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Chief Editor

Ed Shears

Hello, I’m Ed Shears, Editor and Author at I am dedicated to providing reliable and informative content on hairbrushes to help people of all ages feel their best. As editor, author and an expert on hairbrushes, I believe that confidence in oneself starts with healthy, well-maintained hair.

Meesh Switch Contributing Editor and Chief Product Analyst

Meesh Switch

Hello, my name is Meesh Switch and I am a contributing editor and hairbrush product analyst. I am focused on hairbrushes for young adults. I enjoy writing, testing, and analyzing hairbrushes. I have contributed to over hundreds in-depth articles and provided sound advice on hairbrushes based on testing and research.

Stacey Bee Hair Research Analyst

Stacey Bee

Hello, my name is Stacey Bee and I am an experienced research analyst specializing in hairbrushes for adults. As we get older, our hair changes and so do our product needs. What worked while we were young may not work as we get older. I have researched and tested hundreds of products and contributed to just as many or more hairbrush articles.