Spornette Ion Fusion Vent Brush

Spornette Ion Fusion Vent Brush
Spornette Ion Fusion Vent Brush

The Spornette Ion Fusion is a vented hairbrush used for adding volume, styling and aid in drying hair with the use of a blow dryer. The vented head design allows air to pass from the hair dryer to your hair for faster styling and drying times. The bristles of the Spornette Ion Fusion Vent Brush have balled tips for gentleness. I like the Spornette Ion Fusion Vent Brush because of the many benefits.

Spornette Ion Fusion Vent Brush Benefits


The Ion Fusion brush vented head tunnel allows heated air to pass through the head thus allowing you to dry and style your hair faster. Hot air from your blow dryer pass through the brush head. This vent brush also helps to prevent damage by shortening your hair’s exposure to heat.


Allows the brush to easily detach the most stubborn of knots. The anti-static ionic bristles on the scalp feel great and smooth your hair. Furthermore, the turmaline bristles help reduce drying time.


This an important feature on the Ion Fusion Vent brush that allows for gentle detangling. The balls at the end of the bristle allows for a soft and gentle feeling on the scalp. No more pain for people with sensitive scalps and children. These bendable bristles also make sure that there is never too much tension that could possibly damage the hair.


The Spornette Ion Fusion Vented Hair Brush blows and volumizes your hair to the next level. Thick or thin, straight, wavy or curly, whatever your hair type. This ion vent brush is exactly what you need to achieve luxurious, smooth, full hair.


With no ridges or gaps in the one – piece molded handle, hair can not be caught or snagged during styling. This light and ergonomic brush is great for daily use and detangling.

I recommend the purchase of this brush for either men or women.

About Spornette

Spornette is a leading hair brush manufacturer for all types of hair. Family owned and operated, for three generations, Spornette has been making fine hair brushes. They know what it takes to make a hairbrush of salon quality and combine tried and tested industry standards with state-of-the-art technology. The Ion Fusion Vent brush of Spornette allows heat to pass through the body of the brush and reduces the time you spend drying and styling your hair, so that you can do the things you love while looking for your best.

And your blow-drying sessions will not only be cut in half, this vent brush will help reduce static. Thanks to its one-piece handle, the Ion Fusion vent brush will also help protect your hair against breakage. The molded handle ensures that there is no hair stuck in the middle. It looks great, and most importantly, this brush makes you look great! According to Stacey, Hair Research Analyst, “In order to achieve the best results with your Ion Fusion vent brush, dry one section of hair at a time in a medium heat setting and lift it to the root for additional volume.

Pros and Cons about the Spornette Ion Fusion Vented Brush


The brush does not have boar bristles. Only nylon. I am not sure that is a pro. The paddle is made of plastic. Not sure that is a pro either. According to Meesh, Hair Product Analyst, “The vent brush can be used on wet hair. That’s a pro for sure.” The brush can quickly manage tangles with no pain to the scalp thanks to the nylon balls at the end of the bristles. The handle although made of plastic seems very durable and does not seem to promote static. Notice how the handle has a smooth rounded end. There are no manufacturing marks or molded plastic marks. The bristles look to be held in place well and not prone to breakage after heavy use.


Not made for thin hair due to the bristle design. I found that for thin hair a brush design would most likely work better, not a vent brush. That being said I know of many people who do use this brush and have thinning hair and love it. I have one made by Vidal Sassoon that is very similar  I know works well on thinning hair. It has lasted so far 15 years without breaking, but it does not have to work very hard to comb through thinning hair so it should last a life time, right?