the brush lightweight.

I like the brush because if it’s tourmaline ion technology which hydrates the hair cuticles and adds shine to the hair. The tourmaline ion technology also helps eliminates frizz and flyaway conditions.

Tourmaline is a crystal boron silicate mineral that helps in the hair smoothing process. Tourmaline emits negative ions that counteract the positive ions in dry or damaged hair. This leads to smooth, shiny hair. The tourmaline even helps seal moisture into your hair and counteracts frizz.

Here are some things to consider. It has short bristles and it has a rubber handle. If have read up to this point you already know what these features this mean. Due to the shorter bristles you may have to brush your hair in sections to get deeper penetration. In addition, the rubber handle may grab your hair.

Spornette Ion Fusion

Spornette Ion Fusion

Spornette’s ion fusion round ceramic aerated barrel hairbrush creates professional hairstyles in a short time. You can use this brush to curl or straighten, it’s very versatile. It comes in different sizes. A two inch version for creating curls and waves in short and medium-length hair. And a two and one half inch for creating curls and waves in short, medium-length and long hairstyles. And finally a three inch for creating luminous body in medium and long hairstyles.

The thermal venting ceramic barrel enables your blow dryer’s heated air to dry your hair more quickly. The Spornette Ion Fusion Aerated round hair brush also helps to prevent damage by shortening the time your hair is subject to heat.

It feels great on the scalp while combing with the charged anti-static bristles. In addition, blowouts are painless because of the brush can easily grab thick hair gently.

The brush is light weight and has a slender design so that when used over a long period of time the grip reduces hand and wrist fatigue.

If you have fine hair this might not be the best choice for you.

Brush that won’t melt conclusion and final thoughts

If you have thin hair the two best brushes are probably going to the Denman or the Harry Josh. The bristles in these brushes will be able to better grip your hair better thus creating the tension you are looking for when brushing.

Not all brushes are created equal and some cheaper brushes can bend and warp over time. And can even melt.

If you are melting your hair brush then just imagine what you are doing to your hair! This means your hair dryer may be getting old or is already too old and is getting too hot. Usually they tend to get hotter and hotter and then automatically shut off. Sometimes you may even smell a burning smell. When this happens it’s time to buy a new one.

Before burning or becoming damaged, your hair can withstand a 450F temperature. Just using heat does not mean that your hair will become damaged. Hair is usually damaged only by heat overuse or by heating at temperatures up to 450F or higher.