Coconut Oil

People apply coconut oil to their hair to add shine. And there are many great products on the market that work very well at adding increased shine when applied to hair. However some folks also apply coconut oil to their hair to protect it from damage. I’m not so sure that coconut oil can actually … Read more

Moroccan Argan Oil Shampoo For Frizzy Hair

Hydrates, and restores levels of moisture. Safe and healthy for hair treated with Color & Keratin. Contains a UV and thermal protective with vitamins and antioxidants that feed and restore hair from everyday use of a blow dryer, straight iron or curling iron, or chemically treated hair. Recommended for all hair types , particularly those … Read more

Aveda how to tutorial using wooden vegan paddle brush

You can achieve naturally curly, wavy hair without a roller hassle or a curling iron. In this hair tutorial, Aveda stylist Paige shows you how to create a heat-less curl hairstyle using Aveda’s wooden vegan paddle brush along with some excellent tips for using Aveda Damage Remedy. Shampoo your hair using Damage Remedy Restructuring Shampoo, … Read more

Why Does My Hair Get Static When I Brush It?

Static hair when brushing Most of the time when you get a static hair condition, frizz and fly-away hair, its during the Winter time. In Winter, the conditions are just right to cause your hair to build up static when you brush. And during this time it seems almost impossible to to anything about it. … Read more