ZEUS Palm Military Style 100% Soft Boar Bristle Beard Brush Set

ZEUS Palm Military Style 100% Soft Boar Bristle Beard Brush Set
ZEUS Palm Military Style 100% Soft Boar Bristle Beard Brush Set

ZEUS Boar Bristle Beard Brush, Military Style | ZEUS 100% Boar Bristle Beard Soft Bristles, Palm Beard Comb Kit

ZEUS is a company known for quality men’s beard brushes. ZEUS is committed to our environment. ZEUS beard brush set is for men’s beard grooming. ZEUS beard brush set comes in a stiff version and a softer version. ZEUS boar bristle beard brush set stiff version is ideal for men who have thick and medium to long hair. ZEUS palm military style boar bristle beard brush set soft version is ideal for men with short beards.

If buying this brush the key thing to remember is that it comes in a stiff version and a softer version. The stiff version will be first cut boar bristles, and will be suitable for men with heavy, medium to long hair. If you’ve got shorter hair then a softer brush is best.

The ZEUS Palm Military style hairbrush contains 100% boar bristles and comes in a nice looking black tin with a brush cleaner tool. It’s important to note the two different bristle stiffness available and select the one that fits you the best. Longer hair will need a stiffer bristle brush effectively penetrating the hair and performing a perfect brush through. If you do not have a stiff enough bristle, the brush will just make your hair lay flat and it will not have the combing effect you are looking for.

Where to buy ZEUS Palm Military style hairbrush

ZEUS Boar Brushes
Pocket Beard Brush Mustache & Beard Brush Handle Beard Brush Palm Beard Brush Military Beard Brush w/Tin & Cleaner Beard Brush Set
Dimensions 3.5″L x 1.2″W 5.5″L x 1″W 6″L x 1″W 4.4″L x 1.125″W 4.375″L x 1.5″W
Pear Wood Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Bristle Offering Soft or Firm Soft or Firm Soft Firm Soft or Firm Soft or Firm
Made in Germany Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Storage Bag Yes Yes Yes Yes Storage Tin & Brush Cleaner Included (1) Individual storage bag for each brush

ZEUS Palm Military Style 100% Soft Boar Bristle Beard Brush Set (Soft) Check Price

HairBrushy is an Amazon affiliate and the above links are paid links. I recommend the ZEUS Palm Military style boar bush because of the Austrian pear wood handle, soft boar bristles for very short to medium length hair, and the oiled not lacquered handle. when you pick up the ZEUS Palm Military brush, you feel the wood in your hand, not plastic like a lacquered finish. The ZEUS Palm Military hairbrush is one of these brushes where I am not willing to spend a lot of money on a brush but want something that is of outstanding quality.

ZEUS Palm Military style hairbrush important features

The base or handle of each brush is important. I always prefer a wooden handle. Over the years I have found that many of the two-piece plastic brush handles eventually break. Now, not that wooden handles are perfect. That is far from the case, but I feel they are better than the two-piece plastic handles that are common nowadays. The ZEUS Palm Military style brush has a beautiful wooden handle. And the problem with most wooden handles is that they crack. However, in most if not all cases if the wood is going to crack, it’s going to crack sooner than later. So if this happens to you, surely you are in the warranty period and you can exchange the brush for a new one. The type of wood and quality control has a lot to do with cracking. Typically, wood has grains and lines that run through the wood, giving the wood its beautiful appearance. Therefore, we all like wooden handl3s for their beauty, right? Well, the type of wood plays a very important part in your brush handle will hold up or not. And just so happens pear wood has beautiful lines but no grain lines that are susceptible to form cracks. Pearwood can crack, but not as prone to cracking as other woods. So the bottom line is pear wood is very hard and has beautiful color lines running through the wood in which makes it a perfect choice for brush handles.

Another important factor in pear wood and other woods is letting the wood dry out to a certain temperature. If the wood dries too fast, that is not good and cracks can form. It takes the right time at the right temperature for the wood to stabilize. The wood is now ready for manufacturing into a hairbrush.

With all wooden hairbrushes including military hair brushes, they all loose bristles. It is common for a hairbrush to lose some bristles. However, when a hairbrush loses an entire plug, that’s a problem. I would return the brush to the manufacturer and either get my money back or another brush. Tufting is when the bristles are attached to the brush. tufting requires a special machine. This machine is a tufting machine. Typically, the tufting machines will drill the holes in the brush head and then insert the boar bristles. They usually hold the boar bristles in place by a steel wire or large staple. The tension applied during this process is critical. If they apply too much tension, the boar bristles will break or snap. And if they use too little tension, the bristles will come loose and will eventually come out after use. This is where quality inspection comes into play. The tufting machine needs to be monitored and quality checked periodically to ensure bristles do not come out of the hairbrush. It’s critical proper tension is always being applied by the tufting machine.



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