USA Made Hair Brush

Hair Brushes And Combs Made in the USA

I searched the USA looking for hairbrushes and combs of the highest quality. I was extremely critical in my expectations, and therefore many combs and brushes did not make my list. I did all the hard work for you and rounded up the best of the best USA made hair brushes.


USA Made. USA made hair brushes are very rare because almost everything is manufactured overseas. There are few companies that manufacturer hair brushes and combs in the USA. Initially thought it would be easy to find USA made hair brushes. And I would end up with a giant list of high-quality brushes made in America. But sadly, I was wrong. I ended up spending many more hours than expected on this article searching for the best hair brushes.


Hair Brushes Made in the USA
Company Recommendations Check Price
Chicago Comb #1 Choice for a pocket steel comb with thumb hole. Why? Made in Chicago. If you are looking for a pocket comb with a unique thumb-hole design then look no further because here it is. Fantastically executed. According to Meesh, our in-house product analyst, “This comb is much heaver than plastic so you know you are caring a steel comb.” The comb is about 5.5 inches long. Teeth are nice and rounded and spaced just right for all hair types. No snags and nicely done. Brilliant!!! Check Price
Steeltooth #1 Choice for a steel comb with a handle. Why? Made in Chicago. The size of the comb is about 9 inches long. I love the comb because of the handle. Very nicely made with each tooth rounded as not to scratch your scalp. The Gunmetal gray looks awesome! Made of T304 stainless steel. Check Price
Fuller Men’s Pocket Comb #1 Choice for a Plastic Pocket Comb. Why? Made in Great Bend, Kansas USA. This just might be the best pocket comb made. I love the 4.5 inch design in graphite gray color. Each tooth is nicely rounded as not to scratch your scalp. The comb is made of flexible plastic so that it gives when in your pocket. It’s a classic design. Excellent!!! Check Price
Fuller 6 Row Soft Boar Bristle Brush #1 Choice for Soft Boar Brush. Why? Made in Great Bend, Kansas USA. This is a soft natural boar brush. Bristles are mounted to a one piece plastic handle that fits in you hand nicely. I like the 7.75 inch length in which is not too big. I recommend this brush for folks who have short, or fine hair. Check Price
Fuller Military Hair Brush #1 Choice for a Military Brush. Why? Made in Great Bend, Kansas USA. I like the square shape which stands out from all other military brushes. The size is about 4.5 inches long by 2.5 inches wide. The graphite gray color is superb. Fits into your hand nicely and very good quality. Check Price
Fuller Commander Nylon Hair Brush #1 Choice for a Nylon Brush. Why? Made in Great Bend, Kansas USA. This might be the last hair brush you will buy. It can last a long time. According to Stacey our in-house hair care analyst, “I like the nylon bristles in which are stiffer than the Fuller 6 row soft boar bristle brush. So this brush can penetrate thick and longer hair.” The handle is one piece plastic. The brush is about 7.75 inches long which makes it the perfect size. Check Price
Fuller Beech Wood Club Brush #1 Choice for a Club Brush. Why? Made in Great Bend, Kansas USA. A club style brush will allow you to brush through lots of hair faster. This brush has firm boar bristles so I recommend it for long hair and or thick hair where more penetration is needed. You will most likely not like this brush if you have thin or short hair. The length of the brush is 7.375 with a brush head size of 3.378 by 2.25. It has a large brush head and that is what helps you speed up your brushing time. I love the natural beach wood handle. Very nicely crafted. Check Price
Fuller Stanley Style Glider Detangle Brush #1 Choice for a Detangler Brush. Why? Made in Great Bend, Kansas USA. Nice size at 8.25 inches long and .75 inches wide. Great for guys or girls just pick your color. The nylon bristles are mounted into a plastic handle and are rounded on the ends. I like this because there are NO ball-tips to fall off. Great for all types of hair. I highly recommend. Check Price

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A big advantage is shipping. If a company is also manufacturing and selling in the USA then there is no need to ship products across the globe. However, in most cases, shipping is much cheaper than having a manufacturing process in the USA. 


According to Alfred Fuller at the Fuller Brush company, “Imagine if today was more like the good old days. When products were made to last and landfills weren’t stuffed with plastic remnants of junk.” 


On the Chicago Comb I wanted to know what is the real purpose of the hole in the comb. It’s a feature but does it have any real benefits? According to my experience I found the hole makes it easier to hold on to the comb. My finger how has a place to grip, plus I like the way it looks. According to Chicago Comb, “The circles in our Model 1, 2, 7, and 8 combs are design elements.  Our philosophy is to create combs with timeless, clean, and elegant designs.  The circle can be used to hold the comb and also hang up the comb after use.


Most hair brushes are made in China, UK, and Germany. These are the 3 major countries that make the bulk of all hair brushes. Now that being said, other countries make hair brushes but not in the quantities that these countries do. One example that comes to mind is Italy. 


According to Nick Baker at Steeltooth Combs, “Steeltooth produces combs made of T304 stainless steel.” and that’s why I like them. From my experience, after owing many T304 products it has excellent corrosion resistance properties. 


According to Reliable Wholesale Stores, “T-304 is the most commonly used stainless all around the world. It is used in variety of products including forks, knives, steel wires, medical and personal care instruments, automobiles, machine parts, etc. It is weldable, machinable as well as has good corrosion resistance characteristics. Though it is good corrosion resistant but it is not recommendable for salt water environments. This material is hardenable by cold work, but mildly hardenable.

Grade T304 steel has a competitor known as T409. This steel grade is a low price grade compare to T304, therefore, at some places it is preferred than T304, but when it comes to reliability for long time, better finish and durability, T304 is the final choice. The T409 can get surface corrosion easily, though the corrosion appears on the surface does not damage the structure from inside and it is just on the surface. However, it is a huge negative point. Whereas, the T304 is more durable, has better surface finish and will not get surface corrosion unless it is exposed to really extreme atmosphere, such as Sea water, etc. Therefore, T304 is definitely a preferable choice than T409.


There are many companies headquartered in the USA selling hair brushes. But most of them are manufacturing their hair brushes overseas, thus not making brushes in the USA. So let’s take the company Wahl for example. They make products in the USA at their Sterling IL plant. Here they primarily make what they call their “signature products”. Other products such as beard brushes are sourced from China. And their combs from India.Therefore I did not list their hair brushes or combs above. So as you can see there there hundreds of companies that did not make the list. Just because they have a headquarters in the USA does not mean they manufacture hair brushes in the USA.




Image by Robin Higgins from Pixabay