The Effectiveness of Boar Bristle Brushes

Boar bristle brushes have been around for a long time. They have always been known for creating shiny, healthy hair without the use of styling products.

One of the many benefits people are surprised to find out is brushing your hair with a boar bristle brush is actually a conditioning treatment.

A boar bristle brush improves hair texture and shine naturally long before products like conditioners and hair serums ever existed. The unique structure of boar bristles carries sebum, the oil produced by your scalp from your scalp or base of the hair (root) to the end of your hair shaft.

By coating each hair strand with a very, very small amount of oil a boar bristle brush repairs dry hair and adds a lustrous shine. Using a boar bristle brush is a good way to condition your hair.

Boar bristle brushes are good for conditioning hair


Boar Bristle Brush Advantages
Conditions HairY  
Helps Hair GrowY  
Polishes Hair-shaftY  
Creates a Natural ShineY  
Less Static  Y
Head Massage  Y
Animal Friendly YY
Sustainable Product YY
Good for Blow-OutsYY 
Maximum Penetration YY
Use on wet hair  Y
Detangle before useY  
Brush very curly hair gentlyY  
Brush nightly before bedYYY
Brush in the morningYYY


The bristles in the brush work to move oil down each hair shaft very time to brush your hair. It’s this oil that coats each hair strand and help repair damaged areas and adds a protective shine. The process does not change the texture of your hair. So if you have curly hair for example it’s not going to change that. You will still have curly hair. But the natural oil can make your hair more bouncy for example. By brushing your hair on a regular bases it brings out the best. If you have straight hair for example it can make your hair have more volume and shine. If you need help choosing a great boar brush then be sure to read my article called: Choosing a boar brush. In addition, you may also want to know the proper way to use a boar brush as not to damages your hair. If so then read my articles called: How to use a boar bristle brush. This article has lot’s of good advise you will be glad you read it.

Your natural hair oil is of course the original and most effective conditioner for your hair. 

According to Stacey, Hair Research Analyst, “By using a boar brush you are basically using your own natural hair oil as a conditioner and thus reducing and may be even eliminating your frizzy hair.” But just take note that by just brushing your hair will not eliminate frizzy hair if you have split ends or damaged hair but can help. I do not recommend using a lot of styling products with a boar brush. It tends to clog up the brush and is usually not necessary. You should not need much if any styling products with regular brushing.

According to Meesh, Hair Product Analyst, “As your hair gets healthier, softer, and conditioned by your own natural hair oil, you won’t have to use any or as much leave-in conditioners or hair care products.”

This takes time and regular brushing. This is where the old saying come into play, “brush your hair one hundred stokes per night” for healthier hair.

Men’s boar brushes: If you are a man you might be interested in the Zeus military boar brush, Shash boar bristle hair brush or the Redecker men’s wild boar hair brush. All of which are very good. For a complete run-down of boar brushes for me check out my article called: Boar bristle brushes for men made in Germany. This is a list of high quality boar brushes made in Germany.

Spornette DeVille #342 Boar Brush
Spornette DeVille #342 Boar Brush

Women’s boar brushes: If you are a female and interested in a high quality boar brush made in Germany you should read my article called: Calcutta Wild Boar Bristle. This is one of my favorites. And for a list of popular boar bristles brushes check out my article called: Popular boar bristle brushes.

And for those folks who may not want a boar brush but are looking for a boar brush alternative there are many good ones out there. See my article on Boar brush alternative for more on the subject.

Bristle brushing is good to stimulate the scalp

Many people find that by brushing on a regular bases they feel it to be a relaxing and stimulating experience. As the bristles touch your scalp it stimulates blood flow to the hair follicles which some claim can improve hair growth. I’m not sure about it actually making hair grow but I believe it can’t hurt if it stimulates blood flow to the hair follicles.

Boar bristles are make from the same material as your own hair, Keratin. At a microscopic level it smooth and as the bristles come in contact with your hair it does not pull or snag your hair like a nylon brush may do.

Boar bristles are made of keratin which is a family of structural fibrous proteins just like you own hair. It is the key structural material that consists of hair and nails. And also horns, claws, hooves in animals. It’s also in you skin’s outer layer. Keratin is also the protein against damage or stress that protects epithelial cells.

Excellent for fine hair

If you have fine hair then a boar brush is a must have. The bristles work great on fine hair. They are stiff enough to get to your scalp, thus stimulating the blood flow to your hair follicle but will not pull or tear sensitive strands. For fine hair it can detangle some tangles provided they are not real bad. The bristles also will aid in removing any old dead skin or other debris from you hair. As a result you may not have to shampoo and wash as much.

Washing can remove a lot of natural oils from your hair and thus make brushing not as effective. You should strive to fine the right balance for you. 

For example, if you brush on a regular basis then you might be able to get away by washing your hair only once or twice a week and not having to wash daily.

The best way to use a boar brush

Clip and section as needed. Always work or brush your hair in sections and always to allow your brush to penetrate your hair.

First of all, start by bending over and brushing the back of your hair. Then brush all the way down to your tips starting from your hairline. If needed, you can section off the top half of your hair so that you can brush down to the tips from the crown of your head.

Start with each brush stroke at the root of your hair and then brush all the way down to the tips. This it the best way to move natural oil from the hair base to the tips to get that shinny and healthy look and feel.

I do not recommend using a bristle brush to detangle your hair. If you hair has tangles I recommend you first gently untangle your hair using a wide tooth comb. If your hair is really tangles you can try using a small amount of leave-in conditioner to help with the tangle as you come through.

I also recommend to avoid using a boar bristle when your hair is wet. It is just not as effective in evenly distributing oil down the hair shaft on wet hair. Plus brushing wet hair can cause breakage. Brushing wet hair does not distribute the natural oils properly.

Are you still using the same ole brush you bought years ago? Are you thinking about an up grade to a boar brush or maybe a bamboo but not sure which is right for you? 

Boar bristles conclusion

Brushing your hair on a regular basis with a boar brush helps keep your hair clean. If you live in a big city then your hair most likely is going to get dirty faster just by the fact the air usually contains more pollutants. Washing your hair more will keep it clean but it can also strip away the natural oils from your hair leaving you with a dull lack luster look. But by frequent brushing using a boar brush you can get that soft touch-ability, bouncy curl or wave and shine back to your hair.

Make sure you use a good quality brush. 

It is going to cost more but in the long run it usually equals out due to they can last a long time. Some brushes can last a lifetime is well take care of. It pays to get really good tools especially if you are using them every day. For brushing on a regular basis I recommend purchasing 100 percent boar bristles. I do not recommend a mixture like nylon and boar. 100 percent boar bristles do the best job at distributing your natural hair oil.

Try to use less product and more brushing to get that shinny bouncy hair. By brushing for example, twice a day, once in the morning and once in the evening, I bet you will find that you can start to use less and less conditioning products. By regular brushing you are using your own natural oils to condition your hair.

The trick is to find the right balance of washing. If you wash too frequently you strip out the natural oils in which you need to condition you hair when brushing. If you are washing daily, with regular brushing you might be able to get away with only washing twice a week. People with fine hair need to condition their hair otherwise their hair style will fail and hair could become dry and even break. So people who have fine hair will really benefit from regular brushing.

Using a boar brush is not going to perform miracles. If you hair is not healthy to begin with then bushing is not going to magically fix it. It can help but it not going to repair your split ends for example. You are going to need a good foundation to get that bounce and shine. Using a boar bush regularly can help you keep that healthy look and feel.

Related questions

Do boar bristles cause split ends? No, a good boar brush helps split ends by distributing scalp oil so that your hair cuticle flattens and split ends appear healthier. It’s not going to magically repair your hair but does help.

Are boar bristle brushes hard? No,generally speaking. Boar bristles are made of the same materials as your own hair, keratin. I recommend brushes with a mixture of nylon and boar bristles. These are generally harder. Look for brushes made of 100 percent boar bristles these brushes are softer to the touch. It really depends on the brand, some are stiffer than others.

Do boar bristle brushes cause static? Yes, it can, and varies depending on your hair type. People with thins hair will experience more static. To tame “static” you can apply a small amount of leave in conditioner or spritz. Static is caused because the bristles are separating each hair strand as you brush thus causing more friction in the process. This of source is to be expected.

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