What Is A Spornette Masquerade Cushion Brush?

Spornette Masquerade cushion
Spornette Masquerade cushion brush

I like Spornette because they are always coming up with new and creative ways to help make beautiful hair. And the Masquerade brush is no exception.

What Exactly Is A Spornette Masquerade Cushion Hair Brush?

This is a relatively new brush that is a vegetarian and environmentally friendly alternative to boar brushes. The Masquerade brush features crimped nylon bristles that smooth your hair into straighter, more silky, more luxurious locks that shine with a healthy glow.

Ed Chief Editor at HairBrushy says, “What caught my attention is that boar bristles used in some of their popular other brushes are a by-product of boars, however no animals are ever harmed by making any of the brushes.” Please comment below if you have more info!

About Spornette

Spornette Styling Brushes have graced the hair stylist’s hands since the 1950s.  Hair styling has come a long way and they are proud to have led the professional brushing industry.  They know that high quality brushes that are very important to professional stylists.  Therefore they stay at the cutting edge of technology and continue to create fresh, creative and inspiring brushes.  And of course by doing so means keeping the world happy and beautifully stylized.


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