Zilberhaar Basic Beard Brush Kit (Soft Version) 2nd Cut Boar Bristles

Zilberhaar Basic Beard Brush

For Zilberhaar Basic Beard Brush Kit Features

Zilberhaar Basic Beard Brush Kit Features
Process Description
Lumber is dried (Pear wood) This is a very important step because wood contains moisture and will cause unequal shrinkage and even damage to the wood if occurs too rapidly. A controlled drying is used on the Zilberhaar Basic Beard Brush Kit.
Wood is cut into blocks Also very important because the handle is made from a solid piece of wood and not wood chips smashed together.
Blocks are milled Wood is milled into flat pieces. This is important to find the best face for the brush.
Handles are sanded smooth sanding the surface gets rid of any burs in the wood that may snag your hair. The end result is a nice smooth surface to work with.
Bristles are sorted Boar bristles are sorted by length, thickness and color.
Quality is checked There is usually a per-established check list the quality inspector goes through before the bush gets shipped. Any long bristles are trimmed in the trimmer.
Brush is shipped final step when everything looks good and the brush is ready.

ZilberHaar beard brushes are made from high quality pear wood and 100% pure boar bristles. These are 2n cut bristles which mean they are softer but still still enough to penetrate your hair. If you need more penetration they have a Stiff Version. These brushes are crafted in the Black Forest of Germany.

Zilberhaar Basic Boar Bristle Beard Brush

Did you know that daily brushing stimulates oil production, and removes dirt. This action keeps your hair, scalp and beard healthy.

Pocket Boar Bristle Beard Brush

Zilberhaar Basic Beard Brush Kit Is Made From Second Cut Of Boar Bristles

According to Meesh, Hair Product Analyst, “The Zilberhaar Basic Beard Brush Kit has slightly thinner bristles are particularly good for first-time users and people with sensitive skin.

  • Healthier growth Reduces discomfort
  • Exfoliates and cleanses the skin
  • Reduces the risk of ingrown hair
  • Soothing feeling
Boar Beard Brush

Zilberhaar Basic Beard Brush Kit Size Chart

Zilberhaar Basic Beard Brush is approximately 6.1 inches.

Boar Beard Brush
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Boar bristle brushes for men made in Germany
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