What Is A Mason Pearson Rake C7?


What is a Mason Pearson Rake C7 detangling comb? If you are, you are probably familiar with MASON PEARSON and their tight quality control. And I bet you are searching for for a comb like the MASON PEARSON RAKE C7.

MASON PEARSON RAKE C7: The MASON PEARSON RAKE C7 is a wide-toothed comb. Thicker hair will do better with the MASON PEARSON RAKE C7. The MASON PEARSON RAKE C7 is designed to separate and detangle hair.

Did you know MASON PEARSON has been around since the middle of the 19th Century and has been manufacturing high quality combs and brushes. Back then they were all made by hand. The process had greatly improved over the years but their comment to quality has never wavered. Each MASON PEARSON comb is hand crafted with traditional techniques that produce smoothly tapered teeth and rounded tips for greater comfort. In contrast to ordinary combs, each of them is made of a single material that provides a perfectly smooth design.

According to the Blowout Studio in Pittsford, NY, “If you want quality and luxury in a brush, you need the Mason Pearson.

  • Made in Switzerland and high quality standards
  • Made from a tough flexible celluloid material
  • Looks very nice and comes in a variety of colors
  • On the expensive side
  • Teeth can break
  • I would not consider this a carry comb

The MASON PEARSON C2 is another great comb that I like because it’s made in Switzerland and meets some very high quality control requirements. This comb is constructed of celluloid. Essentially, this is a durable, versatile material that is resistant to water and oils and is available in a number of colors. It’s ideal for making a comb out of. This material is used to make a lot of eye-wear.

The MASON PEARSON C2 comb has a really cool tortoise shell pattern that I like. The comb is die-cut before being tumbled in a polishing bin to smooth out any rough edges. This is an essential move since sharp edges in a comb will rip and tear your hair, causing split ends. After that, the comb is buffed to a beautiful high gloss finish.

The comb can break, it is not indestructible. As a result, if you drop it on a hard surface, it will break. This is not the sort of comb I would put in my pocket or go traveling with. Furthermore, I would not apply a lot of stress to the comb when using. It’s a lovely comb, and I recommend it to anyone who appreciates such stuff. It looks and works fantastic!!! The following is a paid link.