What Kind Of Brush Do You Use To Brush Out Curls?

There are many brushes that work well for back curly hair but if you are looking for a great brush specifically for your hair type see the chart below. According to Meesh Switch Contributing Editor and Chief Research and Product Analyst, “Having the best and the right tools for the job becomes a priority. This article will cover what’s best for you. You are going to absolutely love the way you look after using these products.

The best brush for brushing out curls

The best brush to brush out curls is the Denman 9 row brush. When brushing curly hair, you need a brush that can penetrate your curls. Thick curls need a firm bristle brush. The Denman 9 row has a firm nylon bristle that brushes through curls faster. A firmer nylon bristle allows you to detangle hair a little faster as the bristles do not flex as much as other brushes when brushing thick curly hair.

What I like best about the Denman 9 row is you can take the brush apart and remove a row if needed. This makes the brush very versatile. Because of this feature the brush can now be adapted to all types of curly hair. You only need one brush now to brush through curly hair.

Another feature of the brush is you can also use a leave in conditioner with the brush to glide through really thick curly hair. Just use the brush to spread conditioner throughout your hair. The brush is nylon and rubber so it cleans easily. I personally have been using this method for years. the Denman brush is one of my all time favorites.

Detangling BrushesRecommendations
Revlon Detangle & Smooth Black Cushion Hair BrushGood budget brush.
I like the Wet brush better but I like the price of the Revlon.
Conair Velvet Touch Paddle BrushVery good paddle style brush, works on thicker hair a little better than the Wet brush.
A great choice for a little thicker hair.
Conair Pro Hair Brush with Nylon BristleI like this brush but would not consider it as good as a detangler as the Wet brush.
But I would purchase, and actually did purchase because it’s a great brush.
Conair Anti-static Detangling BrushI really like this brush but I would not really consider this brush as a detangler on par with the Wet brush.
I would purchase this brush just because its a good brush.
Crave Naturals Glide Thru Detangling BrushA great brush with flexible bristles that separates hair without pulling and ripping.
Can be used on wet hair too.
I like the Wet brush better because it has a handle.
Wet Brush ClassicThis is the original Wet brush and comes if a variety of cool colors.
Great brush for thin to medium thick hair.
Wet Brush Pro Paddle Hair Brush Detanlger CombPaddle style brushes through lots of hair faster.
Do not focus hot air from a hair dryer on the bristles, focus on your hair to make your brush last longer.
Tangle Teezer The OriginalGreat detangles brush that comes in a variety of cool colors.
Olivia Garden EcoHair Bamboo Paddle Hair BrushGreat brush with flexible bristles to quickly get out tangles. I love the handcrafted lightweight bamboo handle.
I personally found its works well on thin to medium thick hair.
Wet Brush Pro Flex Dry, OmbreSame bristles as the original Wet brush but the brush head is designed so that it also flexes to contour to your scalp.
Wet Pro Epic Quick Dry BrushUses the Wet brush Intelliflex bristles that can be used on wet or dry hair.
Very good paddle style brush to get trough lots of hair.
Types of curls defined

Types of curls defined

3A – Big loose spiral curls

  • One of my favorite all around brushes for curly hair.
  • Hair Types 3A – 3C

3B – Ringlets

  • The only downside is it does not have a handle so this may bother some folks.
  • Hair Types 3A – 3C

3C – Tight corkscrews

  • I like because of the flexible bristles that work to separate knots instead of pulling.
  • Hair Types 3A – 3C

4A – Tightly coiled S curls

  • Once you open the package keratin and oils very slowly evaporate over time.
  • Hair Types 4A – 4C

4B – Z patterned, tightly coiled, sharply angled

  • The biggest con I have is that the comb looks cheap. So if you can get past the looks it works great.
  • Hair Types 4A – 4C

The best brush for curly hair

Denman Cushion 9 Row Brush #1 Choice

  • Why? One brush that does it all and good for all hair types.
  • High quality and very versatile. It can detangle, style and can be used with hair dryer.
  • Plus you can take apart and remove a row if needed.
  • Can be used with conditioner.
  • My personal go-to brush for the last (can’t count, but many) years.

Wet Brush Shine Enhancer

Cricket Comb

  • For those who want a comb.
  • I like the blend of coconut and keratin infused plastic.
  • What I don’t like is combs that have no handle.

If you can only buy one hairbrush and you have curly hair this is the best brush for you.” according to Meesh, our in-house Product Analyst.

According to Paul Labrecque Salon, “If you’re using a hair dryer to style curly hair, you’ll need to settle on the look you want and this will help you choose the right brush size and diameter.” 

According to Michelle O’Connor, MATRIX director, “You want to be sure the bristles don’t have any seams or places where the hair can catch and get stuck while detangling.

Detanglers for curly hair

1. Wet Brush Time Release Detangler

Why? Formulated with keratinosomes, small microscopic particles that encapsulate the active ingredients and release them for up to three days. Great way to add hydration to your hair. Keeps you looking great all day long.

2. Shea Moisture Kids Extra-Moisturizer Detangler

I like because of the natural elements like coconut, hibiscus, slippery elm and marshmallow extract. Made for kids but hey, it works great on adults too.

3. SexyHair Smooth Anti-Frizz Shampoo

Why? Smells nice and makes you hair shiny but not greasy. I love the coconut oil for helping with frizz and for smoother hair. You may want to check out the color safe conditioner too.

Brushes for curly hair

1. Wet Brush Pro Detangle Hair Brush

Wet Brush Pro Detangle Hair Brush-1

Hands down one of my favorite all around brushes for curly hair. And you may ask why, and it’s because it comes close to a one brush that can do it all brush. It is so versatile and reasonably priced. You do not have to send a fortune on a great quality brush. And this is proof.

If you have afro-textured curly hair that is densely packed, you most likely do because you are reading this article, you are no stranger to struggling with getting a brush through your hair. But with this brush it easily goes through your hair while removing knots.

If you have a really bad hair day and need a little extra help then add a spritz of leave in conditioner to your brush or hair and then brush as you naturally would.
While using the brush you will find it’s very strong and well made but yet very gentle on tight curls. It will work well on fragile curls but just remember your hair is weakest while its wet. So take a minute to pat dry and then when about 80% dry use the Wet Brush Pro, you will be amazed at the results.

It comes in many colors and there is a black version for men who are not interested in the Pink color. As I write this I laugh because once you try it out you are going to want one no matter the color. I mean for the price you really can’t go wrong.

2. Tangle Teezer

The Tangle Teezer

Great brush to comb trough your curly hair. The only downside is it does not have a handle so this may bother some folks. In addition, it’s design favors Right Handed people. It’s not to say that left handed people can’t use it but due to it’s shape it is going to be much harder to grip.

When you first look at the brush you are going to wonder how is that going to go through my densely packed curly hair. But you will be surprised at how well it actually works. And the secret is the flexible bristles. They are able to bend and give while putting tension in the right places to work through any kinks and or knots.

It’s designed to work in the shower while your hair is wet or out of the shower on dry hair. The same techniques as mentioned above to remove knots and bad tangles also work with the Tangel Teezer. Feel free to use leave in conditioner to help when needed.

3. Denman brush

Denman Cushion Brush Nylon Bristles

This is another one of my favorites. It’s very good quality and it’s one brush that is very versatile. It can tackle more than just one job. For example, it can detanle, comb through, style and be used with a hair dryer.

There are many brushes on the market that are similar to this one. but the biggest problem I have noted is that most of them, especially the cheaper ones, the handle breaks. Most of the cheaper ones have a tow piece plastic handle. And this is the Achilles Heel. Denman has a one piece handle that it is very sturdy. I personally had one for over 15 years.

A big secret to this brush is you can take it apart and remove one ore more rows of bristles if needed. This will allow you to work through some really dense curls. And of course the leave in in conditioner techniques also works well with this brush. The brush comes apart for cleaning. So you can dis-assemble the brush and remove all the rows of bristles for easy cleaning. The red rubber is just held on by tension. And then the nylon bristles are molded together in rows. So each row is one piece. It all come apart very easily. So if you find the brush pulls a little too much try removing a row or two and try again!

It can also be used in the shower to work conditioner into your hair. It can easy help distribute conditioner or other products through your hair.

For the guys. It comes in black color. The red and dark handle version does not look bad but an all back version is available. And of course lots of other models like ones with wood handles and fragrance versions and even a Pink Leopard version that looks awesome! Someone sees you pull that out they are going to ask you some questions on where you got that.

It comes in different sizes, a D4 9-Row which is the large version and a smaller version which is the D3-7 Row Medium. For longer hair you are going to want the larger D4-9 Row version.

My personal favorite is the Denman in either the 7 row or 9 row brush. And at the Rock Paper Salon in Los Angeles, “The cult classic Denman Brush, in either a 7 or 9 row setup, is the one universal brush I always recommend.” So I am not the only one thinking like this.

4. Wet Brush Shine Enhancer

Wet Brush Shine Enhancer
The Release Detangler

Wow, such a great brush with the addition of boar bristles. Why you need boar you may ask? Good question and here is why. You want to be able to polish the hair when using a boar brush to get that extra shine without having to use a lot of products. You’ll need a boar brush with soft tips to do that. So the action can work and rub against your hair creating a polishing action. This action is typically found with white tips or ends of boar bristles.

This brush has Mongolian boar and Intellifex bristles, the Shine Brush is designed not only to detangle hair, but also to help lay the cuticle flat to increase brightness. This is another very good option when considering purchasing a boar brush. It will distribute the natural oils from your roots all the way down to the tips of your hair adding a natural shine.

For the really tough knots and tangles the Wet brush makes a spritzer that works extremely well. Simply apply a few sprays to your boar brush and then brush as you normally do. Repeat as necessary. The Release Detangler is formulated with keratinosomes, small microscopic particles that encapsulate the active ingredients and release them for up to three days. They penetrate the hair follicle, delivering time-released nutrients and hydration deep into the hair structure— detangling, protecting and adding strength and brilliance over time. Keep your hair looking fantastic all day long with the Release Detangler and the Wet Brush Shine Enhancer. An unbeatable combination.

According to Maxine Salon in Chicago, “Boar bristles often add gloss, luster, and shine to the hair by spreading the body’s natural oil from the scalp to the ends, smoothing the texture and adding gloss, luster, and shine.

5. Moroccanoil Ceramic Paddle Brush

Moroccanoil Ceramic Paddle Brush
Sexyhair Smooth Smooth and Seal

Coiled and kinky, hair types 4a through 4c sometimes you can get away with using a paddle brush. The big advantage using a paddle brush is that you are going to cover more hair with each brush stroke thus finishing much quicker. This is going to be a big time saver in the morning when you are rushed to get out the door fast. Generally a paddle brush gets the job done 25% quicker over a regular brush.

What I like about the Moroccanoil brush is its high-quality materials with ionic and ceramic properties combined with state-of-the-art construction providing an effortless styling experience with flawless results, especially when blow-drying. And here is why, the bristles contain ions that repel water, causing rapid evaporation of moisture, while ceramics provide even heat distribution, resulting in faster drying time. Ions also act as a hair shaft conditioner, leaving the strands healthy, shiny and full of body. Durable, high-quality construction makes this brush long lasting. It also has a sectioning tip stored inside the handle which is plus should you need one.

This one costs a little more than what has been recommended so far but it’s worth the extra cost. You can tell they went the extra mile in design, for example the handle is grippy enough so you hand does not slide off but slick enough so that your hair does not get grabbed by the handle. Very nicely done.

For an unbeatable combination you might try using this brush in combination with Sexyhair Smooth Smooth & Seal. Makes your hair nice, smooth and shiny and protects at the same time. It smells nice, it sprays a good amount with each press of the button and it does a fantastic job. These are the key products to make your hair shiny but not greasy. You might have to spend a little more but you are going to love the results.

6. Crave detangler brush

Crave Naturals Glide Thru Detangling Brush
Shea Moisture Kids Extra-Moisturizer Detangler Coconut and Hibiscus by Shea Moisture

You are going to love this brush. It has flexible bristles that work to separate knots instead of pulling them. This allows the brush to glide through your hair to ensure that each strand is treated delicately thus ensuring any breakage.

If you have a tender head this one is for you. The bristles are very gentle on your scalp. A good option is to also use the Shea Moisture Kids Extra-Moisturizer Detangler, Coconut & Hibiscus, multi, 8 Ounce by Shea Moisture, with this brush. It’s a great detangler with natural elements like coconut, hibiscus, slippery elm and marshmallow extract. It helps remove tangles and give hair a gorgeous shine.Plus is has a pleasant smell.

7. Cricket comb

Cricket Ultra Smooth Hair Pick Comb infused with Argan Oil, Olive Oil and Keratin by Cricket
Cricket Ultra Smooth Coconut Conditioning Comb

The reason why I like it because it glides thru kinky 4c hair with ease. The name says it’s loaded with oils and you are thinking it’s going to be really greasy but it’s not. After using the comb does not leave any oily residue on your hands.

Once you open the package keratin and oils very slowly evaporate over time. Cricket says it will last about 3 years before it all slowly evaporates.

It cleans up easily and does not harm the comb by washing it. Simply use warm water and a little antibacterial soap to clean.

The entire comb is about 10 inches long. So if you are looking for something a little more travel friendly and like oil infused products I would suggest you try Cricket Ultra Smooth Coconut Conditioning Comb by Cricket. It’s a blend of coconut oil and keratin protein infused with plastic. It’s about 6 inches in length.

This pick will turn non-believers into believers.

Hairbrushy Articles For Curly Hair

Toddler Hair Brush For Curly Hair – Are you looking for the best hair brushes for curly haired toddlers and children? Children’s hair is known for being extremely fine, curly, and silky. As a result, tangles and frizzy hair are very common in their hair. You’ll need a brush that can easily glide through their curly locks and detangle them. This is my top choice for a curly hair brush for a toddler.

Should I Comb My Curly Hair In The Shower – It’s difficult to brush curly hair in the shower. It’s particularly difficult to avoid looking like a frizzed Lion after you’ve finished brushing. On the other hand, not brushing is not a choice because you will inevitably end up with a knotted mess. Brush curly hair correctly by sectioning it off into smaller parts for greater control and using a high-quality detangling brush or wide-toothed comb.

Is The Wet Brush Good For Your Hair – Your hair is strong when it is dry. Hair that is wet is much weaker than hair that is dry. Since then, it’s been common knowledge that you should be careful with your wet hair and use a comb or brush that won’t hurt it when combing it. A comb that gently glides through your hair is ideal.

Does The Wet Brush Work On Dry Hair – How you brush your hair is the single most ignored aspect in hair care and the secret to strong and healthy hair. Wet hair is the weakest and can snap like a rubber band. That’s why you should use a brush that loosens knots gently without pulling or breaking hair.

Wet Brush For Curly Hair – Curly hair, as beautiful as it is, can be difficult to manage and style. Using the right brush, whether you have wild curls or twisted waves, you can cut your time in front of the mirror on the wall by using a few fast and easy tricks. The WET BRUSH is one of the best brushes for curly hair. One of the most appealing features of the WET BRUSH is that it can be used on curls.

Best Straightening Brush For Black Hair – If you have African American hair, you are well aware of the difficulties in straightening it. Many straightening brushes have a hard time dealing with tight curls.


According to Stacey Professional Hair Research Analyst, “There are many other high quality products on the market for curly back hair but I believe these are some of the best at their price point.” The most expensive one is the Moroccanoil Ceramic Paddle Brush and the least costly is the Hyoujin Black Wide Tooth Comb. All do their job spectacularly well.


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