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Hairbrush Classifications

Hairbrushes have different classifications. Hairbrushes also have special purposes and features, making certain ones better for creating specific hairstyles. Knowing your hair type is beneficial in choosing a hairbrush. Depending on your hair type, the effects of brushing will be different. For example, curly hair, when brushed, will typically expand while straight hair will look smoother. A boar bristle hairbrush will excel at personal hygiene and adding shine, while a paddle brush will be the best choice for taming frizzy hair conditions and brushing through a lot of hair fast. Hairbrushes can be classified by the following characteristics, shape, bristle density, bristle firmness and purpose. Continue reading to find out more about hairbrushes.

Hairbrush Shape ClassificationsDescription
RoundBristles on all sides are characterized by a perfectly round brush head. Manufactured in various diameters. The go-to-brush for professional stylists.
Oval FlatBristles on one side characterized by an oval brush head and bristles mounted in a rubber cushion for flexibility. Used for general brushing and light styling. Manufactured in various oval sizes for adults and children.
Oval RoundBristles on all sides of the brush head. Used for styling. Manufactured in various oval sizes.
Oval MilitaryBrush is an oval shape brush head with no handle. Fits into the palm of your hand and used primarily when traveling due to it’s compact size.
PaddleBristles on one side with a large flat paddle-shaped head. Generally used for brushing lots of hair or taming frizzy hair conditions.
RectangleBristles on one side and brush head shaped in a flat rectangle. Generally special purpose for aiding in drying hair with nylon tipped bristles.
Thin RectangleBristles on one side with a very thin flat brush head consisting of 2 to 6 rows of bristles. Generally special purpose for teasing.
Bristle Density ClassificationsDescription
DenseVery densely packed bristles. Generally, most boar brushes have densely packed bristles.
MediumBristles not as dense and not really wide-spaced. Fits in between dense and wide-spaced bristles. Generally, combination brush with nylon and boar bristles used to add shine and detangle at the same time.
WideWide-spaced bristles. Generally, wooden brushes or shampoo brushes.

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