Is A Ceramic Hair Dryer Better?

What is a ceramic hair brush?

If you are looking for a hair dryer I am sure you have heard about ceramic hair driers. But I bet you are asking yourself the question is a ceramic hair dryer really any better? But before that question can be answers it’s a good idea to understand what is a ceramic hair brush.

Ceramic hair dryers heat up faster and heat transfers evenly. Benefit is faster blow drying times when using a ceramic hair dryer. Another benefit is consistent temperature allowing you to style your hair faster.

What Is A Ceramic Hair Dryer?

If you can remember back from art class in high school ceramic is a hard material made from clay. Clay is heated to over 2000 degrees in a kiln and the result is a hard ceramic. One of the properties of a ceramic is that it heats up very quickly. As it heats the temperature is distributed evenly through the material. So for example in a hair dryer or hot brush as the hot air passes over the ceramic material it heats up and stays hot. As the hot air passes over the ceramic material it also releases ions. These just so happen to be negative ions. See my article on negative ions and hair for more information about ions. Andrew Carruthers states the ions helps your hair dry quicker while blow drying. He was skeptical at fist but after running side-by-side tests he realized the ions really do make a difference.

Caution Using A Ceramic Hair Dryer

According to Stacey, Hair Research Analyst, “Be careful when using a ceramic brush due to the ceramic plates do get very hot which is great for creating wavy blowouts but can create hot spots on your hair quickly.” So ceramic dryers emit heat and negative ions causing you to be able to dry your hair much quicker and gives your hair a shiner and less frizzy finished look without causing damage to your hair.

Benefits Of Using A Ceramic Hair Brush

1. Temperature

Due to the ceramic plates heating up quickly and emitting negative ions your hair dries much quicker and with less heat. Due to your hair is under less heat and for a shorter period of time the end result is that you have less of a change of damaging your hair.

2. Negative Ions

The negative ions cancels out the positive ions thus helping to eliminate static electricity. This causes your hair to lay flatter and have more shine. The negative ions helps do away with fly-a-way hair and frizzes.

3. Heat Transfer

Due to the ceramic material heat is distributed evenly. The ceramic material heats up quickly and stays hot. This allows the heat to be consent and even. The end result is you always get a constant temperature allowing you to style your hair faster. You are not waiting on the hair dryer or hairbrush to heat up before going to a new section of hair.

Is A Ceramic Hair Dryer Better With Tourmaline?

Fist you need to know what tourmaline does. It basically add more negatively charged ions to the hot air. So the more the better, so of, more to come on this topic a bit later in the next section. According to Meesh, Hair Product Analyst, “The tourmaline and ceramic combines produces even faster results so if you want the best of all the technology then you should seek a hairbrush or hairdryer with both ceramic and tourmaline.

Do You Need Negative Ions All The Time?

According to Andrew Carruthers you may not want or need negative ions. If you want more definition and volume at the base then you do not want negative ions. However if you want a flat, sleek and shinny hair base the you need negative ions. So depending on your style and hair type you may not want to use negative ions. This is why it’s important to look for a hairdryer that has a switch to turn on or off the negative ion feature.

My favorite on is the Sam Villa Blow Dryer because you can turn off the ions when you do not want flat hair.

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What Hairdryer To Buy?

Ceramic hair dryer with negative ion technology
Ceramic hair dryer with negative ion technology you can control

One of the best hairdryers with this feature is the Sam Villa Artist Series Professional Blow Dryer and is recommended by Andrew Carruthers. This is a professional series model that comes equipped with a nice high power motor giving you fast focused heated air flow. But the best feature I think is the ability to control weather or not you want negative ions. The Sam Villa Artist Series Professional Blow Dryer has an on/off switch for the negative ions thus giving you results you are looking for every time.

When it comes to price don’t be afraid to spend some money on a quality tool. Paying a couple hundred of dollars on a professional styling tool at first thought may shock some folks. But then when you think about all the $10.00 to $20.00 hair products you buy thought the year you quickly realized that that adds up easily to well over $100.00. So putting things into perspective paying for a high quality professional hair dryer is well worth it.