What Different Hair Brushes Are Used For?

Hair brush facts you should know if you want beautifully styled hair. What different hair brushes are used for and why you need to know.

There are many different types of hair brushes on the market today and each not only looks different but also has different purposes.

This article I will go into more detail on what different popular hair brushes are used for and how it can make a big difference for your hair.

The brushes covered in this article are the most popular brush types. There are many more brush types than what is mentioned below.

What different hair brushes are used for?

  1. Detangling Brush – untangles hair without breaking
  2. Paddle Brush – large and efficient at styling
  3. Straightening Brush – pin straight and smooths hair
  4. Round Brush – adds curls and waves
  5. Finishing Brush – style, daily care, silky and smooth, conditions

According to Stacey, Hair Research Analyst, “The first thing you should know is there are different types of hair and different types of hair brushes. By using the right brush for your hair type will make you job easier and could have a big impact on how well your style turns out.

In addition, there are different hair brushes for different tasks. And by using the right brush for the right job can make your work easier.

The bottom line is you want to pick the right tool for the job. For example, if you are looking to get smooth, silky and shiny hair then you will want reach for a boar bristle brush. So let’s jump into the details of each.

Different types of brushes are used for

Detangling brush is used to detangle

Tangle Teezer Detangling Hairbrush

The brush smoothes out and untangles either wet or dry hair without causing breakage. Usually right after shampooing or after sleeping all night your hair is in a tangled mess. According to Meesh, Hair Product Analyst, “This type of brush is used to slowly and carefully untangle your hair. It’s important to work slowly as not to pull or cause damage to your hair.

The important this to remember when using a silicone detangler is do not use this type of a brush with a hair dryer. The bristles are usually made of very soft silicon or plastic and can easily melt when used with high heat from a blow dryer. For more see round brushes that won’t melt.

One good way to remove tangles quickly is to use the brush either in the shower or just after. Also, by applying some leave in conditioner this brush will work right through your tangles very quickly with minimum effort and no breakage.

A detanlger works very well for all types and lengths of hair.

The brush shown above is a Tangle Teezer and closely resembles a brush with no handle. There are other available that look more like a comb. You can easily tell these combs are meant for detangling because they have very wide spaced teeth.

ConairWhy you should one over the other depends on if you want a handle or not and a little about preference. Both should work just fine. Having a handle allows you to have a better grip in the brush than using an palm style detangler.

The bristles on the palm style brush are going to be more flexible. so if you are really worried about hair damage and breakage and do not want to use a “leave in conditioner” then the Teezer palm style with silicone bristles is for you. However, if you don’t mind using a plastic wide tooth comb with a nice handle then the Conair Anti-Static detangling comb is for you. For more information you might be interested in reading: what is the best detangling comb.

Paddle brushes are used for styling

Harry Josh Wooden Paddle Brush
Harry Josh

When you have lots of hair and want to cover as much as possible in the fastest amount of time then you want a paddle brush. These are typically larger than oval style brushes and therefore since the head is much larger they brush more hair. Typically, using a paddle brush you are finished about 25% sooner as compare to using a regular brush.

Wooden Paddle Brush glides through even the tightest, thickest hair heads, ensuring maximum control of styling when drying blows. The long bristles give a sleek finish, while the nylon ball tips offer gentle, relaxing and massage-like stimulation for the skirt whenever you brush the hair.

A paddle brush is for all hair types just make sure you select the one with the proper bristles for your hair and your main purpose. If you want to know more then read my article on what type of brush is best for your hair.

Straightening brush or Hot Air brushes

DAFNI go Hair Straightening Ceramic Brush

These brushes are heated brushes that flatten your hair while brushing. Most people can achieve pin straight hair using a hot brush. The biggest drawback to hot brushes is that it’s not recommend for wet hair. Your hair needs to be almost dry or dry before using. Also, your hair should be detangled first before using a straightening brush. These brushes are not made to untangle hair. This brush is also sometimes referred to as a thermal brush due to it heats up. This brush is suitable for all types of hair.

DAFNI fits seamlessly into your day, and while it will never take more than a few minutes of your already busy schedule, it might just turn your whole day around. Having DAFNI in your life means that great hair is always a few brush strokes away.

Many of these brushes have what’s called ion technology that leaves your hair silky smooth, shiny and frizz free. To read more see my entire section devoted to nothing but hot air brushes.


Round brushes are used for


Consider the brush diameter as the bevel size you want to make at the end of a style. It can also be used to flatten curly hair or to add lift and volume. R+Co round brush features natural boar bristles, ergonomic handle and a handcrafted wooden core. The R+Co brush has all the features of a high quality brush that will last a life time.

Round brushes are great for adding bounce, curls or waves. the diameter of your round brush in important as to the results and style you can achieve. If you want to be an expert, or at least know more then you should read my post on round brush diameters and sizes.

For longer hair, past shoulder length a larger round brush is best. And for short hair and bangs a smaller bush is best. A good round boar brush is going to give you a smooth, shiny look and also plenty of volume. After brushing with a round boar brush your hair will have that look of fullness.

Round brushes made of boar bristles make for a perfect tool for blow drying. While ceramic and nylon brushes can damage hair a boar brush can leave your hair smooth and shiny. Choose a brush with a comfortable wooden handle to lessen hand and wrist fatigue.

Harry Josh

Harry Josh Pro Tools 2.25 inch Round Brush helps you to shape your hair to perfection. It has an innovative concave pattern with boar and nylon bristles, allowing better control and more hair pick-up. The robust wooden grip makes grip and control easy, even for the harshest enclosures and makes the strand glistening and smooth.

Finishing brushes are used to

Harry Josh brush
Harry Josh

These brushes are great all around daily brushes. Some have a combination of nylon and boar bristles and others are either all nylon or all boar. Boar bristles will add shine and smooth-out your hair while adding a natural conditioner to your hair. It spreads your natural oils from your scalp all along the hair shaft. This happens every time you brush your hair making for shiny healthy looking hair without the need for lots of styling products.

A dignified hair salon needs tools of professional quality. This role is played wonderfully by the “Harry Josh Pro Tools Premium Oval Brush” that makes it the perfect brush for your hair’s every need. Mixing nylon and natural boar hair, this brush sticks to tame tangles and makes your strands smooth and shiny through wet and dry hair. Furthermore, the mix of quality bristles increases ease of management and prevents breakage.


A hairbrush is a handle brush with rigid or soft spokes used in hair care for smoothing, styling, and detangling human hair, or for grooming an animal’s fur. It can also be used for styling in combination with a curling iron or hair dryer. A flat brush is normally used for detangling hair, for example after sleep or showering. Wikipedia

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