Hacks For Fine And Thin Hair

Hacks For Fine And Thin Hair Anyone can perform my simple and easy hacks to make your fine thin hair have more volume. Just simply follow my hacks to make your fine hair look thicker. “Hacks For Fine And Thin Hair” for mega volume. Get that Hollywood glamorous look with my 10 easy “Hacks For … Read more

How Do You Use The Dyson Volumizing Round Brush?

How Do You Use The Dyson Volumizing Round Brush? How To Get Results With The Dyson Volumizing Round Brush How to use the volumizing brush on the Dyson Airwrap. The Dyson Airwrap round brush is expensive but can give you tons of volume at your roots and a fantastic body at your hair ends. The … Read more


ROUND BRUSHES ROUND BRUSHES: ROUND BRUSHES may be used to style hair, making them suitable for use on the scalp as well as the ends of the hair. I have compiled a list of ROUND BRUSHES on the market. ROUND BRUSHES are the go to styling brush.  What do I look for in ROUND BRUSHES? … Read more

Round Brush

A round brush is generally used on long hair but can be used on short hair provided you use the right diameter brush. Read my article what size round to use on short hair, increasing volume using a round brush for short hair and what round brush to use if you have thick hair for … Read more

What Round Brush Is Best For Thick Hair

Thick hair is amazingly wonderful to have, and many benefits quickly come to mind. For example, styles hold longer and you always have plenty of volume. But your hair is also prone to have tangles, and it takes a lot longer to dry. There are many round brushes on the market but not all of … Read more

Best round brush volume short hair

In this article you will be presented with 5 of the best selling round brushes specifically for short hair that people are using right now to add more volume to their style. If you are looking for a round brush for a fine hair blowout then read my article called: Best Round Bush For Fine … Read more

Best Round Brush For Fine Hair Blowout

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What Are Ceramic And Ion Big Round Brushes?

Ceramic & Ion Big Round Brush Chart Ceramic round brushes are versatile dual-tasking brushes in which is used to flatten or curl hair and increase volume. Ceramic and ion big round brushes Brushes Description Chi Turbo Ceramic Round Nylon Brush good for long hair plus the 100% natural pure boar bristles stands up to many … Read more

What Size Round Brush For Bangs

What Size Round Brush For Bangs The gold standard for styling bangs is a small boar-bristle brush with tightly packaged bristles. The tightly packed bristles grabs each hair stand and allows you to apply the right amount of tension to your hair while applying heat from your blow dryer. Once you have the right tools … Read more

Round Brush Size Chart

Round brushes are typically made with a metal or a ceramic coated barrel that heats up when used with a blow dryer. It works much like a curling wand. You can get a salon blowout at home with the right sized round brush and some practice. Round Brush Size Chart | What Size Brush Should … Read more