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Ed Shears

Hello, my name is Ed Shears and I am an experienced Chief Editor who has written hundreds hair-care articles for both men and women. I am dedicated to helping people of all ages look and feel their best through proper hair care. I believe having confidence in yourself starts at the top. I am currently working on my new book entitled, “Silky Conditioning: The Art Of Penetrating The Hair Shaft Naturally”. A book on how to condition your hair the right way, to be released on Amazon.

Contact Ed: Edshears123 @ gmail [.] com

HairBrushy.com is about hair brushes and hair care information and education. Mainly focusing on information and education as it relates to boar brushes, paddle brushes, vent brushes, round brushes, hot brushes, hair straightener tools, shampoos, conditioners and hair treatments with discussions on hairstyles as it relates to hair health and maintenance. In depth articles explain product usage and provides tips on how to maximize value.

Articles are written for education purposes giving sound advice and answering questions. Professional hairstylists are interviewed with their hair care knowledge and expertise listed for all to benefit. The information is targeted for people who are interested in choosing the right products for their hair type to get the style they desire and to feel good about themselves.