Does Trimming Split Ends Make Them Worse?

Split End Trimmer

So what really happens when you trim split ends?

By giving your hair regular trims, you can avoid breakage by eliminating the dead and brittle split ends at regular intervals. When those ends split, they will eventually move up your hair and break off higher, leaving your hair shorter than it was before. This will happen and keep happening until the split end reaches the top of your head. Split End Trimmers can help by trimming the ends of your hair. A Split End Trimmer cuts one-fourth of an inch of your hair ends. Split End Trimmers leave your hair smoother and more manageable by cutting off split ends.

Ed says, “it’s not enough just to trim your split ends. You should also consider maintaining a healthy hair care routine.” So to help you along, I did all the hard work and research for you by compiling a list of the best products to get your hair back in tip-top shape.

What Tools To Use To Trim Split Ends?

1. Split Ender PRO 2

This is a cordless split end hair trimmer that is suitable for both men and women. This model has a one-quarter-inch trim setting that is fixed. It’s quick, secure, and simple to use. That is why I am drawn to this model. You can cut the ends due to the design. I do not recommend that most people do this at home, but I understand why some people do. My experience is the first time you use the Split Ender you are going to be scared holding it up and running your hair through it. But, as scary as it may seem you have no worries on it gobbling up your hair. It is safe to use. As a result, this is the tool I recommend.

2. Fromm Shears 5.75 Inch

Use precision cutting shears like this one if you need to cut your hair at home. I like the semi-convex edge and the high-quality German steel. There are no frayed ends. My experience is that it fits perfectly in your hand.

3. Barbicide Clippercide Spray Disinfectant

Spray on all your shears. Works great. I have found this to be the choice of professionals for years.

4. Drybar Buttercup Blow-Dryer

One of the best products on the market. Yes, it is significantly more expensive than a low-cost one. But I think it’s worth the extra money because I don’t take chances with my hair and heat. That being said, they simply do not make a hairdryer that meets all my standards, so this is the best I have found so far. My experience is many folks will mistake this hair dryer as not working an only blows cool air, but in fact this is a feature. It has a cool air button that blows cool air to set your hair. As a result, I recommend this one.

5. Oribe Gold Lust Repair & Restore Shampoo

I like it because it works at restoring dry, damaged hair by helping to seal in monitor, and protect future damage. My experience is that shampoos are going to work differently depending on how dirty your hair is or how much product is in your hair. In addition, in which is very important is my experience also says it makes a big difference on how long you leave the shampoo on your hair. The longer you leave it in your hair the more it has the opportunity to strip it clean including the possibly of making your hair too dry.

6. Oribe Gold Lust Repair & Restore Conditioner

A great conditioner to go along with the Oribe Gold Lust repair shampoo. I found it gives a nice clean glossy look to your hair without overdoing it. I found the conditioner to be solid but not incredible. If you are expecting to be knocked off your feet then don’t buy. It’s very good but it’s not magic in a bottle.

7. Briogeo Don’t Despair, Repair Deep Conditioning Mask

After your shampooing, evenly apply the conditioning mask and leave it on for five minutes before rinsing. Use about once a week. But before you jump in, test on a small patch of your hair first!!! My experience is that there are many products that makes my scalp itch. This one works good for me and does not make my scalp itch but it may for you. That is why I always test it first by only using a small amount.

Do Split End Trimmers Work?

According to Meesh, our in-house hair and product analyst, “To get rid of split ends, the best way is to get a trim.” And when you can’t make it to the salon, the next best thing is a Split End, Trimmer. Split End Trimmers cut off split ends cleanly, thus getting rid of your frayed ends. You can now focus on maintaining healthy hair without split ends.

The only way to remove split ends for good is to cut them off. Unfortunately, once you have damaged hair, it is permanently damaged. When cutting split ends, you must use a sharper tool. Much sharper than regular scissors to ensure a clean cut rather than a frayed cut. A frayed cut may cause more split ends.

Split ends must be trimmed because the more split ends you have, the more damage can travel up your hair shaft“, according to Stacey. Split ends can travel further up your hair shaft. This is why it’s critical to get a trim. Split ends can sometimes be hidden and difficult to locate. They always are not on the end of your hair. So don’t think you’re finished just because you had one trim. It’s also critical that you stick to your hair care routine.

If you have split ends, I recommend getting them trimmed by a professional stylist. I do not advocate for the use of self-trimmers. Some people, however, require the use of a cordless split end hair trimmer for various reasons, so I understand their use.

What Happens If You Do Not Trim Split Ends?

What follows is a description of what takes place when split ends are not trimmed when they should be: Breakage, frizz, and straggly strands that refuse to mix in with the rest of your hair are caused by split ends that make their way up the hair shaft and cause damage to more of the hair than just the ends.


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