What Are Ceramic And Ion Big Round Brushes?

Ceramic And Ion Big Round Brush
Ceramic & Ion Big Round Brush Chart

Ceramic round brushes are versatile dual-tasking brushes in which is used to flatten or curl hair and increase volume.

Ceramic and ion big round brushes
Chi Turbo Ceramic Round Nylon Brushgood for long hair plus the 100% natural pure boar bristles stands up to many years of daily use.
Osensia Professional Round BrushThe anti-static bristles are antibacterial and infused with ionic minerals for maximum shine. The brush is brush is lightweight
Cricket Technique Barrel Hair BrushMade in the United States. Has a good grip and is easy to hold.
Spornette Ion Fusion Round BrushThe ceramic barrel works with the heat from your blow dryer to add springy curls or create a sleeker, frizz-free finish.
Olivia Garden Ceramic + Ion Thermal HairbrushI like the large holes that maximize airflow and the lightweight & comfortable handle. The ceramic coated barrel is a big plus.
Drybar Double Pint Large Round Ceramic BrushI love the Ionic Technology in which helps reduce frizz and adds shine while styling. One of my favorites.

When buying a hair brush how much thought do you really put into it? Are you one of those who cruses the hair brush isle and picks one that looks good? Or do you take the time to figure out exactly what you are looking for and then read the reviews, weigh the pros and cons and then finally make your purchase. Well if you are the latter then you came to the right place. The purpose of this article is to help you make a more informed choice and find the best round brush for your hair.

According to Stacey, our in-house Hair Research Analyst, “Having the right tools and products for styling your hair can either make your look or break it. If you are looking to add volume, shine and create those large bouncy waves in your style then a large round brush is for you. Using a large round brush also speed up your hair drying time.

Coated in ceramic a ceramic ion brush heats up quickly and evenly. This of course will shorten the amount of time your hair is exposed to heat from the blow dryer. Ceramic hairbrushes also emit negative ions that counteract positive hair ions.

The big advantage of this technology is that is completely eliminates or greatly reduces static electricity in your hair which as you know is the main cause of flyaway and frizz. The negative ions also repair and seal damaged hair cuticles and lock natural oils in the hair for a smooth, shiny, blow-out. These are the main reasons and advantages on why you are going got want one.

However there is a down side to everything and the ceramic ion brush has theirs as well. You can overcome the negatives once you understand them. The biggest negative is that they heat up very quickly by your blow dryer. They can easily cause damage to your hair.

Heat is an enemy to your hair when overdone. It can cause split ends and frizzy hair. The ceramic material in these big brushes heat up incredibly fast when exposed to hot air from the hair dryer. You need to have a high quality hair dryer and be aware of how hot the ceramic barrel is at all times when styling your hair. Not all people are aware of this and unfortunately end up with damaged hair. Another warning is that prolonged use, day after day, using this blow drying technique can damage your hair if not done with a low hot brush heat setting.

Using top notch tools are important and can keep your hair from being damaged if used properly. They allow you to exercise greater control and finesse when styling. Better hair drying tools gives you the exact amount of heat needed to style your hair. In addition, better quality tools usually last longer and end up being a better value in the long run. It’s beyond the intent of this article to go into details regarding hair dryers but by reading thus far you get the idea.

Lets stake a deeper dive into each of the above mentioned ceramic iron round brushes. The brushes are not listed in any particular order. Each brush has its own advantages and disadvantages. Although each advantage and disadvantage is discussed in more detail below all these brushes is top quality.

Olivia Garden Ceramic + Ion Thermal Hairbrush

In this model, Olivia Garden produces several sizes. The smallest is a half inch and the largest is a four and a quarter inch gigantic! The brush has a ceramic-coated barrel which heats up quickly and keeps the heat in longer. The brush’s large holes maximize airflow, making the drying faster and makes the brush light weight.

I like the brush because if it’s technology the tourmaline ion that hydrates hair cuticles and brightens the hair when brushed by spreading you hair’s natural oil. The technology of tourmaline ions also helps to eliminate the conditions of frizz and flyaway. Tourmaline is a mineral of crystal boron silicate that helps to smooth the hair.

Tourmaline emits negative ions in dry or damaged hair that counteract positive ions. This leads to hair that is smooth and bright. The tourmaline even helps your hair seal moisture and counteracts frizz.

There is an XL version of this brush so when purchasing make sure you know what version you are getting. The XL version is longer. It has a longer barrel. This is a huge advantage that allows you to cover more hair and thus can cut your styling time by up to 25%. The disadvantage is that for some folks the brush will be too long and could catch you hair in ways you do not want or not expecting. Just be aware there is a longer barrel version called the XL.

This brush may cost a little more but combined with a high quality hair dryer and good styling techniques you can get a professional styled look at home. This one will get the job done and leave your hair straight or give you the bouncy wave you are looking for. You will not be disappointed.

Osensia Professional Round Brush

Osensia’s brush gives you enviable hair all day long by their innovative ceramic and ion-infused design. The technology speeds up drying time and comes as a lightweight, ergonomic, hand friendly package to make your styling experience a breeze. Bristles in this brush are more than what meets the eye. They are anti-static, ionic mineral infused, and naturally antibacterial for healthier hair and maximum shine.

The other big advantage is they are also tough enough to withstand high heat (up to 428°F/220°C). Bristles are polished to help prevent hair damage or breakage. And the last big advantage is you are backed by Osensia 100% satisfaction guarantee. No matter the reason, they will gladly refund or replace your ceramic round brush for blow drying no questions asked.

Spornette Ion Fusion Round Brush

The ion fusion round ceramic aerated barrel hairbrush by Spornette creates professional hairstyles in a short period of time. It’s very versatile, you can use this brush to curl or straighten. It comes in various sizes. A two-inch version to create short and medium-length hair curls and waves. And a two and a half inch for short, medium and long hairstyles to create curls and waves. And finally a three inch for medium and long hairstyles to create luminous body. The ceramic thermal ventilation barrel allows the heated air of your blow dryer to dry your hair faster. Also, the Spornette Ion Fusion Aerated round hair brush helps prevent damage by shortening the time you hair is under the heat. While combining with the charged anti – static bristles, it feels great on the scalp. Furthermore, blowouts are painless due to the brush that can gently grab thick hair. The brush is light weight and has a slender design to reduce hand and wrist fatigue when used over a long period of time.

Cricket Technique Barrel Hair Brush

This is a thermal brush with tourmaline ionic bristles that infuse moisture into the hair shaft and scalp. It comes with a heat resistant static-free bristles to eliminate any fly-away and features a suede-like comfortable grip. The brush is available in different sizes, a 1 1/4 #330 inch barrel, a 1 and 1/2 inch #350 and a 2 inch #390. Make sure when you purchase you get the real deal. Make sure your brush says “Cricket”. If you are in doubt purchase directly from the manufacture.

They also make a carbon fiber model. I just happen to think this is really cool lightweight carbon that allow for anti-static and pro heat hair drying and styling. It’s called Carbon Thermal 390 2″ and it retails for $18.59. The brush features a high heat tolerance with a seamless ceramic and ion barrel with anti-static nylon bristles infused with tourmaline and ionic properties. It has a nice griped comfortable contoured handle.

Drybar Double Pint Large Round Ceramic Brush

It features vented ceramic barrel that allows for maximum heat and airflow to lock in volume and curl for long-lasting styles. The ionic technology helps reduce frizz and adds shine while styling bristle design allows for exceptional tension and control the lightweight handle provides greater comfort with the thumb grip. But the best part is Alli Webb, founder of Drybar, her video. Has to be one of the most entertaining brush videos I’ve seen in a long time.

Chi Turbo Ceramic Round Nylon Brush

This is a ceramic barrel with nylon bristles. This brush will his brush speed your drying time and will help to smooth and decrease frizz. The manufacture is Farouk Systems, Inc. which is a Houston based company that caters to hairdressers. They are known for manufacturing high-quality professional hair care products. They were founded in 1986 by Farouk Shami a hairdresser whose mission is to provide the professional beauty industry with the most advanced American technology based upon “Education, Environment and Ethics”. Make sure you get an original and not a fake, order directly from the manufacturer’s web site if in doubt.

Ceramic Ion Round Brush Round Up

Well there you have it top notch tools that get the job done in style. Any one of these brushes will add volume, shine and create those large bouncy waves you are looking for. Plus these brushes should last for many years to come. And lastly they will speed up your hair drying time.