Can You Use The InStyler On Wet Hair?

The InStyler Rotating Iron was carefully designed for efficiency and safety. However, when using any product, basic safety precautions should always be taken. One of the first safety precautions should be to read the manual and follow the manufacture directions for use.

The InStyler is not to be used on wet hair. The Wet to Dry InStyler is designed to help you save time blow drying your hair, but it shouldn’t be used on completely wet hair. Towel dry your hair thoroughly. You will become more efficient at styling your hair each time you use your InStyler.

Per manufacture instructions the manual states before using your InStyler, you should always start with clean and dry hair. Your hair is at it’s weakest when it’s wet and susceptible to damage therefore it’s not recommended to style your hair when 100% wet. According to Stacey, Hair Research Analyst, “You should gently dry your hair using a soft cotton t-shirt or let your hair air dry naturally before you begin styling.

Before purchase please read the questions and answer section below. This will help you understand how to use the product and also when reading reviews you will have a better insight as to why some people did not achieve the desired results.

After reading the manufactures directions there are basic preparation that would be done prior to using the InStyler. I have found that by following these instructions you can get the best results possible. By not following the instructions you are less likely to achieve the desired results.

Instyler Wet Hair And Preparation For All Hair Types

  1. First your hair should be dry. Your hair should also be first detangled with a brush or comb and all sections should be combed for optimum results and brightness.
  2. The hair section to be styled should not be wider than the InStyler barrel length. For any style you want to achieve, we recommend starting with 1 to 3 inch sections at a time.
  3. Style your under layers of hair first. After under layers are completed, style your top layers.
  4. With your InStyler, you can use any salon quality styling product, but we do not recommend using any oil – based products with your InStyler.
  5. Before using your InStyler, you can use your favorite light styling spray on each hair section.
  6. Go forward slowly. The most important lesson is to slowly glide the InStyler. Don’t worry if you see “steam” coming out of your hair when using InStyler. This doesn’t damage your hair, it just evaporates from the shaft of the hair.
Can You Use The InStyler On Wet Hair

How To Section Hair For Use With The Instyler

  1. It is important to know how to properly section the hair you want to style in order to achieve the style you want.
  2. Clip your top layers of hair first with longer hair and start by cutting and styling your bottom layers of hair.
  3. Do not use your fingers to collect a section of hair for best results. A much “cleaner” section can be collected with a sectioning comb.
  4. Start with sections of 1 to 3 inches working on each side of the head to the neck nape.
  5. Grab the InStyler firmly but not too tightly when styling hair. Let the hair glide. Let the InStyler work.

InStyler Rotating Brush Features

Features You WantInstyler Features
1 Double Negative IonsN
2 Helps Hair Grow
3 Polishes Hair-shaftY
4 Creates a Natural ShineY
5 Less StaticY
6 WarrantyY
7 StylingY
8 Easy To Use & Travel FriendlyY
9 Good for Blow-Outs
10 Maximum Penetration
11 Advanced technologyY
12 360 Rotating HandleY
13 Automatic Shut Off (Auto Safety Shut-Off)Y
14 Temperature Lock FunctionN
15 110-240VN
16 Heat Settings3 Heat Settings
17 LCD DisplayN
18 Fast Start Up30 second
19 GloveN
20 Ceramic HeaterAvailable

InStyler Frequently Asked Questions

1). Compared to my flat iron, how do I use InStyler?

The technique is similar to that of a flat iron. Put your hair in the InStyler, close the product on your hair and slowly move your hair down. That’s where the similarity ends. The heated rotating polishing barrel (can rotate in alternate directions) and bristles are doing most of the work for you. You’ll also find that with your InStyler you can do much, much more than you could with your flat iron.

It does not harm your hair. A flat iron, if not used appropriately, might easily harm your hair. You might develop that fried hair scent quickly if you are not paying attention. The InStyler is considerably safer and treats your hair much better.

2). When I use my InStyler, my hair comes out frizzy. What’s wrong?

According to Meesh, Hair Product Analyst, “Go slowly to keep you hair from turning out frizzy looking.” It helps to dry your hair as well as possible, and do a comb through first. Place the InStyler so that the barrel rotates with your hair direction. Also, remember to put as little tension on the barrel as possible. This will help to minimize frizz.

3). It seems that my InStyler doesn’t work on my hair. What’s wrong?

You should use a higher heat setting. If you use too low a temperature you waves ans curls may not take and could fall out. Start by using the lowest temperature and work you way up until your waves and curls last all day. When styling with your InStyler, it is very important to go slowly. You’ll find that your styles are more likely to be achieved by working slowly and not pulling your InStyler quickly through your hair.

4). Does the InStyler work on African American natural hair?

If your hair is combed and detangled first, you will get the best results. The InStyler is a great tool for Afro American hair because it doesn’t leave crease marks such as flat iron, and the polishing barrel and bristles leave the hair shiny and beautiful. If properly used, the InStyler is safe for any type of hair.

5). Should I first dry my hair before I use the InStyler?

Before using your InStyler, you should dry your hair completely. However if you have the InStyler Wet To Dry then you can use towel dried hair. If you start with completely dried hair, the style will hold better and longer. Moist hair takes longer to style and does not hold both style and dry hair.

The MAX WET TO DRY (wet and Dry Straightener) dries hair but not like a blow dryer would so plan on spending a little more time. However, unlike other wet to dry irons (flat Irons), which trap wet hair between two hot plates and boil the water in your hair, the MAX WET TO DRY allows you to style from wet to dry rapidly while also preserving your hair from injury.

The MAX PRIME WET TO DRY duplicates the results of a professional blowout, but it also replaces your straightener, hair drier, and curling iron. Skip the blow dryer and go from damp hair to smooth and sleek, easy waves, bouncy curls, or tremendous volume and body. But, in my opinion its not as fast as drying your hair as a blow dryer.

6). Can I use my InStyler before or after using the styling product?

With your InStyler (InStyler MAX 1.25 2-Way Rotating Tourmaline Ceramic Straightener & Styler), you can use any salon quality product, although no oil-based products are recommended. Before you style, a professional thermal lotion can be applied to the hair, and any professional firm-up or styling spray can be applied before and after styling.

7). The InStyler doesn’t seem to work for me. Did I make a mistake?

If your ends are not styling, you can let the InStyler (InStyler Max Prime Wet) linger a little bit longer on the ends to hold the style. The ends of the hair are the driest part of the hair, and are a bit harder to style for some. It helps to use a good conditioner, especially on the ends to help infuse moisture. If you have split ends they will come out looking frizzy.

The MAX WET TO DRY styler features a tourmaline ceramic barrel and ceramic floating plate, allowing your hair to be smoothed and polished without being crushed or damaged. Simply close MAX Prime Wet Brush to get the barrel rotating.

8). I see smoke from my hair! Is my hair burning?

The InStyler doesn’t burn your hair. What you see is the evaporating steam from your hair. This is only a conditioner or product built up and is completely safe and normal.

9). Can I use my InStyler with real human hair extensions?

Make sure you start with your InStyler below where your natural hair is attached. Do not pull the InStyler with any pressure, as if you are not careful, you can pull out your extensions. Never use any synthetic hair extensions with your InStyler.

10). The InStyler can be used as a curling iron?

You can make great curls just by wrapping your hair around the heated rotating polishing barrel and closing the InStyler. In seconds, you’ll have a stunning flip. Straighten even the roughest, coarsest hair and gain fullness and style without the flat iron’s stick-straight flatness. Do an entire style in eight minutes give or take. Wrap your hair around the rotating polishing cylinder to get a gorgeous curl that will last all day.

11). The heated barrel is rotating. Can my hair get entangled?

The rotating heated polishing barrel surface is completely smooth, so your hair is not tangled.

Many are asking is the InStyler worth buying, I’d say yes, however, practice is required (definitely takes practice). Once you get the hang of it, it can be a truly amazing product. I suppose it also depends on the look you want to achieve. If you have short hair and want to achieve curls, this may not be the tool for you.


Click here to view the InStyler manual.