Hair Brush to Prevent Breakage

Best brushes to reduce breakage

Hair brushes to prevent breakage use nylon bristles. The reason why is because nylon is gentler on hair strands than boar bristles. Boar bristles can grab weak or thin hair easily and can cause breakage. An alternative is to use a soft boar bristle bush or nylon for fine or weak hair. See my comparison table and buying advise on the top 18 brushes to reduce breakage.

Hair Brushes to Prevent Breakage

1. Conair Pro Hair Brush

I love this vent brush, the price, the good grip handle, the ball-tipped bristles, the color. It’s just a great all-around brush but I would not use it for a detangler brush, there are better options. Great choice.

2. Revlon Detangle & Smooth

Great handle and grip with a rubberized finish (may grab hair) and the bristles are easy on your hair and scalp. The price is very cheap due to it’s made in China where production costs are low.

3. Conair Velvet Touch Paddle Brush

I love the ball-tipped bristles and the air cushion. This combination makes the brush feel really good on your scalp. The paddle design lets you brush through lots of hair much faster. The handle is comfortable to hold. All for a very cheap price.

4. Wet Brush Classic

The unique ultra-soft Intelliflex bristles with poly bristle tips are extremely gentle on your hair and scalp.

5. Bsisme Hair Brush

Combination of boar and ball-tipped bristles gets through your hair easily while feeling good on your scalp. I love the wooden handle and air cushion. I also like the boar bristles for extra shine. Boar and a wooden handle brush for less than $10.00 is amazing. Plus the quality is actually better than I anticipated.

6. Revlon Perfect Style Porcupine

What I like about this brush is you get ionic technology for less than $10.00. Pretty amazing. Easy to use and give your hair nice body and reduced frizz.

7. Wet Brush Ombre

The brush head flexes in almost every direction. So this means it can contour to your scalp for a more comfortable experience. The open design makes blow drying faster. The only down side is you need to be somewhat careful while brushing not to twist and break the brush.

8. Crave Naturals

The unique cone shaped plastic bristles does not rip or pull out your hair plus the cone shape helps the bristles separate and glide through your hair very easily.

9. The Wet Brush Pro Paddle

The Intelliflex bristles are very gentle on your hair plus the paddle style lets you brush through a lot of hair faster than an oval brush.

10. Tangle Teezer The Original

It’s one of the perfect detangling brushes on the market today. Works with wet or dry hair and is easy on hair and scalp. What I like are the two tiered bristles. Both long and short bristles works together to smooth and brush through your hair with minimum effort.

11. Cricket Ultra Smooth

What I like is the plastic is infused with Argan, Olive and Keratin oils. I also love the handle. It’s a great shower brush. The only thing I would like to see improved upon is the length of the bristles could be a little longer.

12. Nipoo Wooden Bamboo

Wooden ball-tipped bristles are embed in a soft air cushion that feels amazing on your scalp. This brush will definitely help with breakage since the bristles are spaced apart and made of smooth wood. Made in China and is of very good quality.

13. Revlon Wood Series Round Brush

I love this brush because of the wooden handle and the very good grip. I can’t believe I am talking about a twelve dollar brush! The brush comes in two sizes a large and medium. The medium should work for most folks. Combine this brush with a good blow dryer and you have a good set up for comfortable styling. The only thing I think could be improved upon is that some of the bristles fall out. But as long as you don’t loose an entire plug should be OK.

14. Conair Anti-static Detangling Brush

3 brushes for less than $15.00, well what can I say? Similar to the Wet Brush. Made in China is why the cost is so low.

15. Wet Brush 2 Piece Original

The Intelliflex bristles that will not rip or pull out your hair plus the air cushion makes it very comfortable on your scalp.

16. HSI Professional Velvet Touch

Great brush that feels very good on your scalp. I like the ball-tipped bristles embedded in the air cushion. I feel this really helps with how good it feels however I am not a fan of two piece plastic handle due to they are prone to break. Overall good brush for the price.

17. Wet Pro Epic

As with all Wet Brushes it has the Intelliflex bristles which are great and resist heat up to 450 degrees. It’s a great brush that is easy on your hair.

18. Boar Bristle Curved & Vented

Combination of boar and ball-tipped bristles feel amazing on your head. The over-sized curved head allows you to brush through a lot of hair fast. Works great and you get two at a great price.

How to reduce breakage

According to Meesh, Hair Product Analyst, “One of the best ways to stop breakage is to not comb or brush your hair when it’s wet.Wet hair is at it’s weakest point and can easily be stretched to the point it breaks. While your hair is wet it’s at it’s most vulnerable state so by avoid brushing your hair while wet will prevent breakage.
According to Stacey, Hair Research Analyst, “The best thing to do when coming out of the shower or after washing your hair is to let it dry to at least 80% before styling.” Go easy on your hair. Brush with gentle brush stokes as not to stretch your hair to the point where it snaps and causes split ends.

Brushes to Prevent Breakage

Another way to prevent breakage is to purchase a high quality brush or comb that does not stretch and snap your hair. Many of the cheaper combs are molded plastic. Plastic is poured into a comb mold and as a result has mold lines. These mold lines can be sharp and have an edge. Many times these edges run along the entire length of each teeth. Every time you comb your hair these tiny edges grab or snag your hair snapping them and thus causes split ends. Higher quality combs remove these edges in the manufacturing process or use other methods to completely eliminate sharp edges. Yes, you have to pay more for a quality comb but in the end you get a much better comb or brush that prevents breakage.

Brushes are similar to combs as mentioned above. Always choose a high quality brush from a well known manufacture for the best results. Some lower cost brushes are not finished as well as some of the higher prices models during the manufacturing process. For example, some low cost brushes that have wooden handles have burs where the wood meets the bristles. These tiny burs snag your hair with every brush stroke thus causing breakage. The best way to stop breakage is to purchase a high quality brush that has no sharp edges and or burs. So yea, you have to pay more but you get a much better product. Read my article called: Are brushes bad for your hair for more information. You will be glad you did.

Many folks will spend $20 or more on conditioners to give the best results and eliminate or reduce frizz. And even shampoo specifically formulated so you can have good hair days. But will purchase a cheap hair brush all the wile not knowing the cheap hair brush is causing all the hair breakage. Just think of all the money you will spend this year on shampoos, conditioners and hair treatments. Then think how much you will spend on a brush. Wow! I bet you spend a lot more on hair care products than you do on hair brushes. So in the end it’s wise to go ahead and don’t be afraid to spend some money on a quality comb or brush. Your hair will thank you later.

There are hundreds of ways you can cause hair damage and breakage. Too much to put into just one article. So if you are interested in more ways to reduce hair damage please read my article called: Broken hair on top of head. In this article I go in details on many other ways you can cause hair damage and possible not even know that you are causing damage. I explain more about hair and hair cuticle and provide excellent solutions on what you can do to help recover from damage.

Another great article on this site you should read is called: Is it bad to brush your hair a lot? In this article I cover 7 tips you should know right now on how to minimize breakage. This is a short article but contains many valuable tips you will be glad to know about.

When detangling your hair you have be careful and go easy because this is when you can really damage your hair and cause breakage. You should avoid pulling and tugging on your hair. You really need the right tools for the job as not to cause damage. you can read my article called: Best wide tooth combs for detangling to help you sort through all the options. After reading this article you will know more about how to quickly and painlessly remove tangles and which combs are best suited for the job. Also check out my companion article called : Best comb for women’s hair.

If you have real frizzy hair you should read my article called “What type of brush is best for frizzy hair” for 25 top brushes that will help. And also read “The best brush to avoid split ends“.

Choose soft bristles gentle on hair to reduce breakage

Choosing a premium quality wood handle with good rubber grip is a good first start when selecting a brush. A brush which has a mixture or soft nylon and natural bristles so that its gentle on thin hair.

A rubber handle is nice for a good grip. Some brushes like the Revlon has both. A good grip is essential for styling comfort.

boar and soft nylon bristles
Soft bristle brushes are gentle on hair

Bristles also remove oils from the scalp and properly distribute them across the hair to keep your hair healthy. A good recommendation is the Revlon Wood Series Round Brush, RV3060, Medium by Revlon. It’s not too soft and not too hard. It has just the right amount of stiffness.

Mixture of soft nylon and boar for preventing hair damage

Premium quality wood handle with good rubber grip. A brush which has a mixture or soft nylon and natural bristles so that its gentle on your hair. A rubber handle is nice for a good grip. Some brushes like the Revlon had both. a good grip is essential for styling comfort.

Revlon Wood Series Round Brush, RV3060, Medium by Revlon.

Best Hair Brush to Prevent Breakage
Gentle on hair and rubber handle

Pros: Not too big and not too small. The brush is approximately 9 inches tall. This brush works well for those who have short hair including men. The bristles are soft and the rubber grip is very good.

Cons: Not ideal for creating curls or waves. Some find the brush to be too soft.

Another Great Choice is the Perfect Style Maximum Shine Porcupine Round Brush, 1″ barrel by Revlon

Best Hair Brush to Prevent Breakage

This brush is a little larger. It 10 inches tall. Therefore pushing the envelope for shorter hair. Revlon’s inspiration is beauty and they are committed to a positive impact on our lives through the use of their products.

They have a passion for beauty and everything that makes you feel beautiful. Revlon is committed to helping you achieve stunningly beautiful hair, effortlessly with their latest technology and styling solutions.

You are empowered to create hair styles that make you look and feel beautiful. Revlon’s hair styling tools are engineered with technological innovation to help support less damage and feature style advancements to create the looks you love.

The Revlon Maximum Shine Porcupine Round Brush allows you to create perfect beach waves any time of the year. The nylon pins will help separate hair while the boar mix bristles will make your hair smooth and shiny without scratching your scalp.

The ION+CERAMIC works to create and even heat distribution while creating a shinier and healthier looking hair. This brush is recommend and works best for medium to long hair.

It’s really hard to tell if the ion plus ceramic makes that big of a difference. I am guessing every little bit helps and it can’t hurt, right?

Prevent Breakage

Pros: Works well for blow drying and styling wet hair. We love that the brush grips your hair well without causing any damage. It’s perfect for styling bangs while blow drying. The bristles have plastic caps so they are not hard and do not scratch your scalp. You head will thank you.

Cons: May be a bit big for short or shorter hair. If the brush is subjected to too high a heat the bristles could bend and become distorted. We recommend that you not use too high of heat, it’s not good for your hair anyway.

Best Hair Brush to prevent damage to your hair

How To Restore Damaged Hair

Help Your Hair RecoverConditioning Your HairGrowing Healthy Hair
1. Use color treatments in moderation1. Condition your hair each time you shampoo1. Use natural hair products
2. Handle hair gently2. Deep conditioning treatments once each week2. Massage your scalp
3. Air dry instead of using heat3. Use finishing oil or serum3. Eat healthy foods
4. Limit shampoo to once or twice a week4. Homemade hair mask4. Get regular hair cuts
5. Brush your hair only when it’s dry5. Use a heat protectant5. Don’t use damaged combs
6. Avoid restrictive hairstyles6. Use a UV protectant6. Clean brushes regularly