Should I Comb My Hair After Washing It?

If your hair is tangled you have several options. You can always detangle your hair before getting into the shower. Detangle your hair while in the shower or do it when you get out of the shower after washing. Generally the best approach is to untangle your hair before you wash and select the best brush to avoid split ends. If you don’t untangle it first, your hair can become even more tangled by the washing process and when dry it can become a frizzy mess.

After Washing Combing Tips

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It’s a good idea to use a wide-toothed comb and run it through your wet hair to remove tangles. But remember wet hair is fragile so go slowly and use the right tools for your hair type. If you have really bad tangles then you can use a spritz of leave in conditioner. Combined with combing this will remove tangles. Also, if you have long hair be sure to start at the end and work your way to your scalp. This method makes it easier to tackle your knots and you will avoid making your hair even more tangled.

Favorite After Washing Detangling Combs And Products

Oribe Run-Through Detangling PrimerI like Oribe because it’s a lightweight conditioning detangler and primes hair for immediate glide-through combing, leaving strands silky soft and incredibly touchable. Great for long hair.
Joico Leave-In DetanglerOnce of my favorites because it instantly detangles. Leaves hair soft and shiny. Great for all hair types. Won’t weigh your hair down. Highly recommend.
R+Co X Gryph + IvyRose Get-A-Grip Detangling SprayI love herbal blends and this is no exception. R+Co features a proprietary herbal blend for naturally tangle free hair.
R+Co Detangling BrushI like the way it glides through knots, without the pain. Nice high quality detangler brush.

Combing After Washing Secrets

How to comb your hair after washing: Wet hair is more fragile than dry hair, so you should not tie your hair when it’s wet. The best way to remove excess water from your hair after a shower is to dab your hair with a towel and then wrap the towel loosely around your loose hair. Be sure to let your hair hang for a few minutes to remove the excess water. Remember rubbing your hair too much will roughen up the cuticle and thus cause dull hair, frizz, and even breakage. Use a Tangle Teezer or a wide tooth comb and gently comb thru your hair removing any tangles or knots.

Do You Wash And Condition Your Hair Every Day?

I always say, as a general guideline, you can wash your hair as often as you need to maintain its cleanliness. The majority of hairdressers agree that this should be done every 2 to 3 days. Excessive shampooing may result in your hair being stripped of its natural protective oils that keep it looking glossy and healthy.

Tip: consider using a shampoo (the right shampoo) that does not include sulfates can help you with tangling, frizziness, and split ends. This may assist you in cleaning your hair in a gentle manner. Keep in mind, though, that it will not produce as much suds as a typical shampoo but gets your hair just as clean.

Overwashing can decrease the intensity of a person’s hair color, which is especially true for people who color their hair. It can also cause frizzy hair.

Of course, there are a variety of other considerations to consider. If you work out and perspire a lot, you may not be able to wait the recommended three days, right?

Before Washing Pro Tips

Should I comb my hair before washing it? Yes, give your hair a brush before hopping in the shower or washing your hair. This will help prevent shower induced tangles. Apply conditioner, untangle strands with your fingers if you like to comb in the shower, and then use a wide – toothed comb before rinsing. 

According to Stacey, our in-house Hair Care Analyst, “The natural oils of your scalp are one of the best conditioners out there. Massage your scalp with a wooden – bristle brush like Widu (Large Pneumatic Rectangular Paddle by Widu ) to stimulate circulation and hair growth and brush from roots to ends to add natural luster.

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Is it better to comb hair wet or dry? It’s better to comb wet hair. Do not brush your hair while it’s wet. Use a wide-tooth comb to work from the ends of your hair to your scalp. Do not rough-dry hair using a towel, but instead gently press the water out. Remember it is weaker, more fragile and more susceptible to breakage when your hair is soaking wet. 

Use The Right Comb And Brush After Washing

While you are in the shower or right after your shower use a wide toothed comb to comb your hair. Make sure the comb if made of plastic has no edges that can snag your hair. Many low cost plastic combs are molded and not cut. As a result is much cheaper to make however the down side is that they often have mold lines. During the manufacture process the hollow shell or mold holding the hot plastic often create a seam on the comb. Sometimes these seams can catch your hair and cause damage.

The best combs are cut from a solid piece of plastic and not molded. These combs of course are more expensive to manufacture. One of the best tools to use to comb and detangle your hair is your hand. Just run your fingers through your hair and slowly work out the tangles and or knots. You hand is free and works pretty well. I laugh as I write this. But if you must have a comb or brush the Tangle Teezer is fantastic. If you are interested and would like to read more then you can read my article called: what is the best detangling comb?

The paddle brush is a popular choice for both dry and wet hair because of its versatility. It’s also a wonderful alternative for people who have long, thick hair or who have naturally curly hair. Paddle brushes are small and lightweight, and they are useful for getting the frizz out. It’s especially effective when used in combination with a leave-in conditioner.

Why Use A Wood Comb After Washing?

One of my favorite wood combs made in Italy
One of my favorite wood combs made in Italy

Sometimes using plastic combs can create static electricity. Does a wood comb create static? No, wood combs and brushes do not create static electricity. Wood is not a very good conductor for electricity so it does not promote static. Static electricity is created by rubbing one object against another. When the hard plastic comb rubs against your hair it makes or releases negative charges, called electrons, that can build up on the plastic comb. Since wood does not conduct electricity it does not produce a static charge.

The reason why I like Teck wood combs is because TEK combs are entirely handcrafted in Italy by skilled artisans. Their production, assembly, and packaging are all carried out in Italy by skilled craftspeople, whose attention to detail and high quality standards are synonymous with the country’s long-standing legacy of craftsmanship.

Tek claims they are distinguished by the environmental consciousness with which it conducts its operations throughout the entire production chain. Each product is handcrafted and made entirely of natural materials such as wood, making it excellent for maintaining the health, beauty, and shine of one’s hair. Two strips of wood with opposing grain are used to construct the combs, which allow them to be used even on damp hair without damaging their structural integrity.

I think it’s important to note in December 2018 that TEK was renamed VEGANOK, the world’s first and only ethical respect mark for Vegan products, which was created in Italy and ensures the consumer that the product does not include any components of animal origin. TEK uses exclusively natural materials for its consumer line, beginning with the individual components of the product and continuing through the packaging.

If you decided to purchase this wooden comb or any comb for that matter carefully check each tooth for sharp edges. Run your fingers over the edges and if they are sharp or rough send the comb back.

Why Use A Wooden Hair Brush with Air Cushion?

It massages your scalp and adds luster to your hair. Plus it also can minimize tangling. It stimulates your scalp and makes you head feel wonderful!

A wooden brush is designed with rounded bristles to minimize hair breakage and massage your scalp as you brush to improve circulation. This naturally hypoallergenic brush won’t irritate even the most sensitive skin or damage long thick hair. Bristles are about 5/8 of an inch and made of Eco-friendly, 100% natural bamboo. Do not allow brush to soak in water.

The cushioned bristles provide a soothing and stimulating brushing sensation. In addition, an air hole is located at the top of the hair brush. When you brush your hair, it releases air and massages your scalp. It is possible to promote blood flow without scratching your scalp thanks to the round balls on the ends of the bamboo pins. This toothbrush is designed with an ergonomic bamboo handle so that it fits easily in your hand.
Remove any knots at the ends of your hair by gently working them out with your fingers, then brushing from the scalp to the ends.


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