What Is The Kent Diplomat Brush?

Is the Kent Diplomat Brush considered a true luxury hairbrush of exquisite quality? Is the Kent Diplomat Brush really better than a dollar store brush? My answer to both questions is YES.

The Kent Diplomat Brush OS11 rectangular club hair brush is constructed of two types of wood. The Kent Diplomat Brush is a grooming and beard brush featuring a beautiful satin wood back and a beech wood base. A high gloss coating is applied to accentuate the wood colors and grains. 

The Kent Diplomat Brush is plugged with white ultra soft boar bristles which is ideal for men or women with fine or thinning hair. And of course makes a great gift for men of all years because it comes in a beautiful presentation box.

Why You Need A Kent OS11 Diplomat Hairbrush

According to Stacey, Hair Research Analyst,  “This brush has soft bristles so it’s going to be great for those who have thin hair or balding hair.” The softer bristles will feel much better on the scalp as opposed to firm or stiff bristles. It will gently glide through your hair not pulling or causing any damage.

For those who are balding this is important because it protects what you have by not ripping out your hair. Softer bristle brushes have much less penetration than stiffer bristles so a soft bristle brush is exactly what you want for thin hair types. Sometimes a soft bristle brush is referred to as Second-cut. So a First-cut is a much stiffer bristle than a Second-cut.

Did you know each hair is comprised of three layers? The outside or protective layer is called the cuticle. It’s job is to protect the two inner layers.

Your hair is dead. It’s not alive so once it’s damaged there is really no repairing it. If your brush rips at your hair and now you have split-ends as a result, there is only one way to cure that and that is to cut off the bad ends. So choosing the right brush for you hair type is important.

According to Meesh, Hair Product Analyst, “Our individual hair type is created by genetics, but the condition of your hair can change radically at different stages of your life due to age, health, environment, temperature, psychological state of mind and chemical hair treatments.

Why Is The Kent Diplomat Brush So Expensive?

What Is The Kent Diplomat Brush?
What Is The Kent Diplomat Brush?

Let’s say I purchase a brush and I am impressed with it and then recommend it to all my friends. They are then in return likely to buy one and then access it’s quality. If it’s a $5.00 brush, one of more of my friends will most likely get a dud. They will respond by saying, hey I bought the brush you recommended and the bristles are falling out and it came with a dent in the top. And I’ll respond, well, I’m not sure what happened because mine is good.

This is so often the case with cheaper brushes. It’s a hit or miss. Quality is not consistent. One day you may get a really good one and the next day you get a lower quality brush. But with a higher priced brush this is usually not the case and if it is by some fluke the manufacturer will make it right.

With Kent you are paying for quality, and more specifically consistent quality. If I buy a brush from them today and come back years from now and buy another one I am going to get the same top notch quality every time. You are paying for consistency. You are paying for 230 years of brush making know how.

Kent Brushes is one of the few hairbrush manufacturers left in the UK. Although they experience continuous pressure from cheaper foreign imports marked with so called “designer” labels sold at extortionate prices, they will never settle for selling a lower quality product at a high price point. They only produce world-class products without compromise. I recommend Kent brushes, I truly do like the quality from Kent.

You can easily tell the quality of a good brush. Look closely at a $5.00 brush and compare it to a Kent. The fit and finish is no where near the same. The cheaper brush will not have the same finish, it will be rough in places where the manufacturer did not take the time to completely sand the surface smooth.

It will have splinters or tiny burs on the underneath where the bristles are plugged into the brush. The round bristle holes will not be completely smooth may even have jagged edges. Cheaper brushes will not tell you the type of wood used and it will most likely be painted so you will not see wood gains and can access it’s quality.

On a cheaper brush the underneath where the bristles are attached may not be finished. The bristles are mostly likely of random quality and stiffness. A soft bristle brush may actually have medium texture bristles as the manufacture has not taken the time to properly sort out the bristles and classify them. They take the word from their originator that’s it is a soft bristle for example. And they may not have a hand in the manufacturing process at all.

The philosophy of Kent runs far deeper than just creating a great brush. They are extremely proud of their British manufacturing heritage and wish to maintain a spectacular reputation through their dedication to exceed all customer expectations and continuing to dedicate commitment to each and every customer.

So the bottom line is you can purchase a cheaper brush and it may be just fine. But if you are a discriminating buyer, have the need for a soft bristle brush and want the best then I would recommend the Kent Diplomat.

There is a high likely hood that this brush will last a lifetime if well cared for. Therefore thinking of it in this way the cost is not as much when averaged over the entire life of the brush. Another way to think of cost is think of all the hair products you purchase over the course of a year. Each special conditioner cost at lease $20.00 per can. That adds up quickly. So when comparing a high quality brush to products you buy it’s not that expensive in the long run.

So which path will you choose? The Path which has all the charms of a high quality luxury brand or the path of the dollar store wonder? Or maybe somewhere in between?

What Are The Bristles Made Of?

Kent is well known for their passion for brushes made from 100% boar bristles. The bristles comes from the finest bristle merchants in India and China, where quality is guaranteed. Timbers are chosen from sustainable forests around the world, selected to be shaped, drilled and polished for their beauty, grain, color and suitability.

How Do You Clean And Maintain A Kent Brush?

  1. Prepare warm water in a shallow container with either a little shampoo or soap
  2. Use a wide-tooth wooden comb, your hand or a special cleaning tool like a LPC2 for example, to remove hair from your brush.
  3. Place the brush with the water on the bristles, usually the brush is placed bristles down. Don’t completely submerge the brush in water. Let it soak for 10 minutes in water or you can swish it around.
  4. Remove the brush from the container.
  5. To rinse the brush, change the water. To rinse, use cold water and then swish around again until all the soap and dirt is gone.
  6. Let the brush dry with the bristles on a clean towel. Run your fingers a couple of times across the bristles to flick off any excess water.
  7. Make sure any water on the handle is cleaned off. Depending on the amount of water in the cushion part of the brush (if your brush has a cushion), it may take a few hours or all day to dry.Let is dry naturally do not use heat and avoid direct sunlight.