Spornette Anti Static Vent Brush 9000

Spornette Anti Static Vent Brush 9000
Spornette Anti Static Vent Brush 9000

Spornette Styling Brushes have graced the hands of hair stylist since the 1950s. Hair styling has come a long way and Spornette is proud to have led the professional brush industry. Spornette knows high quality vent brushes, that out-perform are essential to professional stylists. They remain on the cutting edge of technology and continue to create new, innovative and inspiring brushes for stylists. And more importantly, it means keeping the world happy and styled beautifully, right?

Spornette 9000-MF Vent Brush Anti-Static Vent Brush For Styling

Spornette 9000-MF is a classic vent brush for styling all hair types. This brush features ball-tipped nylon bristles for comfort and control during styling and these bristle prevent pulling and snagged while detangling the hair. According to Stacey, Hair Research Analyst, “The Spornette 9000-MF brush for blow drying is vented to allow air to pass through the brush which reduce flyaways and frizz.” The lightweight plastic body and handle make this brush ideal for travel and for styling on the go.

I recommend the Spornette 900 vent brush. The following is a paid link:

Ball Tip Bristles On The Spornette Anti Static Vent Brush 9000

The biggest Con of the Spornette Anti Static Vent Brush 9000 and other vent brushes with ball tips is the ball tips come off. This is completely normal for these brushes. It’s because of the way they are made. The nylon bristles are tufted into the plastic handle and the ends are unfinished. They are really just small tubes of nylon. the unfinished ends are rough with straight edges from when the bristle was cut to length. As part of the last steps in the manufacturing process the vent brush is rolled on to the ball tip glue-like stuff. This forms a ball like head and sticks to the end of the bristles. This process if usually done by hand.

According to Meesh, Hair Product Analyst, “Eventually with use the ball-tips either wear off naturally as you use the brush or some just don’t stay on the tip. This is just the way it is with these brushes. In fact all vent brushes are like this. But the fix is very simple. When a ball tip comes off just cut the bristle at the base of the brush head. Now the bristle is no longer there to scratch your scalp while brushing.

Eventually you will have a vent brush that is really vented now, ha, ha, and will need to buy a new one. But this tip can save you from having to rush out and buy a new one right away. At some point you vent brush will have fewer and fewer bristles.

What to do if ball tip comes off?
What to do if ball tip comes off?

Depending on how you use your brush will depend on hoe long it wall last. Heavy usage and high heat you can expect about a year. With light usage and if you don’t point your hair dryer directly at the hairbrush then you can expect well over a year. I have one lasting more than 10 years. It has several bristles cut and has seen only light usage with little to no heat.

Anti Static Bristles On The Spornette Vent Brush 9000

Anti static qualities of the Spornette Vent Brush 9000 are good but it’s not going to make your hair all of a sudden static free with a few brush strokes. In my opinion the vent brush is not a static eliminator but rather does not promote static as much. To eliminate static the fix is easy just spritz a little water on the brush or your hair and in most cases that will completely eliminate static from your hair.

All hair brushes generate static when you brush dry hair. As the bristles come on contact with your hair and you brush this causes friction. the friction causes static electricity. the denser the bristles the more friction and thus the more static electricity you generate. This is why many boar bristle brushes generate so much static. they have highly packed bristles. And this is why vent brushes are so good at not promoting static. they have less bristles and the bristles are spaced out wider.