Aveda Wooden Large Paddle Vegan Brush Directions

Aveda wooden large paddle vegan brush
Aveda wooden large paddle vegan brush

You are either going to love the Aveda Wooden Large Paddle Brush or hate it. Here is what you need to know before purchasing. I found there are very few people who are in between. Some folks look at the brush and say it’s cheap and plastic like. Others look at the brush and say it’s the greatest thing since sliced bread. According to Meesh, Hair Product Analyst, “I strongly believe the people who hate this brush purchased it for the wrong reason and are trying to use it for another purpose or they just have the wrong type of hair.” So what is the Aveda paddle brush and what is it’s purpose and directions?

Directions For The Aveda Wooden Large Paddle Brush

The Aveda Paddle Brush is a professional brush with a wooden handle and plastic ball tipped bristles mounted in an air cushion. The air cushion allows the bristles to be more flexible while brushing. This action also aids in detangling your hair. 

The brush size is 9.9 inches long with the paddle head measuring 3.4 inches wide by 4.6 inches long. The paddle brush features extended bristles for great penetration. It’s also easy to detangle hair and reduces stress on hair and scalp during blow-drying and styling. It’s ideal for creating a smooth, straight style while blow-drying.

How To Use The Aveda Large Wooden Paddle Vegan Brush


Before you purchase a paddle brush you should know how to use, what is a paddle brush, what are the advantages and what are the disadvantages. This will keep you from making a purchasing mistake. Also if you are interested in vegan products this is one. There are no animal parts in the brush, like boar hair and no animals were harmed in making the brush. This is according to Aveda. Visit their web site for details and the latest information. If you are interested in vegan products you may have some questions. Once question that comes to mind that you may want an answer for is: Are board brushes vegan? Read my article on this site for the answer and more. Also, you can read my article called: Are boar brushes cruelty free?

A Paddle Brush Can Be Used In Two Different Ways

 1. Blowdry Hair

Blowdry hair with a hairdryer until it’s roughly 80-90 percent dry for smoothing. Then, while using the dryer (with nozzle) to finish drying your hair, use the paddle brush to smooth it out.

2. Remove Tangles and Smooth Hair

Remove tangles and knots with the paddle brush for detangling. Brush the tangles out of sections of your hair, starting at the ends and working your way up to the roots. Repeat until your hair is completely detangled.

Aveda Vegan Brush How To Use Tips

The Aveda Paddle Brush is specifically designed for detanging and blow drying your hair. Start by brushing vertically to detangle and brush horizontally to smooth. To aid in brushing just apply any Aveda styling product to shoulder length damp hair and blow dry using the large flat surface to flatten your hair.

How Do You Maintain The Cleanliness Of Your Paddle Brush?

Once a month, give your paddle brush a thorough cleaning to keep it in the best possible condition by simply washing it with shampoo and warm water then allow to air dry. This will not only guarantee that your brush performs at its best, but it will also remove dirt, hair, or oils from your brush, preventing them from being brushed back into your hair. 

Vegan Paddle Brush Design

According to Stacey, Hair Research Analyst, “The Vegan Paddle brush is designed with one bristle missing at the bottom edge. This hole is to provide ventilation after the brush has been washed and to help in drainage. Additionally it helps to prevent any bacterial growth that might occur inside the brush and to help drain out any pooling water.

Professional paddle brush features extended bristles for easy detangling and during blow-drying and styling reduces stress on the hair and scalp. Ideal for smoothing hair when blow-drying to make straight, smooth designs.

Aveda Large Paddle Brush Benefits

  1. The Aveda Paddle Brush is great for detangling
  2. Features features extended bristles that have good penetration
  3. Round ball tips to stimulate and massage your scalp
  4. I like Aveda mission statement which is to care for the world we live in, from the products we make to the ways they can give back to society.


Should You Buy a Aveda Wooden Large Paddle Brush?
Do you have long hair?Yes
Do you have a lot of hair?Yes
Do you need maximum penetration?Yes
Are you looking to detangle hair and smooth?Yes
Are you planning to use while blow-drying?Yes
Do you have really short hair?No
Are you interested in vegan products?Yes
Do you like cushion brushes?Yes
Do you like a wooden handle?Yes



If you have thick hair and lots of it a paddle brush style is going to excel due to it can brush through approximately 25% more hair with each brush stroke“. Ed Shears

In addition, this brush as a flexible backing pad in which the bristles are mounted. This feature allows the bristles to flex as you brush therefore being gentle on tangles.

Aveda Large brush


Dimension of the Aveda large paddle brush is: 3.4″ wide by 4.6″ long. The whole brush is 9.8″ long.

Aveda Mini brush

Aveda also makes a wooden mini paddle brush. It’s about 2 inches smaller than the large, so I would not call it mini. But it is smaller so that might be what you are looking for. It’s one of my favorite paddle brushes for styling on the go. It’s a professional mini paddle brush with extended bristles for easy detangling and reduces stress to hair and scalp during styling. It’s ideal for on the go and smoothing hair to create smooth, straight looking style. The size is size: 7.6in x 2.5in. The Aveda mini paddle brush is designed for detangling and smoothing during styling. Brush vertically to detangle and brush horizontally to smooth.


Aveda Wooden Vegan Paddle Brush Nylon Bristles
ProductPriceLengthHead SizeTravel Size
Aveda Wooden Vegan Paddle Brush – Large$29.989.9 inches3.4 inchesNo
Aveda Wooden Vegan Paddle Brush – Mini$28.847.6 inches2.5 inchesYes


Aveda Wooden Large Paddle Brush Flat Wrapping

The Aveda Wooden Paddle Brush is the perfect brush to use when using the “flat wrapping” technique. This technique gives you that nice flat sleek look to your hair. I recommend you use a high quality hair dryer that will not burn your hair. I also recommend using a flat nozzle on the end of your hair dryer.  This combination gives you maximum effect for minimum effort.

With this technique you will use your head to apply tension to your hair. Your head really then becomes a big surface that you can use to gently press against to apply tension as you brush your hair across your head.

When using this technique it’s really important to position the nozzle of the hair dryer. The relation of the blow dryer to the wooden paddle brush is key. The nozzle of the hair dryer must follow directly behind the paddle brush as the brush goes through your hair.

Just imagine a truck and trailer. The trailer is attached to the truck and follows it where ever it goes. The brush becomes the truck and the hair dryer becomes the trailer. The hair dryer follows closely behind the brush as you use your head for tension while brushing. Imagine the hair dryer being hooked to the back of the brush.

This technique keeps the heat from the hair dryer pointed on the hair strands. Also, this is the point where there is the most tension on the hair strands. If you keep the hair dryer still while brushing the hot air is only focused on one spot – not good. Also, once the brush moves away you loose all your tension. That is why you must move the hair dryer and NOT keep it still.

So just remember where the nozzle of the hair dryer is in relationship to the brush gives you more control for flat wrapping. You get that flat sleek look with minimum effort.

Two final points to be made using this technique with the Aveda wooden large paddle brush. First is do not press the hair dryer nozzle to the brush. You do not want the nozzle to touch the back of the brush or your hair. By doing so will will do two things. First you will prematurely wear out your brush faster and second you may put an unwanted crease in your hair. And second, I can’t stress this enough, you really want a high quality hair dryer that will not burn your hair. Using this technique with a cheap hair dryer can apply too much heat and burn your hair.

Paddle brushes are commonly used for fast hair styling and much hair styling. Since it’s bigger head it has the potential to get more bristles, so it can cover more hair with each brush stroke. If you have lots of hair a paddle brush is nice to have.

Generally speaking a paddle brush will cover approximately 25 percent more hair as opposed to a standard oval brush. And the end result is you are done 25 percent earlier. It’s ideal for all styles of hair (notably longer and thicker hair) and good for tangles, smoothing and defrizzing. You can also use it to speed up drying time with your hair dryer and add some extra volume and fill in. To learn more about paddle brushes and hair loss you can read my article called the wet brush that’s perfect for your hair. The Wet Brush manufactures several styles of brushes and one is a paddle detangler. This article addresses how to brush wet hair and what is the best products to use to avoid harm.

Paddle brushes are great for people who have lots and lots of hair. It shapes your hair but generally does not do well for adding volume or curls. There are better brush types for that. If you have thin hair then you can benefit from a paddle brush with lots of bristles. The more dense the bristles the better tension and control you will have while styling.

Paddle brushes come in many types for use in most all conditions. For example, you can get ball-tipped bristles for detangling, boar bristles for adding shine and conditioning hair, a boar and nylon combination and even a vented paddle for speed drying hair.

Many of us think very hard about hair care in order to find the best products for our hair type. But how many of us have actually chosen a hairbrush in the same way? Just think of all the money you spend on hair care products like shampoos and conditioners through out the year. I bet this adds up to $100 or so. It make since then to spend some money on a quality brush that will last for years, right?